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Innovation meets sophistication with our glass bubbler bongs and pipes. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass and featuring freezable glycerin chambers, our bubbler selection offers a refreshingly smooth smoking experience. Get yourself a Freeze Pipe bubbler to elevate your smoking sessions!


Bubbler pipes find the sweet spot between hand pipes and water bongs. Shop our award-winning line of glass bubblers for smoother, bigger clouds without throat pain, chest burn, or coughing attacks. These thick glass pieces all feature various combinations of glycerin coils, which work to cool the smoke down by over 300 degrees.

💨 Smokes Like Expensive Water Bongs

Icy smooth experience that outperforms non-glycerin bubblers

🥶 Caution Ahead: Powerful Glycerin Cooling

Be careful, the cooling power is real. Very real. Many people don’t realize how big of a toke

they’re actually taking

💪Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass

Strong, durable glass protects against tips and clumsy friends

⭐4.8 Stars With Over 200 Bubbler Reviews

What Is Glycerin? 1-Hour Freeze Is All You Need

Freezable glycerin chambers that go inside a bubbler bong

Glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that's commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. It also doesn't expand and contract like water does so there's no added pressure on the glass. Pop this baby in the freezer for 1 hour and it'll stay cold for you and your friends to get where you wanna go.

Why Buy A Bubbler From Freeze Pipe

✅ Free & discreet shipping

✅ Two-Levels of Filtration & Cooling; Combining elite percolators & icy glycerin chambers creates a multi-leveled smoothness approach 99% of bubbler brands can’t match

✅ Wide selection of Bubblers; Our core is hammer bubblers, but we also make stellar bubbler-adjacent products like our Mini Bong, Tornado Bong, and Beaker Bong

✅ Backed by the best; Our Bubblers have been endorsed by celebrities like Joey Diaz, Andrew Schulz, Dopa as Yola, and Koala Puffs. Not to mention the over 100,000 happy customers comprising the #FreezePipeFam! Click any image to see real reviews, function videos, specs, and more

Bubbler Reviews


"The Hammer bubbler is top shelf excellence. My smoking experience with this bubbler is nothing short of amazing, I get smooth and cool hits. The overall look of the Hammer bubbler is sexy and stylish. I have not used any of my other pieces since I got my Hammer bubbler. I give my bubbler a 10 out of 10 hands down!"

- Geezie, Bubbler Customer


"I gotta say, this bubbler pro HITS!! I’m a bong dude for sure and this little piece rips just as hard as ANY bong!! Smooth, clean and tasty hits! The bowl is great too! Cleans up nicely."

- Anthony, Bubbler Pro Customer

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Bubbler $109.95

The piece that redefined what smoking a bubbler should feel like. Enjoy high-performance & low maintenance

💦 Percolator: 6 Tree-arms

💨 Glycerin Coil: Spiral

🍁 Bowl: Standard

📏 Joint: 18mm

📊 Height: 5.5"

Bubbler Pro $139.95

The best bubbler you'll ever use. Features our exclusive Revolver glycerin coil + a better percolator. Smokes like a big expensive water bong with the simplicity of a hand pipe

💦 Percolator: Double Showerhead, better function than entry-level Bubbler

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 18mm

📊 Height: 5.5"

Mini Bong $154.95

The Mighty Mouse of bongs. Enjoy awesome filtration & cooling from a compact and easy-to-use mold

💦 Percolator: Inline + Honeycomb

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 11.5"

Tornado Bong $164.95

Creates a cyclone of smoke inside. This sleek bong features a built-in handle, unique function, strong cooling and is extremely simple to use & clean

💦 Percolator: Two Turbine percs spin water in opposite directions

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 15"

What Are Bubblers?

Bubbler pipes are weed-smoking devices that use water filtration to cool and clean smoke. They are smaller than bongs, come in numerous designs and can be made from glass or silicone. The main components of Bubbler pipes include a bowl, water tank, and a mouthpiece. The appeal of bubblers is smooth tokes without the hassle, cleaning, and maintenance associated with larger water pipes. Bubblers are fun to smoke, easy to travel with, and strong enough to handle group sessions or parties.

How Do Bubblers Work?

As weed burns, smoke travels from the bowl into a percolator where the filtration process begins. As smoke and water molecules interact, particles of plant matter, ash, and tar become cleaned and stay behind in the water tank. When weed smoke hits the cooler water in the bubbler’s water tank, it's instantly chilled, and 99% of bubblers stop there. But for Freeze Pipe’s bubbler pipe, the fun is just getting started. Next on the smoke's journey is a trip through a frozen glycerin-filled chamber for maximum smoothness and refreshment. Be careful, however, the chilling effect is very real. And many first-time users don't realize how large of a hit they take until after the fact.

