Why the BLUETOOTH Rush Represents How Music Changes Our Lives

April 11, 2014

By virtue of merely being a big part of our lives, music continues to not only change our lives, but also shapes our lives in many ways.  By now you may have noticed your family and friends are starting to catch up to the concept of bluetooth® speakers everywhere (Even in the shower).  We are starting to break out from the earbuds/Ipod era, and heading back to a time where we publicly display our love for music, our style, and what we stand for. 

Music is a very powerful tool of communication, not only allowing people of different cultures, races or geographic locations to communicate, but also allows us to communicate with ourselves. How many times have you heard a new track on the radio or seen a music video on television and simply stopped everything you were doing to take a trip down memory lane or bask in a sudden pleasant memory invoked by that particular track? How many times have you uncovered an old song and suddenly found some inspiration to solve a problem that has been bugging you for some time?

The power of music is perhaps best used to make our lives easier, as each music lover essentially has the power to select the sound of their lives. In so doing, you are indirectly setting the soundtrack to your life and fast-tracking the induction of emotions and state of mind you would otherwise have a hard time accessing through other means.

Certain tunes can get your heart-rate up without you ever having to get up off your desk or couch, while others can inspire you to get up and do some great things with your life.

The extent to which music has changed our lives and continues to shape our lives can perhaps be best observed through it’s consistent use in presentations, movies, soap operas, sports introductions and just about everywhere else where people go about their day-to-day business.

Music should definitely be used on a daily basis to complement one's life and in this way make our lives much easier.