Shipping Protection And Coverage Plan

Shipping Protection - Protect yourself from lost, damaged, or stolen products.

*By opting out of Shipping Protection, you will be liable for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

More Details:

Damaged Shipments

- We require a picture of the damage to your piece.

- Damage needs to occur during shipping.

- The customer is required to file a claim within 10 days of an order being delivered.

- File claim with

Non-U.S. customers are required to cover replacement shipping + tariff costs.

- Clogged pipes and damage to pieces after use are not covered by this.

- This insurance covers one replacement.


Lost And Stolen Shipments

- To file a claim, we require a police report for orders above $80. 

- Simply email with information about your order.

- We reserve the right to wait up to 30 days to track down your shipment before replacing it.

- This can be filed up to 15 days after tracking goes live for your package

- Non-U.S. customers are required to cover replacement shipping + tariff costs.

- We are not liable for shipments that were returned because of an incorrect address.


Coverage Plan - No questions asked subsidized price for replacement pieces.

Life happens...If anything happens to your piece over the next 2 years, you can buy a replacement piece at a subsidized rate.

- Note you can only order the exact piece you've previously bought

- Free U.S. Shipping.  Normal international shipping rates apply.

- This can only be offered while the product is in stock.

Replacement Subsidized Prices:

Freeze Pipe - $26.00

Freeze Pipe XL - $36.00

Freeze Pipe Bubbler - $47.00

Freeze Pipe Bong - $52.00

Freeze Pipe Bong XL - $67.00

Freeze Pipe Bong Dual - $86.00

Freeze Pipe Recycler - $92.00