How Do I Use A Bubbler?

Using a bubbler is easier than larger water pipes. Start by filling up the bubbler with an appropriate amount of water. Make sure to grind your herb, place it in the bowl, and insert said bowl onto the top of the bubbler. Make sure you're packing the bowl tight; this will ensure the best experience. Light the herb and begin to inhale. Smoke will percolate and fill the water chamber. When a sufficient amount of smoke has filled the tank, remove the bowl, and the smoke will rush from the tank and into your mouth.

How Much Water Do I Put In A Bubbler?

Place just enough water in the bubbler so the percolators are slightly submerged. You can always do a dry run with no weed in the bowl. If the airflow is poor, take some water out. If no percolation is happening, add water.

How Much Do Bubblers Cost?

Bubbler pipes can cost anywhere from $40 to over $200. Silicone bubblers are cheaper than glass bubblers but don’t hit as smoothly. It’s best to buy a bubbler from a reputable brand as cheap glass bubblers or poorly made silicone ones can result in breakage, poor performance, and potentially negative health side effects.

Types Of Bubblers

While usually relatively small in stature, bubblers come in all shapes and designs. They can be all one piece of glass or have multiple parts with light assembly required. Bubblers can be made from different materials such as glass or silicone. Just like bongs, different types of bubblers can use various percolators each with their own unique feel, advantages, and disadvantages.

Hammer Bubblers

Hammer Bubblers

Typically regarded as the best type of bubbler, hammer bubblers are named after their shape. With more room in the water tank, this style allows for better percolators to be used. Bubblers are always portable, but some bubblers are so minute in size they offer little in the way of water filtration. Freeze Pipe's hammer bubbler offers two unique features; a glycerin coil for extreme cooling power and smoothness, and the parts are detachable which makes cleaning a breeze. As seen below, cleaning bubblers is one of the biggest bugaboos in the industry.

Sherlock Bubblers

Sherlock Bubblers

A classic style bubbler with one fatal flaw, cleaning. There are 2 ways water can enter or exit a Sherlock bubbler; Where you put your mouth or where you put the herb. Neither of which is ideal for dirty/ashy water to exit from. It's easy for resin and other debris to become trapped in this style and considering the wild designs Sherlocks usually come in, it's hard to see if the inside is actually clean. Frequently limited in the type of percolator used, there are better options from a smoothness and maintenance perspective.

Sidecar Bubblers

Sidecar Bubblers

A hybrid of hammer and Sherlock bubblers, sidecar bubblers have a decent-sized water tank and the mouthpiece sits on either side. While the mouthpiece on hammers usually points down and up on Sherlocks, the mouthpiece on sidecars come in both angles. Typically offering better percolation than the Sherlock style, sidecar bubblers still suffer from the fatal hard-to-clean flaw. Cleaning most bubblers isn't fun, so getting a detachable bubbler like Freeze Pipe's saves a ton of time and headaches.

Double Bubblers

Double Bubblers

A hybrid of hammer and Sherlock bubblers, sidecar bubblers have a decent-sized water tank and the mouthpiece sits on either side. While the mouthpiece on hammers usually points down and up on Sherlocks, the mouthpiece on sidecars comes in both angles. Typically offering better percolation than the Sherlock style, sidecar bubblers still suffer from the fatal hard-to-clean flaw. Cleaning most bubblers isn't fun, so getting a detachable bubbler like Freeze Pipe's saves a ton of time and headaches.

Bubbler Shopping Tips

Freeze Pipe has the best bubbler for sale and with an average rating of 4.8 stars and 200 reviews, it's easy to see why. When it comes time to buy your next bubbler pipe, whether it's ours or not, there are a few things to keep in mind whilst doing your shopping.

Get One That Breaks Down

Different types of bubblers like Sherlock Bubblers and sidecar bubblers are one piece of glass and a nightmare to clean. With this style, your dirty and clean water can only pass through where your dry weed is supposed to go. This is bad for sanitary reasons, but also the water just kind of trickles in and out and takes FOREVER! Often these designs are colored and you're unable to see how much water you're putting in and when to stop. Do yourself a favor and buy a piece that breaks down. Cleaning will be much easier and you'll actually replace the dirty water inside it as often as you should.

