What Is A Percolator Bong?

Percolator bongs, or perc bongs, are any water bong that utilizes a percolator. Percolators create water filtration (aka bubbles) to remove irritants and naturally cool smoke. Water filtration is vital for creating a smoother and healthier experience. Percs come in an array of sizes and styles each with their own unique feel, advantages and disadvantages.

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Freeze Pipe is a small American owned glass brand that makes our own unique line of freezable pipes, bubblers, bongs, dab rigs, and more. These thick glass pieces all feature various combinations of glycerin coils, which work to cool smoke down by over 300 degrees.

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What Is Glycerin?

The key ingredient that cools smoke by over 300 degrees. Glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that's commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. It also doesn't expand and contract like water does so there's no added pressure on the glass. Pop this baby in the freezer for 1-hour and it'll stay cold for you and your friends to get where you wanna go.

different glycerin chambers

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What Exactly Does A Percolator Do?

Different Types of Percolators

Benefits Of Using Percolator Bongs

How To Clean A Percolator Bong

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Difference Between Our Perc Bongs


- Tried and true bong option

- Inline and sprinkler percolator

- Includes honeycomb bowl that improves glass cleanliness

- 16" tall

Bong XL

- Most popular bong option

- Upgraded base features showerhead percolator for more filtration

- Largest glycerin coil (50% bigger than the entry level Bong's glycerin coil)

- 16" tall

Recycler Bong

- Most versatile piece, great for flower and concentrates

- Uses constant water circulation for outstanding filtration and smoothness

- Inline perc

- Recycling water function

- 17" tall

Bong Dual

- The coldest of the cold and recently launched

- Added UFO perc in the middle

- Upgraded showerhead base

- Largest glycerin coil we make

- 23" tall

Why Buy A Percolator Bong Online From Freeze Pipe

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Percolator bongs with glycerin chambers is all that we do. Buying a percolator bong online has never been easier or more value-driven with Freeze Pipe's simple business model of good-better-best. We're the maker of everything you see here and don't have any middle-men driving up costs. As an ecommerce company we keep overhead low and pass those savings on to our customers. But don't worry, all shipments are done by Freeze Pipe employees at our 4000 + sq ft warehouse in Orlando, Florida. We're never going to make cheap percolator bongs, every glass piece we make exceeds our rigirous testing process and we produce water pipes we would and actually do use.

Our Motivation To Build The Best Percolator Bongs

It wasn't that long ago that Freeze Pipe's founders were college roomates who grew sick of pulling their money together to buy a nice house bong. Problem was, these overpriced bongs at local headshops still left us with burnt throats and severe coughing attacks. The goal was alwats to to design the best percolators, but to create a truly remarkable herb smoking experience we needed a game changer. And that game changer was glycerin coils. Freeze Pipe's mission is to deliver exceptional glass percolator bongs at everyday great prices. So give us a try and see why we've doubled in growth every year since we opened in 2018.

What Exactly Do Percolators Do In A Bong?

Percolators cool smoke and reduce the amount of unwanted substances that are inhaled by cannabis smokers. Percolators do this by creating what's known as water filtration. The advantage of using percolators is a smoother, colder and healthier smoking experience. Water filtration is the process of forcing smoke and water moleceules to interatct. You ever hit a bong and hear the roar of bubbles? That's percolation, aka water filtration. And the more bubbles the better. Reason being is more tiny bubbles you have the more surface are there is for smoke molecule to become bonded to water molecues. Water is selective on what is filters so don't worry about it reducing THC levels. Studies have shown the amount of THC and terpnes lost via water filtration is nefligble at best. What is important is the real amount or tar, ash and plant matter that's removed by using water filltration and percolators. This purfying action combined with natural smoke cooling makes using a percolator bong a must for any savvy cannabis smoker.

Create Bubbles

That classic bong roar when taking a rip comes from your percolators. Percolators create bubblers which is key for filtration. The more bubbles the better as this creates more suface area for smoke and water molecules to interact.

Identifying The Best Type Of Percolator

reeze Pipe's team has spent countless hours testing and desgining percolators so you don't have to. Rest asssured if a type of perc is on our glass it's because it performed mightly agaisnt steep competition. Percolators come in different shapes and sizes and are most commonly found in the base of your bong. Water pipes can use more than one percolator and with so many different styles of percs available it can be diffuclt to understand which percolator bong is best for you.


