Types of Percolator

Types of Percolator

Interested in learning more about the use of percolators in bongs? Then read on!

Tree Percolator — One of the most popular perks found in water pipes. By pulling air up through the central tube, each leg with approximately 3 slits holds water and is forced down to create a bubbling action to improve your bong hit drastically. This could be the first percolator that might come to a consumer's mind when purchase a new piece.

UFO Percolator — Another popular style when purchasing a new bong. Having a detailed percolator with approximately 50 air pockets will clean up your bong hit by cooling down the temperature of the smoke to enjoy a better experience smoking your herb.

Honey Comb Percolator — Efficient for large amounts of air filtration in a piece. This is a simple percolator that has lots of impact on your bong hit experience. The basis of a honeycomb perc are strong disks that go straight into a straight tube bong to allow a smoother hit and free air flow. This is slightly different because contrary to the tree perc the legs are not stacked vertically which improves smoke distribution throughout the water pipe.

Matrix Percolator — This one has become popular in recent years. These are essentially multiple UFO percolators stacked up. Structured the same way, this allows even more air flow and smoke filtration. This perc is not known as a high functioning percolator. The Matrix is more aesthetically pleasing which is more desirable to a consumer.

Coil Percolator — One of the least talked about percolator and quite frankly the most misunderstood. There are two highlights about this particular perc. First off, visually the coil is interesting to look at. Seriously, when smoke is pulled up through the main chamber, the smoke has to travel a longer distance to reach an inhale. As a result, more distance for the smoke to travel means the cooler the hit.