"I can hear that I'm getting a big hit, but it's so cool that I'm surprised at how much smoke came out" - That High Couple

  • How long do I freeze the glycerin coils for? Can I leave them in the freezer?

  • How do I clean the Bong Dual?

  • Is shipping free? Do you offer shipping protection?

  • How tall is the Bong Dual? What size is the bowl?

  • Do you offer extra glycerin coils? Extra Bowls?

  • How much water do I put in the Bong Dual?

  • Does the glycerin coils have to be frozen to be used?

  • How do I put the clips on?

  • What is the Dab Kit?

  • Can I use it for Dabs?

  • Are the glycerin coils interchangeable on the bongs?