Pondering The Future

January 02, 2015

Sometimes we need to revisit the products we make and opportunities we may be missing. Selling Splash Tunes over the past 2 years and now getting to deliver Splash Tunes Pros to you gives us a reach to explore different opportunities.

We designed FRESHeTECH with the goal of making products we wanted for ourselves and we continue to think of what would we love to have next. We were frustrated with the options out on the market: high price = big brand and low quality, or low price = no brand and awful quality.

Doing this has consequences. You may notice although we have sold more than any other shower speaker, we are not in any Big-Box locations. This is because the way these companies operate. They succeed by having products that ultimately cost 1/5 - 1/10 of the retail price to manufacture. So when you buy a speaker for $200, it cost them $20-$40 to make. On the other hand, our products cost more than 50% of what we sell them to you for. Why is that? We build our products with the highest grade parts available

What is next? Let me ask you to help us with that question. Email me your thoughts at Adam@FRESHeTECH.com. Would you ever consider what a screen could do for your shower experience? Would you watch Netflix in the shower? Would you cruise through YouTube? We look forward to hearing from you!