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Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are specialized bongs made for smoking concentrates such as shatter, oil, and wax. Freeze Pipe offers a huge selection of dab rigs all geared to remove the harshness and coughing attacks that always come from dabbing concentrates. The secret is detachable glycerin chambers that come on every glass dab rig. As smoke passes through the frozen glycerin chamber it’s instantly cooled by over 300 degrees for a refreshing and easy-on-the-body toke.

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🥶 Bigger Clouds Without The Afterburn

Inhale and relax as our icy glycerin chambers remove the harshness and throat burn

💨 Less Coughing, Dare We Say A Relaxing Experience?

A glycerin dab rig will improve how you smoke forever. Finally, no more coughing

attacks or chugging water after every rip

💪 Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass Used

We only use the strongest glass in every wax rig we make

⭐ 4.5 Star rating across all dab rigs, and over 400 reviews

What Is Glycerin? 1-Hour Freeze Is All You Need

Glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that's commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. It also doesn't expand and contract like water does so there's no added pressure on the glass. Pop this baby in the freezer for 1 hour and it'll stay cold for you and your friends to get where you wanna go.

Freezable glycerin chambers of Freeze Pipe glass dab rigs

glycerin difference

Why Buy A Dab Rig From Freeze Pipe

Free & discreet shipping

Smoothest tokes and zero flavor loss; Our ability to dramatically cool smoke and not dilute flavor via too much water filtration is a game-changer

Wide selection of dab rigs for sale; Whether you’re into mini dab rigs, recycler dab rigs, Klein recyclers, nectar collectors, or E-nails we got you covered

Backed by the best; Our dab rigs have been endorsed by celebrities like Joey Diaz, Andrew Schulz, Dopa as Yola, and Koala Puffs. Not to mention the over 100,000 happy customers comprising the #FreezePipeFam! Click any image to see real reviews, function videos, specs, and more

Dab Rig Reviews


"Absolutely amazing. I’ve been smoking along time and I can honestly say that this is the best smoking device/accessory you can smoke out of. Literally soooo good!!!! Might just get the bong next!"

- Dave B, Klein Recycler Cusotmer


"This bong has it all, easy to clean, stays cold, and one of the smoothest hits I have ever taken."

- Ryan S, Recycler Bong Cusotmer

Mini Dab Rigs

Mini Dab Rig $159.95

Iconic mini rig design enhanced with glycerin cooling and the largest base on the mini rig market

💦 Percolator: 3-hole

♻ Enhanced Fab Egg Design: Domed walls create max flavor, very little stale air inside the piece

💨 Glycerin Coil: Spiral

🍁 Bowl: Core reactor quartz banger provides excellent heat retention

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 6" tall without coil glycerin coil

Recycler Dab Rigs

Recycler Bong $224.95

Most versatile piece, great for flower and concentrates. Endless water circulation creates hurricane-level air-flow, the longer you pull the more filtration occurs

💦 Percolator: Inline

♻ Recycling Water Function: Constant water circulation for outstanding filtration and smoothness

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better air-flow and cleaning

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 17"

Klein Recycler $299.95

Our elite dab rig is equipped with multiple glycerin coils + other dab accessories. If you're serious about dabbing, this is the piece for you. Versatile enough to make a decent flower bong too

💦 Percolator: Seed of Life, cut with a laser

♻ Recycling Water Function: Constant water circulation for outstanding filtration and smoothness

💨 Glycerin Coil: Revolver Coil + Straight Tube

🍁 Bowl: Core reactor quartz banger, functional carb cap, honeycomb bowl for flower

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 6" tall without glycerin coil

Electric Dab Rigs

Electric dab rigs remove the need for torches and nails. Advantages include better temperature control, less hassle and a quicker experience. Disadvantages being they are more expensive than dab nails and need to be cleaned more often. Overall the good outweighs the bad and the popularity of these devices continues to grow. The E-nail below fits on any dab rig while the Puffco is an E-nail and dab rig combined.

Understanding Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are specially designed vaping devices that allow users to consume waxy oils, herbs, and concentrates. They are also referred to as oil rigs and offer a healthier and more enjoyable way of consuming these materials. These rigs come in various forms, including glass dab rigs, silicone dab rigs, and electric dab rigs, each with its own unique features and benefits. When choosing the right dab rig, it's important to consider factors such as the type of concentrate you'll be using, the size of the rig, and your desired dabbing experience.

