FRESHeTECH VS. SoundBot – what makes FRESHtech a winner of the two?

May 11, 2015

Music is something that is an integral part of everyone’s life and there might only be a handful of people out there who don’t listen to music every day. The fact remains that people listen to music whenever they get a chance and Bluetooth shower speaker is one great product in the list of audio devices. But that takes you to the next question. Which brand do I choose?

FRESHeTeCH and soundbot offers speakers in this category but you will have to make a choice between the two as to which one to go with. Well, if you ask us, we would recommend FRESHeTech from our experience. When it comes to sound and built quality, the Bluetooth shower speaker range offered by this brand seems to be superior to any other brand in the industry. When you are spending money on something, you would obviously want them to last long and offer you the kind of quality you expect. FRESHeTECH clearly does that and that is one reason why they have become one of the popular companies in the market today.

Here are a few things that lets the SoundBot products down from the point of view of a customer.  The product quality is quite low and this makes them really unreliable for a daily user. If you can’t listen to music without any glitch, then what’s the point? Soundbot has been focusing more on mass distribution at low price and while this has given them higher sales, they have also been receiving a lot of negative reviews and their Amazon sales page is the proof of the same. 270 one star reviews is a lot and having that many dissatisfied customers is definitely not good for business. For the best sound quality and experience, you will definitely have to go with any of the Bluetooth shower speaker from FRESHeTECH. They have been focusing their production primary based on the requirement of their customers and they have managed to keep a good relationship with their customers. They have an interesting range of products to offer and you are bound to find what you are looking for in their collection. The whole idea of going with their products is that you will have a surety that you are investing your money on something that will give you a better performance and experience at the affordable rates.