Comparison Between Splash Tunes Pro vs. Polaroid Bluetooth Shower Speakers

April 08, 2015

Only a handful of tech gears are manufactured alike. Some accessories such as Bluetooth shower speakers can be utilized for a wide selection of routines. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers particularly can be extremely useful in all locations. You can utilize a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to enjoy melodies at the beach or to receive phone calls on speakerphone. You can take some of these Bluetooth speakers to your bathtub or make use of them by the seaside while exercising.

Anywhere you decide to go these days, music accompanies. A Bluetooth shower speaker can enhance a ski rise or turn the top of a hill into a spa. It can maintain the risk of karaoke enduring and, importantly, prod intoxicated uncles onto the party ground. However, so far these compact hand-sized wireless shower speakers while hassle-free were fragile and extremely susceptible to drowning.

Splash Tunes Pro Bluetooth shower speakers

  • Splash Tunes Pro uses 4 .0 Bluetooth.
  • Splash Tunes Pro is waterproof.
  • Splash Tunes Pro is durable.
  • Splash Tunes Pro speaker has a better quality sound and uses micro-USB to recharge.
  • Splash Tunes Pro is a small startup in Orlando.
  • Answer phone calls right in the shower
  • Easy to use buttons
  • This is the first Bluetooth speaker with one unified volume (control the volume from your phone or speaker…they control the same volume)
  • Skip/Back/Pause/Play songs right from the speaker
  • High quality microphone built-in
  • Splash Tunes Pro battery is 1200 mah.

 Polaroid Bluetooth shower speakers

  • Polaroid Bluetooth battery is 400 mah
  • Polaroid Bluetooth shower speaker is 2 .0.
  • integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
  • HD wireless sound
  • Polaroid Bluetooth shower speaker is not durable.
  • IP gradeIPX4
  • Built-in microphone
  • Splash-proof
  • Answer calls while listening to music
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 5 hr battery existence
  • Wirelessly listen to and control music

There is nothing easier to pump you up on the arena of life than terrific tunes. Regardless of whether it is scour, turf, dirt, snow or sand, you need a wireless shower speaker that can deal with your dynamic way of life. Splash Tunes Pro is the supreme partner, surf partner, snow colleague, or beach bum. Are you all set to go anywhere or to do anything whatsoever? Catch the wave, take the ride—with the ideal convenient beach Bluetooth shower speakers on the scene, Splash Tunes Pro