Different types of dab rigs are made from various materials, such as borosilicate glass, which is the top choice for dab rigs, including wax rigs. Glass dab rigs provide superior flavor and percolation, but can be more fragile and costly when compared to their silicone counterparts. On the other hand, silicone dab rigs offer more durability and affordability, making them a popular choice for those on a budget or in need of a more portable option.

How Dab Rigs Work

Dab rigs work by heating up THC concentrate using a torch to reach high temperatures, and then inhaling the vapor through the rig. The size of dab rigs, particularly small dab rigs, plays a crucial role in their efficiency, as the vapor loses its potency the further it has to travel.

To use a dab rig, you will need a torch, a dab nail, and a dab tool. By understanding the workings of a dab rig, you can optimize your dabbing experience to enjoy potent and flavorful hits.

How To Use A Dab Rig

To use a dab rig, start by filling it with water to the desired level. Next, heat the nail with a torch for about 10 - 45 seconds, ensuring it glows red. Allow the nail to cool for approximately 30 seconds before using a dab tool to place a tiny amount of concentrate on the heated nail.

Finally, inhale the vapor through the rig, enjoying the potent and flavorful hits that dabbing has to offer.

Video: Taking The Perfect Dab

Benefits of Dabbing

There are multiple reasons to use a dab rig for consuming cannabis concentrates. For one, dab rigs provide a more potent high due to the concentrated nature of the cannabis used. Additionally, the lower temperatures used in dabbing result in better flavor and less waste, making it a more efficient and enjoyable way to consume concentrates.

With these benefits in mind, it's no wonder that dab rigs have become increasingly popular among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a more flavorful and potent experience.

Closeup of a glass dab rig

Dab Rig Accessories

To fully enjoy your dabbing experience, a range of accessories is essential for your dab rig setup. These include dab nails, which are crucial for vaporizing concentrates, carb caps for trapping heat and vapor, torches for heating the nail, and dab tools for handling concentrates. In the following sections, we'll explore each of these accessories in detail, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless dabbing experience.

Dab Nails

Dab nails are a vital component of dab rigs, as they are the part that gets heated to high temperatures and is used to vaporize concentrates. These nails come in various materials, such as quartz, titanium, or ceramic, each with their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, quartz nails offer the best flavor but can be fragile, while titanium nails are more durable but can be challenging to clean. Choosing the right nail material for your rig will depend on factors like durability, heat resistance, and your personal preferences.

A man using a torch on his glass dab rig

Carb Caps

Carb caps are a valuable accessory that you attach to your quartz banger or domeless nail of a dab rig, helping to trap heat and vapor while adding more air to the oils for more effective vaporization. By restricting airflow in the rig, carb caps lower the pressure, resulting in a more efficient and flavorful dabbing experience.

Available in various shapes and sizes, carb caps are essential for getting the most out of your concentrates and enhancing your dabbing sessions.

Carb caps for glass dab rigs

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Torches play an essential role in dabbing, as they are used to heat up the nail or banger to the perfect temperature for vaporizing. When using a torch, it's crucial to heat the nail evenly and slowly, starting by heating it up for around 10-15 seconds and then allowing it to cool off before taking your dab.

Safety is paramount when using a torch, so be sure to keep it away from any flammable materials and have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies.

Dab Tools

The dab tool is a long, pointed scoop or blade used to pick up marijuana concentrate and apply it to a dab rig. Specifically designed for handling concentrates and oils, dab tools come in various shapes and materials, such as metal, silicone, or glass.

To use a dab tool, simply heat the nail with a torch until it's hot enough to vaporize the concentrate, then use the dab tool to place the concentrate on the heated nail and inhale the vapor through the rig.

A man using a dab tool with his glass dab rig

Types Of Dab Rigs Explained

Mini Rigs

Mini rigs became popular through brands such as MJ Arsenal and should be at the top of your shopping list. Mini rigs are small in stature, usually 6" or shorter, but are big on flavor. You might not be able to take the fattest concentrate hits with a mini rig but no oil rig will deliver the same nuanced taste levels a min rig can. The biggest complaint with mini rigs is that they tip over easily and many will use 10mm joint sizes which prevents popular accessories like dab nails, E-nails, and carb caps from being used on them. To combat this, Freeze Pipe made sure our mini rig had an XL-sized base and a 14mm joint. Rest assured it's sturdy enough to support an E-nail or knock from clumsy friends.

