Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are a staple of any toker’s arsenal. Countless smoke sessions have featured glass beaker bongs as their centerpiece. We’ve combined this timeless design with innovative smoke-cooling technology so you can enjoy ice-cold hits without the burn, cough, or irritation.

Glass Beaker Bongs That Produce Smoother Hits

Get ready to lose yourself as you get high in the icy clouds of our beaker bongs. We’ve taken the OG bong concept into the lab and returned with a beaker that produces ice-cold hits. Say goodbye to harsh smoke with each chilly puff.

All our glass beaker bongs are crafted from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. This durable material will last countless smoke sessions, resisting heat, chemicals, and breakage. Then, we add our freezable glycerin coil. As the smoke travels through frosty rings of glycerin gel, it cools by 300 degrees!

The result is filtered smoke that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow! Whether you opt for the classic Beaker Bong or go all in with the Beaker Bong Ultimate, rest assured Freeze Pipe offers the smoothest possible smoking experience. Our icy smooth clouds not only feel great, but they greatly reduce that painful throat burn, chest pain, and coughing fits.

Enjoy Icy Puffs with The Freeze Pipe

Our love of cannabis and background as engineers means we put a lot of thought and expertise into our beaker bongs. We want our products to be more than a fleeting puff, puff, pass—we build premium tools that last! 

From lab-quality glass to unique glycerin cooling systems, our glass bongs and pipes will be the show-stopping addition to any smoke session. Watch the bliss spread around the room as you load bowl after bowl and rip clouds so cool you forget you’re smoking!

Our online smoke shop is all about serving a community of enthusiasts who value quality and innovation. We’re here to help our 420 family put an end to vibe-killing coughs and irritation. Say goodbye to harsh smoke with icy puffs!