Splash Tunes Pro Now Replaces Splash Tunes as The Best Shower Speaker

December 22, 2014

We are proud to announce that we have now delivered our preorders for Splash Tunes Pros to our pre-order customers. After getting these hundreds in customers’ hands, we believe we are prepared to call Splash Tunes Pro the Shower Speaker of 2015!

            The most important question we hear about our shower speaker is, what is better about Splash Tunes Pro?

  • Our shower speaker has 3x the battery as almost all other shower speakers on the market. This not only means our shower speaker outlasts others, but it also has way more power to support a much more powerful speaker.
  • The speaker quality on Splash Tunes Pro is better than any shower speaker on the market.
  • Splash Tunes Pro is Bluetooth 4.0. Most shower speakers out today are Bluetooth 3.0 or 2.0.
  • We designed a stronger suction cup with a stronger shell so no matter how many times you drop our shower speaker, it keeps going.
  • Splash Tunes Pro has an amazing microphone built-in to our speaker so anytime you want to chat while you’re in the shower, you can… clearly.
  • Splash Tunes Pro is the easiest Bluetooth speaker to pair right to your phone.


With all this said, we have never been more proud of a product than Splash Tunes Pro – The Perfect Shower Speaker.