A man holding a glass dab rig

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Glass Dab Rigs

The most common and our recommendation. While there are numerous sub-categories of glass dab rigs, there are a few worth pointing out. Mini rigs (think 6" tall or smaller) are usually made of glass and essentially just really short dab rigs. Styles like the Fab Egg Dab Rig are popular for this mold. These mini rigs have fantastic taste but little smoke-cooling power and you won't be able to pull monster rips. You then have recycler dab rigs, which we've spoken about a lot. Recycler dab rigs have the best function, air flow, and design out of all the iterations.

Recycler Dab Rigs

While there are numerous subcategories, any oil rig with a recycling water function is considered a Recycler. Recyclers were built specifically for smoking concentrates and bring a level of function traditional water pipes cannot achieve. They work by constantly spinning water and vapor around the piece in an endless circle. Whereas with traditional water pipes water comes up and then falls back down. When smoking a recycler the longer you pull the more refined vapor becomes. Recyclers have better airflow than traditional bongs, which is advantageous for dabbing because the less time vapor spends in the piece the better. Mostly for taste reasons. Recyclers are usually not considered mini rigs or made of silicone.

A person using a torch on their recycler glass dab rig

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Klein Recycler Dab Rig

There are 3 types of Recyclers; Standard Recyclers, Incyclers, and Klein Recyclers. Klein Recyclers combines elements of the standard and incycler design for an awesome experience. Standard recyclers feature external outtake arms (Like Freeze Pipe's Recycler Bong) that transport water vapor to and from each chamber. Incyclers do the same thing but are more compact and the transporting arms are located within the main glass chamber. Incyclers are great but sometimes these internally located arms can interfere with percolation. Klein Recyclers avoid this by having portions of the transport arms run outside the main chamber while maintaining a compact size.

A glass dab rig in the dark

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Silicone Dab Rigs

Frankly, we're not fans of silicone dab rigs or bongs. Yes, they are extremely sturdy, and assuming you get yours from a reputable company, smoking from silicone can be safe. But it's still a risk you take. Beyond safety, silicon dab rigs flat out don't offer the same level or taste or percolation a glass dab rig will. The taste you get from silicon dab rigs is a generic, bland flavor that makes it impossible to notice the effort that goes into making unique concentrate. Due to percolation and dab rig design, a silicone piece will never be able to match a glass piece's smoothness or cooling power. You get what you pay for and given how often and the repercussions that can come from using a faulty dab rig, we don't recommend skimping for a cheap silicone piece.


An e-rig

These are your Puffco Peaks of the world. Picture a portable E-nail and dab rig permanently stuck together. E-rigs require nothing but a charge and some wax. So no need for a torch, dab nail, carb cap or anything else. E-rigs have great taste and come with different levels of function and cooling power. When done right, they are awesome pieces. The downfall is that E-rigs get pricey quickly and have a higher defect rate than ole fashioned glass and butane torch. For longevity's sake, E-rigs need to be cleaned after every use. Most E-rigs have different predetermined heat settings to choose from and provide greater insight and control into your smoking experience. E-rigs use simple press and play functions and what's great is you can get the same smoking experience every time. Not to mention using an E-rig is much quicker and easier than dab nails and torches. If you already own a nice dab rig or don't want to spend what a good E-rig costs, we recommend buying an E-nail for your glass dab rig. They're a cost effective solution that does the exact same thing as an E-rig. Plus you get to use the dab rig you already love which is gonna have better function.

Why Do People Love Mini Dab Rigs?

Smaller dab rigs are preferred for concentrates due to the vapor potency loss that occurs over distance. The small size of dab rigs allows for less room for air, resulting in more flavor and potency from the concentrates.

Furthermore, smaller dab rigs are more portable and discreet, making them an excellent choice for those who want a more compact and convenient dabbing experience.

