CBD E-Liquids to vape: Best Cannabis & Classic Flavors

CBD E-Liquids to vape: Best Cannabis & Classic Flavors

Article composed by Rebecca

CBD is becoming popular due to its health benefits and non-psychoactive nature. Some of these benefits include pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and management of depression and anxiety symptoms. These health benefits prompted most countries to legalize this beneficial component of the marijuana plant.

There are many ways of consuming CBD oil, including infusing drinks and meals or through sublingual tinctures, among others. Vaping CBD oil is one of the most common ways to intake CBD due to the ease CBD can be introduced into the bloodstream within the shortest time. The problem, however, arises when choosing a flavor to vape. There are many flavors, and most of us are unsure of which ones to try. Continue reading the below to the best flavors to vape.

What is CBD E-liquid?

Before defining CBD e-liquid, it is imperative to have an understanding of the CBD compound. CBD is an extract from marijuana and hemp plants. CBD derived from hemp plants is legal as it contains less that 0.3% of THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants. Thus CBD is safe for consumption and it won’t make you ‘high’.

CBD works in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system to produce desired effects. CBD e-liquid or vape juice is the liquid used in vape devices.

When vaping, the process converts this liquid into vapor. CBD vape juice contains CBD as well as other base ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavorings.  E liquids  are available in a range of flavors to suit the needs of every individual. You can check out various flavors of Evolved CBD e-liquids online by visiting https://www.cbdoil.co.uk.

Best Cannabis & Classic Flavours

1. Menthol flavor

Menthol is a compound extracted from the peppermint plant. It is popular due to its cooling effects on the throat and mouth. It provides a refreshing experience and a cooling sensation when you exhale.

As a smoker, if you enjoyed menthol cigarettes, this flavor is definitely for you. You can choose between light menthol flavors to full icy bursts.

2. Tobacco flavor

Tobacco flavored e-juices provide a similar sensation to smoking tobacco. Tobacco vape juices contain extracts of the pleasant tobacco flavor found in pipes, cigarettes, and cigars. You should go for this flavor if you enjoy a smoky and rich exhale. Manufacturers ensure that they use the appropriate concentration of flavors to ensure that you get a rich tobacco taste. 

Usually, you can add nicotine to the e-liquid at varying concentrations, depending on your desired effects. Light users may begin with smaller doses of nicotine before increasing until they get a dose that works for them. Vaping nicotine free liquids is also an option for healthier alternative.

With so many tobacco flavors being available, inevitably some tobacco flavors are sweeter than others. For example, some people go for a bitter taste, such as a blend of scotch and tobacco, while others prefer a combination of vanilla and tobacco. There is a range of outstanding tobacco flavors, including aromatic, nutty, earthy, or with a hint of caramel. You can experiment with all until you get the one that suits your needs.

3. Fruity flavors

Fruity flavors are by far the most popular kind of e-liquids that appeal to most vapers. Fruits produce a sweet taste and an aroma that enhances the vaping session, and this is one of the reasons that most people prefer them. You can use single fruit flavors or a blend of different fruits such as strawberry, mango, and lemon or any other fruits for a unique vaping experience. 

When using a blend of fruits to create your ideal vape liquid, you should have some knowledge of different fruit flavor pairings. Marijuana alone produces some earthy smell that may not appeal to every person. It is for this reason that most people love fruity flavors to help conceal this smell and taste as they enjoy the taste of their favorite fruits. Research also shows that most vaping teens want the sweet taste of fruity tastes instead of nicotine.

4. Candy flavors

Studies identify candy flavor as one of the leading choices for vapers. Well, candy flavors do taste like candy, and there is a wide range of options such as coconut, banana, cinnamon, and blue raspberry candy, among others. Some users may prefer to mix all of their favorite candy flavors to produce a flavorful concoction of their own.

Therefore, if you love candies, you can enjoy them in your e-liquid at any time. You can make candy-flavored e-liquid at home easily as long as you have a candy concentrate flavoring of your choice and mixing it with fruit flavored concentrates of your choice. The sweet candy aroma and taste make e-juices irresistible. Whether you are a teen or an adult, you can never go wrong with sweet candy flavors.

5. Dessert flavors

Dessert flavors are sweet, smooth, and fruity and come in a perfect blend of juices. Some have a bakery aroma that reminds you of your loved bakery shop back at home. Ensure you purchase concentrates from a trusted source so that you can enjoy a deep and fulfilling dessert flavor. If you have a sweet tooth, dessert flavors are the best e-liquid to vape. Dessert flavors come in a range of aromas such as vanilla, cinnamon, or apple, to name a few.

6. Nuts, Herbs and Spice flavors

Herbal flavored e-liquids have exotic flavors from oriental spices and western herbs. Similarly, you can also enjoy the feeling of almond, macadamia, peanut, or hazel.

7. Drink Flavors

Drink flavor is another classic choice for vapers that you don’t want to miss. These include coffee, cocoa, champagne, mojito, tea, rum, and wine, among others. If you love drinking any of these, then you might enjoy vaping drink flavors.


CBD is a product that most people are willing to explore in various ways. It can be challenging to consume CBD alone, but combining it with your favorite food or drinks flavors in your e liquid is a good option. Nowadays, you can enjoy a massive range of various flavored CBD e-liquids available on the market from worldwide manufacturers that will suit your palate for sure.