What Smoking Says About Your Personality

We all love knowing our personality type, and we all want to find the best way to smoke weed. But what if you could figure out the best way to smoke based on your personality type? Find your personality type to find the best way for you to smoke your favorite herb.

ISTJ: The Inspector

You’re precise and proper, a big fan of the old-school ways of doing things. Tradition’s important to you, and things aren’t right if they’re not done the way they’ve been done since forever. If your ancestors did it and it worked for them, it should work for you just fine as long as you put in patience and hard work.

What You Should Smoke: A Joint

Joints are classic! They’re the OG, and you can’t get much more traditional than this. Things have changed over time, but for you, the old way is the best way. And sure, you’ve got to learn to roll well, and if your filter sucks then you’re breathing in the best AND the worst of your bud, but that’s just the price you pay for doing it the old-fashioned way.

INFJ: The Counselor

You’re a true visionary, with creativity coming out from every which way imaginable (and you’re very creative, so that’s a lot of imaginable ways). Nothing’s always as it seems, and nothing needs to stay the way it’s been. Your unique outlook on life means others may think you’re strange, but you know a great idea when you see one.

What You Should Smoke: A Steamroller

This is different from any other dry pipe. This is for people who aren’t satisfied with the restricted airflow that comes with other glass or wooden pipes, or bowls that allow extra air to flow into the chamber. You’re looking for a freer flow, and the traditional methods simply won’t do. No, those other pipes weren’t enough; you had to go and look to a freaking STEAM ENGINE for inspiration. Sure, this method hits harsh on the throat, but where’s the fun without the joy of invention?

INTJ: The Mastermind

You like being alone, and you don’t need others to have a good time. You’re a planner, always strategizing and figuring out why things are the way they are. Some would say you’re quiet, but you’d say you’re reserved. You shouldn’t worry about others anyway; they bring uncertainty into your life that you just don’t need. You be you, exactly the way you want to be.

What You Should Smoke: A One-Hitter

You know what you’re getting with a one-hitter, and you don’t need to worry about sharing it with others. Enjoy a discreet flowery treat without attracting attention, and breathe easy knowing the exact amount of stash stashed in your bat. Well, not TOO easy – without a screen, your one-hitter may hit you with bits of ash flying into your mouth. But hey, surely you can jerry-rig a little screen from scratch that’ll work, right?

ENFJ: The Giver

You’re a true people person. You’re extroverted, outspoken, and you love talking to people. You can connect with people no matter where they’re from. Life’s too short to be alone too often, so you spend that time with friends, family, loved ones, and maybe strangers who could become any one of the three.

What You Should Smoke: A Hookah

It’s the perfect social smoke! What, are you gonna pass a single joint among all these people? No way! It’s always a special occasion when you’ve got friends in town and people around. You can’t smoke a hookah on your own – that’s practically a fact. Don’t try it. Share the love! Sure, you’re sharing everyone else’s cooties and you get a milder high than with other products, but hey, that’s life when you’re an ENFJ.

ISTP: The Craftsman

You’re a mysterious motherfucker, aren’t you? Logical to a T (even though there isn’t a single T in that word), you still know to have fun – you just don’t share it with everyone. And because you don’t spend your time blabbing about all your success stories, you get to keep those moments to yourself – just the way you like it.

What You Should Smoke: A Gas Mask

War is hell, and so is wasting weed. This is one gas you’ll be glad sucks into your mask. It’s a smart way to not lose a single puff of that precious poison, and as it steams out the filter and fogs up the inside of your mask, you know for a fact you look pretty damn cool. Granted, there’s no way all that smoke near your eyes will do any good for your “glaucoma”, but that’s a small price to pay for looking so badass.

ESFJ: The Provider

The stereotypical extrovert, you’re a social butterfly who loves making other people happy. It’s easy to become your friend, and it’s easy to see why you have so many friends. You enjoy the spotlight because it makes you look good, plus it makes others happy to see you look good. Everyone knows your name for all the right reasons, and you know how good it is to be so liked and so popular.