A glass dab rig on a mat

Glass vs. Silicone Dab Rigs

When comparing glass and silicone dab rigs, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Glass dab rigs, often made from borosilicate glass, provide better flavor and percolation, but can be more fragile and expensive than silicone rigs.

Silicone dab rigs, made from food-grade silicone, offer more durability and affordability, but may not provide the same level of flavor or percolation as glass rigs. The choice between glass and silicone dab rigs ultimately comes down to personal preferences and intended use.

A glass dab rig with an attached e-nail

Durability and Heat Resistance

When considering durability and heat resistance, glass dab rigs offer superior flavor due to their nonporous nature, but their delicate construction makes them more prone to breakage.

Silicone dab rigs, on the other hand, are highly durable and can handle higher temperatures without breaking, but their porous nature may affect the flavor of the cannabis concentrates.

Flavor and Percolation

When it comes to flavor and percolation, glass, ceramic, and quartz are generally considered the best materials for dab rigs, as they provide a clean and pure flavor. Silicone, while being more convenient and affordable, may not provide the same level of flavor or percolation as glass rigs.

Ultimately, the choice between glass and silicone dab rigs will depend on your personal preferences and how much you value flavor and percolation in your dabbing experience.

A Freeze Pipe glass dab rig with an e-nail

The Best Dab Rig Kits For Sale

Upgrade any Freeze Pipe rig by adding an E-nail and other accessories - Over $113 Of Built-In Savings

An illustration of a glass dab rig kit

Every Dab Kit Includes:

  • E-nail (109.95 MSRP): Succulent dabs with the press of a button. Precise temp control anywhere between 250 - 750 degrees. LED display, press-and-play function, quartz dish & more!
  • Straight Tube Glycerin Coil ($84.95 MSRP): XL diameter coil made specifically for dabbing
  • Koozie ($7.95 MSRP): Colder hits for longer


"One and only Enail"
"I wish I would have bought one earlier, super easy to use, Loving the fact that I can ditch my torch and lighter now and I don’t have to waste my time burning off any residuals like before. I’m really really really happy with my purchase and I’m showing it off to all my friends! What a safe way to dab! Thank you!"
- Edgar G, E-nail Customer


Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Low-Temperature Dabs?

Low-temperature dabs are all the rage. The short answer is that low-temperature dabs get you higher and are smoother to smoke. This is because the higher the temperature the more terpenes you burn away. Terpenes provide the taste and are the thing that gives you that "high" feeling. Generally, low-temperature dabs can be considered dabbing between 400 - 500 degrees. The only downside to low-temperature dabs is not all the oil will vaporize, meaning if you're trying to maximize every molecule of vapor and are okay with a harsher hit then go for a higher-temperature dab. The easiest way to take a low or high-temperature dab is to buy an E-nail, set the exact temperature you want, and away you go.

How To Take a Temp Dab With Dab Nails And Torches?

Heat the banger/nail and it starts to glow red. Then stop and let it cool down for 30 - 45 seconds. Drop the wax into the banger and ideally cover it with a carb cap. Carb caps will help keep heat in the banger and promote a smoother hit. Low temp dabs do run the risk of the vapor cooling too quickly which can then get stuck to the walls of your rig, suffice to say having a carb cap will greatly help combat this. Precise timing for low-temperature dabs takes some trial and error as the thickness and material of your banger greatly affect how hot the banger gets and how fast the material cools. For a further explanation of how to take the perfect dab, we encourage you to watch the video below.

Difference Between Dab Rigs and Bongs

Dab rigs are smaller in size compared to traditional flower bongs. Dab rigs put a heavier emphasis on airflow whereas flower bongs focus more on percolation. Smoke from dry herb combustion is harsher and contains more potentially harmful particles than concentrated vapor. This is why flower bongs place such an emphasis on percolators and size. Combustion doesn't happen when vaporizing concentrates, and while water filtration is important for cooling and smoothness, too much water filtration isn't ideal. Too much water filtration or heat in a dab rig can lessen the terpenes (the stuff that gives you the "high" feeling) and flavor. With oil rigs you want the vapor to pass through the rig as quickly as possible so it doesn't get stuck to the walls, hence such an emphasis on air-flow and compact size.