Buy Your Next Bubbler Online With Peace of Mind

Buying a bubbler online doesn't have to be scary. Freeze Pipe offers shipping coverage for every item at checkout for a fraction of the cost. For example, full shipping coverage for the standard bubbler is $0.85. This will fully protect against any damages that happen in transit or if the package becomes lost or stolen. Regardless of whether shipping coverage is purchased, every order is handled and packed by a Freeze Pipe employee from our own warehouse. We take immense pride in packing every order safely and in the rare instance that a glass unit does break in transit, filing a claim is easy and our team will walk you through the entire process.

Save Money By Buying Direct

Online headshops can offer good deals, but a place like Freeze Pipe that's the manufacturer AND seller can offer the best deals. Unlike physical headshops or online headshops that sell other brands, Freeze Pipe has zero middlemen driving up costs. We do all the production, packing, and shipping by Freeze Pipe employees from our own warehouse. We're not incentivized to sell you what we get rebates on; our only goal is to build the best bubblers possible that we actually do and would want to use, all while pricing affordably so everyday people can enjoy our craftsmanship.

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Quality borosilicate glass, excellent percolators, and powerful glycerin cooling. If you're tired of the throat burn, coughing attacks, and hurt lungs when you light up, it's time to fight fire with ice and try a glass bubbler from Freeze Pipe.

Free & Discreet Shipping

Discrete packaging ensures this shipment looks like everything else. Shipping is always free for domestic orders. International shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

Shipping Coverage Available

Freeze Pipe offers shipping coverage on every purchase. Said coverage will be available to buy at checkout. Coverage will fully replace any unit(s) that are broken, lost, or stolen in transit.

Return Policy

Due to legal reasons, we cannot accept used returns. In the rare instance you're not happy with our products, please contact the Freeze Pipe customer service team and we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation.

World-Class Customer Support

Buying a bong online can be confusing. With so many styles, materials, and jargon, many consumers get frustrated shopping for the best piece. Freeze Pipe's water pipes follow a good-better-best model with few anomalies. With that said, everyone has their own style and there are some nuanced bong shopping decisions that need to be taken into consideration. We invite you to email customerservice@thefreezepipe.com with any questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. We're also available via text or social media.

Bubblers vs. Bongs

Can't decide between buying a glass bubbler or bong? The best question to ask yourself is where and how many people will you be smoking weed with? Also, how much energy do you want to invest in maintaining the piece. Bubblers will be easier to use and clean and with our glycerin coil, the Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler hits better than most bongs do.

Choosing Between a Bubbler and A Pipe

Both bubblers and pipes are heralded for their portability and discreteness. Bubblers will always smoke better than hand pipes because they have water filtration. Not only does water filtration cool smoke, but it removes carcinogens for a healthier smoking experience. Bubblers are bigger than pipes which can also help take bigger hits. The advantages pipes have is how easy they are to use, and in a pinch, can be made from various household items such as an apple. When smoking a bubbler, the bowl acts as the carb hole on pipes. When you’re ready to inhale smoke with a pipe you remove your thumb from the carb hole and said smoke will come rushing into your system. When smoking bubblers, the same principle applies but you’ll remove the bowl when it’s time to inhale.

Premium Bubbler Bongs & Pipes for Smooth Hits

With the Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler and Bubbler Pro leading the lineup, smoking enthusiasts can enjoy exceptional portability and water filtration. These high-quality, borosilicate glass bubbler pipes contain freezable glycerin coils, revolutionizing cooling power for unmatched smoothness.

The Hammer Bubbler, notable for its detachable parts, facilitates effortless cleaning, and the Bubbler Pro steps up the game with an upgraded revolver glycerin coil. It features a double showerhead percolator, enhancing filtration and cooling even further.

Our comprehensive collection includes glass dab rigs and e-nails, ensuring every pull is smooth and refreshing regardless of preference. For those seeking a refined smoking experience without the harshness, our Freeze Pipe bubblers present a sophisticated choice, promising soothing sessions whether enjoyed solo or with friends.

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At The Freeze Pipe, we’re not just another online smoke shop. We’re a destination for those who desire quality and innovation in their smoking experience. Our products transform any smoke session into a smooth journey free from the discomforts of throat pain, chest burn, or coughing.

Our secret? A cutting-edge glycerin coil technology that cools smoke dramatically, paired with the unmatched durability of borosilicate glass. This combination ensures every hit is not just icy cold but also delivered through an eye-catcher built to last.

With free US shipping and guaranteed safe delivery, leave your worries at the door. We provide free shipping insurance, so there’s never a concern over breakage. Explore our glass bubbler bong and pipe products for icy cold hits that redefine smoothness.