November 11, 2019

Article composed by Sophia Cooper

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

When it comes to recreation, all a person wants or needs is to feel high, relaxed, euphoric, and out of this world. Well, that is precisely what this specialized cannabis product “ Moon Rocks” delivers with a single smoke or puff. The potency of the Moon Rocks goes far beyond what you usually take on a regular day. Therefore, for first-timers, you must go slow on this specific product. 

Moon Rocks: What is it?

It is the most exceptional THC potent product with approximately 50% THC content on the market today. With a blurred history, no one knows who came up with this amazing product. However, history indicates that its basis lay in the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain buds from weed seeds that ship to the USA. Individuals spray the hash oil on the buds and then roll the buds in Kief. The mix forms one of the most potent cannabis products, “moonrock”. 

However, depending on the individual making the Moon Rocks, the THC content may vary depending on the products or ingredients they use. Besides, some strains have different CBD: THC ratio, which may result in various quantities of the cannabinoids in your moon rock. As a result, finding the most potent ways of making your moon rock is fundamental to the quality of the final product. 

Here is how to make your Moon Rocks:

Gather the ingredients 

You need several ingredients to accomplish a perfect moon rock. These include:

  • A bowl of kief
  • Cannabis flower buds 
  • Hash oil 

Source the best cannabis buds from Ontario weed online, a dispensary that specializes in offering quality cannabis products. Ensure you get essential information on the pot you purchase, such as the origin, THC: CBD content, how best to use it, and storage needs. All these aims at ensuring your bud retain its potency before you make the moon rock. 

  • Prepare Kief 

Kief is a powder form of the resin glands present in cannabis leaves, dried, and ground from these trichomes. All that you need is to get the trichomes, accompany it with a grinder with a catcher at the bottom to prevent any ground kief from escaping as you grind. Grind the flower buds from your marijuana strain to form the Kief. Ensure you only get the fine powder to achieve the desired outcome. 

  • Get your Hash Oil 

Making your hash oil can be tiring and dangerous due to the extractions processes you use. Many advise that you use the solvent extraction method as it derives the most potency out of the cannabis plant and preserves it. However, some of the materials of solvents in use can have different impacts. For instance, using butane, which is highly flammable, can result in accidents. As a result, it makes sense to purchase your hash oil from a trusted retailer. 


Take the cannabis flowers, trichomes, or nugs depending on your preference using a tong or a pincher. Place it in a bowl. 

  • Adding the hash oil

Take your hash oil using a dropper. Sometimes, the hash oil can thicken, making it hard to suck into the dropper. Therefore, heat it until it becomes a little bit more light and liquid. Take some and drop it all around the trichomes or flower buds. Ensure that the hash oil covers the bud completely. 

You may ask, why not dip the bud completely in hash oil. Well, the main reason is to avoid overconcentration or oversaturation of the oil on the bud. It may prevent your moon rocks from drying completely. Besides, you may experience difficulty in making the moon rock heat and burn when smoking it

If unable to fully cover the bud with oil, employ the use of a light brush. Using the brush, spread the oil evenly over the bud. Do not overdo the spread as it will result in the bud soaking in the oil. As a result, oversaturation will occur. 

  • Adding the Kief 

Using the tongs, grab the bud; place it in the bowl of Kief. Roll it gently in the Kief until it covers the bud completely. Ensure that the kief layer on the bud is thick enough for the crystals to show. Sometimes the process may result in oil drops all over your Kief, which limits the amount of Kief at your disposal. 

Therefore, you can use the kief catcher in the grinder to help you sprinkle Kief on your bud. Use your hands to spread the Kief on the bud. At the end of it, you will have more Kief to produce another moon rock or two. 

  • Allowing it to dry 

Place it on a plate and leave it to dry. Depending on how much oil is present on the bud, the Moon Rocks may take a while to dry up. As the buds need to soak in the oil and gently bond with the Kief, it may take longer, especially if you dipped the flower in the hash oil approximately three days to a week. However, if you spread just a little oil essential to hold the Kief, your moon rock will be dry in only a few hours. 

Once the Moon Rocks are dry, they are ready for consumption. You may consume Moon Rocks by smoking or vaping, depending on your favorite method. 


Ensuring that you get potent Moon Rocks that will deliver the effects you need, you must scrutinize your ingredients. Be sure of the THC potency levels, CBD content, and any other quality elements of your cannabis products. With such information at hand and the best procedure on making your moon rocks, you have a guarantee of quality outcomes. 

Therefore, with the above process, you can achieve the best moon rock recipe for you. All you have to do is keep on trying until you discover the best outcome.