Why Fakes of Products are Bad for Everyone

May 04, 2014

I hope everyone is getting ready for the summer and some beautiful weather!  It seemed important to write a post about why fakes are not only bad for you and us, but also some bigger insights on why to avoid buying them.

  • You
    Simply put, fakes are bad for you because you end up with a lower quality product than you deserve!  Some of the differences include: Sound Quality, Battery Life, Volume Level, Functionality, Length of the product’s lifetime, the warranty that comes with the product and water resistance of the product.

    We are a small start-up out of Orlando and we work really hard to create great products to put in our customers’ hands.  We are here for the long-hull (at least we hope to be).  We are constantly designing new products that we hope to launch.  Every time someone buys a fake instead of ours, it makes it more difficult for us to grow our business and launch new products. 

  • The US Economy (Especially here locally in Florida)
    FRESHeTECH tries to support our US and local economies as much as we can.  We use USPS, FEDEX and UPS to get our products in your hands.  Each time we use them, we are helping those companies employ more people.  In addition, we use local marketing companies, packaging companies, printing companies, and dozens of other expenses that help small mom and pop businesses.  

  • Our Interns
    FRESHeTECH hires interns (don’t worry, they are always paid) and supports them throughout their 3-month experience working with us.  Education is an important foundation for most people, and we are happy to be able to help with those experiences.

  • Nonprofit Organizations
    FRESHeTECH is a strong believer in helping out with nonprofit organizations whenever we can.  We are proud to say we donate to the nonprofit 3-month accelerator, Starter Studio Orlando, which helped FRESHeTECH grow to the business it is today.  FRESHeTECH has also donated units to the Make a Wish Foundation and others around the holidays.

  • Stores / Websites that Sell Our Products
    We sell Splash Shower Tunes in many mom and pop stores and web stores.  Each time someone buys a fake, it makes it more difficult for these stores to sell Splash Shower Tunes.  This means fewer sales and less revenue for these operations.

  • Legitimate Manufacturers
    The Chinese factories that often make fakes of products are often ripe with humanitarian abuses.  Often, these backroom factories employ children in horrible working conditions with unbearably low pay.  There are also almost no safety mechanisms in these back room factories that are currently required in most modern factories.

    We work with respectable factories that pay fair wages to their employees in great working conditions (don’t worry, we have personally checked).  The more Splash Shower Tunes we can sell, the more people they can employ and raise out of the poverty level.

  • US Government
    Every time we import products into the United States, we pay US customs a tariff for importing our products into the United States market.  Many fakes are brought in through black and grey market channels and don’t pay tariffs and taxes to the United States government.  We do!  Every dollar that is paid by us through taxes goes to improving our country and not into black market hands.

I thought it was important to give a small image of the immediate people and businesses that are affected when fakes are purchased instead of the authentic versions.  Not only does it hurt the customers and the business selling them, but affects many others as well.