Our Testing Process - Bluetooth Shower Speakers

March 22, 2015

The time spent in the bathroom is intended only for you and no one else. Bathrooms are used more and more as places in which people relax from everyday stress by showering or having an aromatic bath. The times when bathrooms had only the basic elements like a sink, toilet and shower are long gone. Modern bathrooms need to be visually and functionally equipped. In addition, many companies are working on accessories and gadgets that can make your stay in the bathroom even more comfortable. That’s basically the idea of our Bluetooth Shower Speakers products.

Shower speakers are gadgets that anyone can afford. However, there are many people that are unaware that they can freely use speaker in their shower and there are still some people who use old fashioned DVD or CD players in order to listen to music or radio programs in the bathroom. Our shower speakers use the latest Bluetooth technology which makes them even more useful than regular shower speakers. These waterproof speakers include Bluetooth 4.0 technology and they have many interesting features including taking phone calls while in the shower. This is especially useful for businesspersons who want to quick take shower during their working day.

In order to provide the best quality our Splash Tunes and Splash Tunes Pro shower speakers go through detailed testing process.

  1. First of all, the products we create are not tested randomly. Each product is turned on manually after assembly and paired to a device. We usually use smartphones since they are the most popular mobile devices that use Bluetooth technology today. In addition, smartphones can be used for the activities that we have mentioned before – listening to music, news, radio, audio books, receiving calls etc.
  2. Once it is determined that the speakers are turned on without any problems two other tests take place. The first one is related to sound quality where we test the clearness of the sound and the ability to produce low and high sounds and the microphone. The second test is related to batteries. The battery test involved their longevity and their charging. If these tests are passed, the speakers are then turned off and packaged.
  3.  In addition, we perform one final random testing when the products arrive at our office. We test about 10% of every shipment we get for a second time.

As you can see we take this testing process very seriously because we are aware that there are too many low-quality products on the market. We always tend to provide fully functional products that are ready to be used right away. At FreshETech we are focused on satisfying our customers’ expectations and to set standards in this industry. We care for our reputation and by practicing this testing process we can guarantee for the quality of our products.

With the help of our Bluetooth shower speakers you can enjoy your moments in the shower while listening to your favorite songs. You can also answer your phone calls if necessary.