Why Splash Tunes Pro is rated #1

March 19, 2015

Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Music has the ability to soothe or to invigorate so what could be better than listening to your favorite tunes while taking your morning or evening shower. Of course finding the best bluetooth shower speakers is essential to really enjoying those tunes while soaking in the tub or relaxing under that warm spray. Here is a brief look at the top selling Bluetooth shower speakers available on the market today.

Splash Tunes Pro by FresheTech

The Splash Tunes Pro is the best designed shower speaker on the market today. Features of this shower speaker include:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Extremely durable design can withstand a 6 foot drop
  • Waterproof
  • Ability to answer phone calls while in the shower
  • Can play, skip or replay, and pause songs right from the speakers
  • The battery is 3 times the size of other shower speakers
  • Easy to use buttons to increase or decrease volume
  • High quality microphone

Users find the Splash Tunes Pro easy to use and find the music is clear even when the shower is pounding away. Splash Tunes Pro sticks to almost any flat surface and can even be used both in and out of the shower. Best of all you can even take phone calls while in the shower making the Splash Tunes Pro not only the best Bluetooth shower speaker, but also the most versatile.

Splash Tunes by FresheTech

Splash Tunes is a well made shower speaker that can only be beat by the Splash Tunes Pro (the second generation of this great bluetooth shower speaker) this great bluetooth shower speaker has the following features:

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • You can play music or skip songs
  • Easy to increase or decrease volume
  • Answer phone calls
  • The suction cup sticks to most flat surfaces and keeps the speaker in reach.

Like the Splash Tunes Pro, Splash Tunes can be used in and out of the shower. Not only can you listen to great music while taking a bath or shower, but you can enjoy music at the pool, at beach or even in your own backyard.

Kohler Shower Head Bluetooth Speaker

The Kohler Shower head with Moxie Bluetooth speaker combines the ability for both music and water to rain down on you. Features of the Kohler Moxie speaker includes:

  • Delivers up to 7 hours of music or news on a single charge
  • Speaker removes easily from shower head for recharging
  • Moxie shower speaker can be used in or out of the shower and is small enough to fit into your car cup holder.

Users like the Kohler shower head Moxie bluetooth shower speaker, but some users feel that the volume is a bit on the weak side especially when they have their water on high. However, they do like the fact that the speaker is held into the shower head magnetically.

UE Swimmer

UE Boom Swimmer Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The UE boom waterproof wireless speaker is a great little go anywhere speaker that works well in or out of the shower. Features of this speaker include:

  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Connects to smart phone
  • Flexible detachable tail for easy placement anywhere
  • Suction cup mount
  • Comes in a variety of colors

This is a nice little speaker that has good sound quality and is easy to connect to any bluetooth devise, which is why it makes our list for the best the bluetooth shower speakers available on the market today.

Having a great shower speaker, can make bathing a lot more enjoyable, fun and relaxing and choosing one of these four great bluetooth shower speakers will give you the best experience for the money.