How much time do you spend in the shower?

February 23, 2015

How Much Time Do You Spend In the Shower?

If you think that having a shower speaker in your shower is a waste of time, then think again. Taking those daily showers keeps you clean and helps you to relax, but do you know how much time you spend in the shower in the course of the year? If you are like the average man you spend about 10 minutes in the shower each time you shower, women on the other hand average between 15 and 20 minutes per shower. Assuming you only shower once a day, which is a lot to assume, this means that the average person spends 2 to 4 hours showering per week, 4 to 8 hours per months, and 36 to 72 hours per year.

If you are going to be spending roughly 3 days a year in the shower why not make the most of your time by listening and even singing along to your favorite tunes by having a shower speaker right in your bathroom. Splash Tunes Pro shower speaker makes it possible for you to have a speaker attached right inside of your shower so that your favorite music comes through loud and clear even when you are standing directly under your shower's spray.

Why Splash Tunes Pro?

If you are considering having a shower speaker in your shower or bath then splash tunes pro is the perfect choice. Not only is this speaker completely waterproof, but it offers several other advantages as well. Some of the advantages this speaker offers includes:

  • The ability to control your songs without getting out of the shower. This means that you can skip or replay your favorite songs whenever you want.
  • Heavy duty suction cup. While the strength of the suction cup is going to improve the quality of the music you hear it will keep the speaker attached to the wall where it will be out of the way, but still convenient for you to use the controls.
  • Long Battery Life.The batteries for the Splash Tunes Pro last a long time, meaning you will get hours of use from this speaker making each shower more fun.
  • You can Pause, Play and Even Answer the Phone Using this Speaker.You don't miss a thing using this shower speaker as you can use it to pause, play and even answer the phone by simply pressing a button.

Why spend your time in the shower listening to nothing, but the sound of pounding water? When you can have a great shower speaker installed so that you can listen to the beats of your choice.