Competitive Makeup of Shower Speakers

January 13, 2015

            At CES, there were only 3 shower speakers shown. Ion’s shower speaker with an FM radio that was designed 4 years ago, a Chinese company offering knockoffs of our original and the Splash Tunes Pro. We are sad that the industry decided to continue to make the market suffer with their subpar speaker offerings but happy to be able to offer the best shower speaker ever designed!

            The market of shower speaker designers has been making cheaper and cheaper products with lower and lower quality. We chose the opposite route, quality is king! We love our customers and work hard to give them a great experience from receiving the packaging to 18 months from now (when you are still enjoying great music in the shower)!

How are we different?

            Good question, but there are multiple answers…

            1 – Sound Quality – We put the best quality speaker we could fit inside of Splash Tunes Pro and are using Bluetooth 4.0 to deliver great sound quality!

            2 – Battery Size – We made sure to put the largest battery inside of any shower speaker, 1200 MaH battery. The next best one is 400 MaH and is our old shower speaker.

            3 – Design – We took our experience from our first speaker to adapt our new design to make your experience better. Our design has the best suction cup on any shower speaker and the best seal covering any charging port.

            4 – Durability – Hearing that customers use our Splash Tunes for different purposes, we designed Splash Tunes Pro to float and withstand a lot of abuse. Use it how you want!