What You Should Smoke: A Bong

You know what else is so liked and so popular? The water pipe. The funky vase. The BONG. It’s there when you need it, it never lets you down, and it’s perfect with your crew. People get to like you really fast, and they get to get high off a bong even faster. Sometimes you may get too high too fast, but hey, surely your friends will have your back.

INFP: The Idealist

There’s a lot going on around you, and you don’t want to waste time explaining it to others – and if they can’t see what you see, that’s not your fault. You spot signs with ease, and analyze symbols like it’s nobody’s business (because it’s nobody’s business but your own), and what you see around you has a deeper meaning than it may seem. You’re always lost in a thought, a fantasy, an idea, though you would argue that you’re not lost at all.

What You Should Smoke: Tinfoil

Conspiracy theorists use tinfoil as hats, so why not use it to smoke as well? There’s chemicals in the water, so a water pipe is out, and if a gas mask won’t protect you from weed, it won’t protect you from chemtrails either. That leaves you with one thing and one thing only: tinfoil. Sure, it’s got to be the worst possible way to smoke (let’s face it: you’re lighting metal on fire), but this is all you’ve got left once you realize how EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

ESFP: The Performer

You’re born to be front and center, but you’re not vain or superficial. You’re thoughtful, with a level of depth and caring that may surprise some people. You’re generous, you care about others, and you’re also a lot of fun to be around. There’s nothing wrong with being a show-off, at least not when you show off the way you do.

What You Should Smoke: A Bowl

Everyone likes a bowl. Day or night, good or bad, it’s always going to be there for you. And a bowl is really something else: with crazy colors and fanciful designs, the bowl is destined to steal the spotlight and capture the hearts of new and old sticky icky fans alike. Enjoy that intense chest burn, and let a bowl take you on that special adventure you crave.

ENFP: The Champion

You’re a true champion, ignoring the old traditional ways of doing things and instead relying on your animal intuition to develop new methods and ideas. Thoughtful and kind, you think from the gut, and you know how to use what’s around you. You’re like if Krav Maga was a person. Or if MacGyver was a person. Wait he was a person. Ok bad example. But point made.

What You Should Smoke: A Soda Can

Some crush a can with their head when they’re done. You, however, don’t waste what you’ve got. Bend it a bit, poke a couple holes, and you get a good high in a fun and unusual way. Some call an empty soda can junk; you, well, you call it treasure – ok no it’s still junk, but at least you know how to deal with your junk. Wait that came out wrong.

ESTP: The Doer

You’re the leap-before-you-look type, a free spirit who wants to share the moment with others. You don’t do planning; mistakes can be fixed, and they can provide life lessons along the way. There’s nothing worse than sitting around worrying about every possible thing that could happen. To properly live, sometimes you need to just go and do it.

What You Should Smoke: Dabbing

Dabbing involves using a BLOWTORCH. That’s right – lighters are for planners, but a BLOWTORCH is for someone who throws caution to the wind and is willing to fix problems as they come up. You don’t want to take time with rolling papers or going to an antique store to buy a gas mask or charging your smoking accessory like it’s an electric toothbrush. You just need one word, and one word only, and that’s BLOWTORCH.

ESTJ: The Supervisor

You’ve got your shit together. You’re organized, you know what you like (and what you don’t), and you strongly believe in doing what is both right and socially acceptable. It’s tough to be this put-together – no one said goodness was easy – but at the end of the day, you’re the person people look up to for guidance, and, true to your nature, you’re always happy they reached out to you.

What You Should Smoke: A Vape Pen

Look, if you’re gonna smoke, you should do it responsibly. Vape pens don’t give off a smell that seeps into your skin and clothes, plus you’re only inhaling vapor and no awful tar. The lower temperature even helps you retain THC, CBD, and other chemicals that would get destroyed with more traditional smoking methods. Yes, it’s an expensive way to get stoned – but no one ever said this would be easy, now did they?

