What is the Best Temperature for Dabs?

What is the Best Temperature for Dabs?
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“What temperature is best for my dabbing needs?” This is one of the most common questions we see from newcomers to the world of dabbing. Getting the temperature right is the difference between making a burnt oily mess in your banger, and taking the dab rip of the century. 

Dabs and concentrates have been steadily increasing in popularity among smokers over recent years, and it is easy to see why. It's cleaner, more potent, and efficient than smoking bud. The problem is that it’s not quite as user friendly, and many newcomers find it difficult to do the prep work and take a dab correctly. If you aren’t taught the ropes by a seasoned dabber, it can be difficult to get started on your own. Here at Freeze Pipe, we want to help new smokers get down to business taking flavorful and potent dabs right from the beginning. 

If you don’t know what dabs are, you can read more about them here, and if you don’t have access to dabs or concentrates you can learn How to Make Solventless Dabs.

When I started dabbing back in “the good ole days,” the standard practice was to get your banger red hot and slap as much wax on it as possible. While this might have gotten the job done, we now know much more about the chemical process behind taking a dab and we know that this is not the ideal method. 

If the temperature of your dabbing surface is too low (below 300 ℉)  your concentrates won’t vaporize completely and you’ll be left with a sticky waxy mess in your banger and no tasty vapor at all.

If you blast your banger until its red hot, (700-1000 ℉) your concentrate will vaporize, but the flavor and terpenes will be burnt away and your dab will be hot and harsh. Recent studies have even shown the release of benzene at around 930°F. This means dabs at too high of a temperature aren't just painful, they can actually have health consequences. 

The ideal temperature range lies between 350-400 ℉. At this temperature, any concentrate product you choose to dab with will be effectively vaporized, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the flavorful terpenes in your product. 

Freeze Pipe Bangers are our more traditional and economical method for consuming concentrates. Each banger and torch combo you use has a slightly different heat up time. However, a standard butane torch with the Freeze Pipe Banger requires a heating time of 35 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of cool down to reach the desired temperature.

The Freeze Pipe E-Nail, whether you pick one up as part of a Dab Kit or by itself, is the perfect tool for the seasoned vet or a newcomer! It makes taking a dab at the correct temperature easier than ever before. It’s a fully enclosed device that fits in any glass water pipe you may have whether it takes a 14mm or 18mm bowl and a digital screen that displays all of the pertinent temperature information to ensure you’re getting the right temperature every single time. Just set it to the desired temperature, turn it on, and within a matter of seconds, the internal quartz dish is maintained at the perfect dabbing temperature for you. 

Freeze Pipe - The Coldest Hits & The Smoothest Rips

We are a small American-owned online smoke shop that makes a unique line of freezable bongs, bubblers, pipes and more. These thick glass pieces all feature various combinations of glycerin coils, which work to cool smoke down by over 300 degrees.

Glycerin is a non-toxic gel-like liquid commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker and stays frozen longer than water, not to mention it's 100% organic!

🥶 Glycerin tech cools smoke by hundreds of degrees for bigger, smoother tokes

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