Difference Between E-Rigs and E-nails

Electronic Rigs, or E-rigs are an all-in-one solution. You don't need anything else other than some wax to smoke. Electronic rigs usually have a water chamber that attaches to the battery. Inside said water chamber are two holes to create bubbles and percolation. E-nails fit onto your existing dab rig, but other than the rig nothing else is required to use an E-nail. E-nails are cheaper than E-rigs and let you choose a precise temperature as opposed to pre-determined settings. For a detailed breakdown check out our E-Rig Buyers Guide that will help you decide what's the best device to buy based on your needs.

How Do I Clean My Dab Rig?

Cleaning a dab rig can be done with Isopropyl alcohol (or store-bought solution) coarse sea salt, a plastic bag, and some Q-tips. The first step is to add the isopropyl alcohol and sea salt to the rig. If the rig is very dirty, fill the rig with the mixture, place it in a plastic bag, and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. The next step is to cover any openings on the rig and shake it around for a couple of minutes. Make sure to focus the cleaning solution on the dirtiest parts. Lastly, make sure to rinse with warm water and let dry. For the smaller parts of the rig use an isopropyl soaked Q-tip to wipe away any mess. Cleaning a quartz banger follows a similar process.

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Freezable Glass Dab Rigs for Ice-Cold Sessions

Icy smooth hits are ideal for those who love smoking concentrates. Nothing beats our collection of Mini Dab Rigs, Recycler Bongs, and Klein Recyclers that relieve smoke harshness and coughing. The detachable glycerin chambers in each dab pipe and bong cool smoke by over 300 degrees, ensuring a refreshing experience without compromising flavor.

Each dab rig kit design features premium-grade borosilicate glass, promising durability and a smooth smoking experience. With a commendable 4.5-star rating across all products, we’ve received endorsements from notable influencers.

Beyond glass dab rigs, we provide all the necessary components for an optimal setup. Our inventory includes a comprehensive selection of bongs, bubblers, and smoke accessories to enhance your sessions.

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At The Freeze Pipe, we take pride in revolutionizing the smoking experience with our innovative glass dab rigs and pipes. The freezable glycerin chambers inside our dab bong and pipe products ensure every hit is icy, smooth, and gentle on your throat, preventing irritation, coughs, and burns.

With durable borosilicate glass, you can expect unmatched flavor and smooth smoking sessions for years of fun. Should your order be damaged, lost, or stolen in transit, put your mind at ease. We’ll fully replace any product, guaranteeing a seamless and worry-free delivery experience.

With free US shipping, fast delivery, and discreet packaging, shopping glass dab rigs at our online smoke shop is convenient and secure. Say goodbye to harsh smoke and elevate your sessions with The Freeze Pipe, where quality meets innovation for a truly chilled experience.

More Reasons To Buy Your Next Dab Rig From Freeze Pipe

Based in Orlando, FL Freeze Pipe is dedicated to generating the coolest and smoothest smoking experience possible. We've been blessed to serve thousands of customers and hope our quality of work speaks for itself. After all, we've partnered with Mike Tyson, Andrew Schulz, Koala Puffs, Dope as Yola, and Joey Diaz to name a few. All of whom have no shortage of business opportunities and wouldn't agree to represent our brand if we weren't making awesome products. Thank you again for your interest in our small business and we can't wait to welcome to the #FreezePipeFam.

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Competitive Pricing

As the manufacturer of all the oil rigs you see here, we can keep our pricing better than most dab rig brands. Glass is an old-school industry where Brick & Mortar, Distributors, 3rd party logistics, and other costly practices still rule the industry. There's a reason why E-commerce only companies like Esurance, SoFi, and Ally Bank carved serious market share in hyper-competitive industries. By reducing overhead, streamlining operations, and putting customer empathy first, Freeze Pipe bongs are underpriced, and we're okay with that.

Return Policy

Due to legal reasons, we cannot accept used returns. In the rare instance you're not happy with our products please contact the Freeze Pipe customer service team. We will do everything in our power to remedy the situation.

World-Class Customer Support

Buying a dab rig online can be confusing. With so many styles, materials, and jargon many consumers get frustrated shopping for the best piece. Freeze Pipe's water pipes follow a good-better-best model with few anomalies. With that said, everyone has their own style and some nuanced bong shopping decisions need to be considered. We invite you to email with any questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. We're also available via text or through social media.