ENTJ: The Commander

The atmosphere changes when you enter a room. You’ve got a presence, the kind that can’t be made, that you can only be born with. You’re a natural leader and you like being in charge, but not for the pomp and circumstance. You take charge because it’s the right thing to do, because you’re the person people can rely on to make the right decision in moments of turmoil and crisis.

What You Should Smoke: A Wooden Pipe

You could smoke whatever you want – who’s gonna stop you? But you lead not because you CAN, but because you MUST. You carry a heavy burden, and to help lighten the load you turn to history: to Lincoln, to MacArthur, to Oppenheimer, to Che. You don’t look to glitz and glamor for your smoking accessories; you look to leaders of the past whose names in stone are carved to last.

INTP: The Thinker

You’re brilliant. You’re logical, and almost impossibly so – but obviously it’s possible, because impossibly logical is impossible. You’ve got a keen eye for detail, and your creative potential knows nearly no limits. You’ve got a lot to consider and a lot to explain, and you’ve got the patterns in your mind to help you see it through.

What You Should Smoke: A Blunt

You’ve got a lot of thinking to do, and you need a lot of time to think it through. Being wrapped in cigar papers, a blunt not only holds more than a joint, but it also burns slower. You wouldn’t want to rush through the moment, and with a blunt you don’t need to. Of course, the tobacco in a cigar wrap adds a unique buzz you may or may not want – but at the end of the day, your logical nature will dictate if it’s right for you.

ISFJ: The Nurturer

You’re a philanthropist, always willing to give back to others. You’re the sort of person who returns generosity with even more generosity. Unselfish to the core, you’re kind, you value harmony, and you’re aware of how others feel and are. You bring out the best in others, something that everyone sees as a positive quality.

What You Should Smoke: An Apple

An apple is the only smoking accessory that can return the Earth as it should. There’s nothing bad in a used apple, only carbon, nitrogen, and maybe a bit of residual ganja. You can be the Johnny or Jenny Appleweed, and what you take from nature to get high, you give right back for others to enjoy after you.

ENTP: The Visionary

You’re incredibly rare, like purple corn or Shakespeare’s signature. You’re intelligent and overflowing with knowledge, but you have a constant need to be stimulated. The world is not enough for you, and you can approach anything and everything with a logical, rational, and objective point of view.

What You Should Smoke: A Coconut Chalice

There are so many ways to get high and enjoy weed, but only an ENTP would need to find an incredibly unnecessary and ridiculous (but apparently effective) new method. How many failed chalices were attempted before someone finally landed on carving out a coconut? ENTPs also don’t do so well in social situations, and the palm fruit and machete you need to make a coconut chalice are sure to keep the crowds away.

ISFP: The Composer

You’re an introvert that doesn’t seem like an introvert. You’re fun, spontaneous, and you want to live your life to the fullest. It’s all about embracing the now, exploring the world and enjoying the new experiences that come along with it. You travel looking not for people, but for wisdom, and in this way you focus on yourself (and all the good that can come from it).

What You Should Smoke: A Bubbler

Half-bong and half-glass pipe, a bubbler packs some portable power. A full-size bong would chain you to your home when all you want to do is see the world, and this gives you an easy high that you can rely on. It’s a mellow high, but it’s something.

It’s fun to pick and choose how you should smoke based on your personality type, but as fun as some of them are they still have their downsides. There’s one smoking accessory that hasn’t been mentioned because it doesn’t fit just one personality type. The Freeze Pipe is for all to enjoy because it’s more than a removable bowl. It includes a nontoxic gel that instantly cools your weed by over 300 degrees, resulting in a smooth, clean, and easy toke. You get the top-notch hit without the top-notch burn, and it’s the future of fun when it comes to enjoying cannabis products. You don’t need to know your type to enjoy the Freeze Pipe; get yours today, and see for yourself why it’s the pipe of the future.