Different Types Of Percolators

There are dozens of types of percolators. With many water pipes double stacking or even triple stacking percs in one piece. The northstar of percoaltors is to create maximum filtration without impeeding air flow. Unforutnelry this can be a tight rope to walk which is why most pieces use one or two percs. All in all, the benefits of using glass bongs with percolators is far greater than not. It can be expensive buying different bongs with various percs just to find the style you like best. Alternativlety, you can read the guide below which covers many popular types.


Honeycomb Percolators

Honeycomb percs are circular discs littered with tiny holes. Considered one of the most popular types of percs, the honeycomb style creates drastic amounts of filtration. They're also durable and are okay to clean. The big drawback to honeycomb percolators is airflow. Having a honeycomb perc on your bong creates notciable drag and will require more lung power to fully hit the bong. This problem becomes amplified when you start stacking multiple honeycomb percs in one piece.

Inline Perc

Located the base of water pipes, Inline percs are horizontal tubes featuring multiple slits built-in. These slits create diffusion as smoke passes out of them. Typically the first perc used in bongs that have multiple percolators, Inline percs promote great airflow with very little drag. Think of these as the point guard of percolators, they make everything around them better and help the bong go.

Sprinkler Perc

With an army of little arms sticking up this perc may look like a porcupine, if said porcupine was really into herb diffusion. Known for having minimal drag, these percs do an excellent job at creating a massive amount of small bubbles, which is more effective for filtration than a lesser number of large bubbles. Sprinkler percs sit among the best-of-the-best percolators and provide that classic bong-rip roar when being used.

Tree Arm Perc

One of the most popular percs found in water pipes. Tree percs feature a central tube that has multiple arms branching off. By forcing air through the central tube and out each arm this creates bubbles and water function. Each arm has 3 slits to allow for water and air to exit the perc and into the main water tank.

Used in our Bubbler

Showerhead Perc

Our favorite perc, showerhead percs use dozens of slits to create hundreds of bubbles. Featured on our Bong XL and Bong Dual, this showerhead perc is a harmonious blend of what we makes an outstanding percolator; Filtration, air-flow and low maintenance.

Double Perc Bong

This refers to any water pipe that has more than one percolator. Water pipes can use the same perc twice or you'll see two diffrent styles used. In the later scenario the first perc used is commonly an Inline perc.

Triple Perc Bong

Similar to the double perc bong, a triple perc is a water bong with three percolators.

Beaker Bong With Perc

Beaker bongs usually have a 45 degree joint and use a downstem that has a cross-looking slit at the bottom. This downstem percolator is usually the only style one can find in a beaker bong. The use of a downstem creates great limitations.

Straight Bong Percolator

The straight tube style bong is popular and iconic. Straight tube bongs are usually the same diamater from end-to-end and most commonly feature a downstem percolator.

UFO Perc

Named after it's shape, UFO percs offer an out-of-this-world experience to your bong smoking experience. When Freeze Pipe upgraded our bong family in late 2021 we tested dozens of percolators. And this was our favorite middle perc. You'll notice a smoother experience with zero drag. The icing on the cake was how ridiculously easy UFO percs are to clean. Sure, some percs (albeit few) may technically create more percolation, but with that comes poor airflow and cumbersome cleaning. Enjoy insane function without the headache, we highly recommend this attachment for your bong.

Used in: Bong Dual, available to purchase separately for other pieces

Perc Bong FAQs

How To Fill A Bong With A Perc In It:


  1. Step 1 is to always pour the water down the top of the base, this is easier than filling through the downstem. If your water pipe has a removable glycerin chamber do not pour water down the chamber. Pour directly into the base instead.
  2. Then, fill with enough water so the tops of the slits in the percs are slightly submerged. Roughly 1/2" over the top of the perc. Same strtagrey applies to percs in the base or middle percs.
  3. Lastly, do a test run before lighting up. Simply remove the bowl and inhale as you normally would. If no bubbles are created, add water. If the air-flow feels too constricted lessen the amount of water. The goal is to create bubbles with little-to-no drag.  

How To Clean A Percolator Bong

Cleaning a percolator bong is no different than cleaning a lesser pipe. We recommend using store bought cleaning solution you can use Isopropyl Alcohol and coarse sea salt. For a complete bong cleaning guide we got you covered. Quick instructions below:


  1. Remove any smaller parts like bowls, downstems, joints, middle percs etc.
  2. Fill with solution, store bought or Isoproply alcohol and sea salt. If the part can fit in a ziplock bag place it in the bag with the soltuion. For larger pieces like a base, fill the base about 25% with solution.
  3. Cover any openings (we make plugs for that) and shake around. Make sure to focus on the visbility dirtier areas of the water pipe.
  4. For any pieces in ziplock bags let it marinate for 30 minutes, shake around then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  5. For the larger parts if the shake and rinse process doesn't work, repeat the process but let the solution marinate for 20 mins. A common process is to shake-let sit for 20 mins-shake and then rinse thoroughly.

Does Bong Water Filter Out THC?

No, using a percolator water pipes will not negatively effect your high. While technically yes, some levels of THC are removed as filtration happens, the actual amount of neglibel at best. What's more important is the levels of tar, ash and plant matter that ARE removed when using a percolator bong. Removing a lot of the junk from cannabis smoke makes for smoother and healthier hit. The misconception is that bong hits get you higher than smoking a joint. What's really happening is because the rips from a bong are so much smoother than smoking a joint you're able to take considerbaly bigger hits from a water bong.

Any Draw Backs To Owning A Perc Bong?

The only con to owning perc bongs is two-fold; Cleaning could require a little more time, specifically how much time depends on the type and number of percolators used. Secondly, and this is more theotrical, the more percs you add the larger chance something could break. Percs breaking isn't common however, usually if a glass percoaltor bong breaks it's because it was dropped and a lot more than just the percolator becomes broken.

Three Benefits Of Using Percolator Bongs

Bongs with percoaltors will outperform bongs that don't use them ten out of ten times. If stuck between buying a bong with an ice catcher or buying a bong with percolators, choose the percolator. It's going to reduce the temperature about the same but provide massive advantages from a health and smoothness perspective. Having a glass bong with percoaltors is the best way to smoke weed. Having a glass bong with percolators and a glycerin coil is sheer domination and a silky smooth experience fit for the gods.

Colder Bong Rips

Water is a natural cooling agent. When hot cannabis smoke mixes with cooler water the temperature is noticably reducded. Cooler smoke goes down much easier and should help you cough less. Make sure to change your bong water after every use. As chemicals become purified via percolation they get left behind in the water. Contuining to smoke using dirty bong water defeats the purpose of using water as a purfying agent.

Healthier Smoking Experience

The more suface area the better, meaning creating tons of bubbles is the name of the percolator game. When smoke molecules attach to water molecules many of the potentially harmful particles (such as tar and ash) are removed. The removed tar is what turns your bong water into that nasty brown color.

Smoother Bong Rips

Between smoke being colder and containing less ash, tar and larger compounds like plant matter, the overall experience is considerably smoother. Unlike smoking concentrates, you can't overdo water filtration when smoking combustable dry herb. The only problem with putting too many percs or using percs that don't mesh well is air-flow can become restricted. It's delicate tight rope but when done correctly nothing beats the smoothness and feel of using a water bong with percolators.

More Reasons To Buy Your Percolator Bong Online From Freeze Pipe

Based in Orlando, FL Freeze Pipe is dedicated to generarting the coolest and smoothest smoking experience possible. We've been blessed to serve thousands of customers and hope our quality of work speaks for itself. After all, we've partnered with Mike Tyson, Andrew Schulz, Koala Puffs, Dope as Yola and Joey Diaz to name a few. All of whom have no shortage of business opportunities and wouldn't agree to represent our brand if we weren't making awesome products. Thank you again for your interest in our small business and we can't wait to welcome to the #FreezePipeFam.

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Freeze Pipe offers shipping coverage on every purchase. Said coverage will be available to buy at checkout. Coverage will fully replace any unit(s) that are broken, lost or stolen in transit.

Best Pricing

As the manufacturer of all the cool and unique bongs you see here, we can keep our pricing better than most bong brands. Glass is an old-school industry where Brick & Mortar, Distributors, 3rd party logistics and other costly practices still rule the industry. There's a reason E-commerce only companies like Esurance, SoFi, and Ally Bank carved serious market share in hyper-competitive industries. By reducing overheard, streamlining operations and putting customer empathy first Freeze Pipe bongs are underpriced, and we're okay with that.

Return Policy

Due to legal reasons we cannot accept used returns. In the rare instance you're not happy with our products please contact the Freeze Pipe customer service team we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation.

World Class Customer Support

Buying a bong online can be confusing. With so many styles, materials and jargon many consumers get frustrated shopping for the best piece. Freeze Pipe's water pipes follow a good-better-best model with few anomalies. With that said, everyone has their own style and there are some nuanced bong shopping decisions that need to taken into consideration. We invite you to email customerservice@thefreezepipe.com with any questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. We're also available via text or through social media.

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