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The Freeze Pipe won’t make you sacrifice space for smoke with our mini bongs. Enjoy the same icy puffs in a compact design. Shop our collection of small bongs and experience the chill!

Shop Our Mini Bongs For The Smoothest Smoking Experience

We have a huge amount of MIni bongs to shop from. In fact, it's not farfetched to say we sell the best bongs. Whether literally or metaphorically Freeze Pipe's unique selection of bongs and water pipes that meet the definition in more ways than one.

Each Freeze Pipe Bong comes equipped with at least one freezable glycerin chamber that cools smoke by over 300 degrees. These chambers are filled with a non-toxic fatty gel called glycerin. To use, simply throw the glycerin chamber in the freezer for 1-hour and as smoke passes through it's instantly cooled for a dramatically smooth toke. Say goodbye to chest, throat burn and unwind without coughing exorcisms or water chugging.

⛄ Icy smooth smoking experience that outperforms non-glycerin bongs

❄ Enjoy bigger tokes without the throat burn, coughing attacks, or water chugging

⏰ 1-hour freeze is all you need, but it's okay to freeze our glycerin chambers for longer (days, weeks, doesn't matter)

📦 Free & Discreet Shipping

⭐ 4.7 Star rating across all bongs, over 500 reviews

What Is Glycerin?

The key ingredient that cools smoke by over 300 degrees. Glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that's commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. It also doesn't expand and contract like water does so there's no added pressure on the glass. Pop this baby in the freezer for 1-hour and it'll stay cold for you and your friends to get where you wanna go.

Mini Bong Reviews


"That's something bro, I don't even know what they did, I wanna call it blackmagic, I dunno man, I like it a lot.,"

-Erick Khan, Bubbler Customer


"I gotta say, this bubbler pro HITS!! I’m a bong dude for sure and this little piece rips just as hard as ANY bong!! Smooth, clean and tasty hits! The bowl is great too! Cleans up nicely."

- Anthony, Bubbler Pro Customer

Why Buy Your Mini Bong From Freeze Pipe?

It's literally all we do. While others say mini bongs and mean it subjectively, when we say mini bongs we're talking literally the coldest, smoothest bongs you will ever smoke. As the premier glycerin bong maker, designing unique mini bongs consumes 100% of our time. We've mastered the art of the glycerin chambers, coils and the best percolators to pair with them. Combine our high quality glass material and customer support and you'll soon discover why we've sold over 10,000 mini bongs in just a few years.

  • Powerful glycerin chambers cool smoke by over 300 degrees

  • State-of-the-art percolators that filter our tar and plant matter

  • Only the highest quality borosilicate glass used

  • Best bong pricing pricing because we're the manufacturer

  • World class customer support

Glycerin Powered Cooling

Simply amazing. Adding a glycerin chamber to a glass water bong is the most impactful feature you can have. No amount of percolators, ice cubes or water filtration comes close. Putting ice in your bong is one thing, but having every molecule of smoke chilled through an icy chamber will change how you smoke forever. It's truly a unique experience that's easy to do with breathtaking results.


Mini bongs can have dozens of different percoaltor styles. With so many choices it would be insanely expensive to know what's the best. The Freeze Pipe team spens countless hours designign and testing the best percs so you don't have to. Rest assured if you see a perc on one of our mini bongs it's because it dominated the compition.

Amazing Materials

Only the highest quality borosilicate glass is used in every Freeze Pipe bong. This type of glass was originally, and still is, used in laboratories to test elements. While not indestructible, borosilicate glass is as tough as glass comes, plenty heat resistant and will last for years to come.

Best Mini Bong Pricing

As the manufacturer of everything you see here, Freeze Pipe doesn't have middlemen driving up costs. Plus, being an online smoke shop means we keep our overhead low and pass those savings to our customers. Everything is shipped by Freeze Pipe employees via our 4000 + sq ft warehouse located in Orlando, Florida. We're never going to make cheap mini bongs and there will always be bong brands who beat us on price. But the smoothness, value and performance our pieces achieve are only matched by water pipes that sell for two and three times as much. And in many cases, even the best bong brands with outrageous prices can't compete.

World Class Customer Support

Our trained and knowledgeable internal staff is ready to help! We invite you to email with any questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. We're also available via text or through social media.

What To Look For When Buying Your Next Mini Bong?

Looking for the perfect mini bong can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it's easy to get lost in a sea of features and specifications. But fear not, we're here to help make your shopping experience easy and stress-free. Here's what to look for when shopping for your next mini bong.

Compact and Portable Design

When it comes to mini bongs, size matters. Look for a compact and portable design that's easy to store and transport. A good mini bong should be small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack, but still large enough to provide a satisfying smoking experience.

Quality Materials

Make sure your mini bong is made of high-quality materials. A glass bong is the way to go if you want the best smoking experience. Glass is easy to clean, doesn't affect the flavor of your herbs, and looks great too. Avoid plastic or cheap materials as they can affect the taste and quality of your smoke.

Glycerin Coil

It's not really a good smoke unless the smoke is cold. And nothing cools smoke like a freezable glycerin coil. The chamber is filled with glycerin and has a coil inside. As smoke passes through the coil it's instantly chilled for a dramatically chilled and smooth toke.

Efficient Percolation

The percolator is the heart of any bong, and mini bongs are no exception. Look for a mini bong with an efficient percolator that can filter and cools the smoke. A good percolator will make your smoke smoother and easier to inhale.

Ease of Use

A mini bong should be easy to use, especially if you're new to smoking. Look for a bong that's easy to fill with water and has a simple and intuitive design. Avoid bongs with complex mechanisms or hard-to-reach parts.

How Our Mini Bongs Will Help You Smoke Better

Cooler smoke, healthier smoke, bigger clouds. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? When you've dedicated your life to building the smallest bongs you learn a thing or two long the way. Freeze Pipe has spent years designing, testing and improving our glycerin coils, chambers, percolators and bong designs to bring you mini bongs that smoke smooth and won't break the bank.  

Drastically Cooled Smoke Temperature

Water filtration acts a natural cooling agent for smoke. But that's not what does the heavy lifting. The reason our bongs offer the coldest weed smoking experience is our freezable glycerin chambers. Between our spiral or revolver style coil we've maximized the time smoke gets chilled for while still maintaining breezy air-flow and easy cleaning.

Zero Chest And Throat Burn

Mini bongs should offer a chill smoking experience. Chugging water after every rip to cool your throat down is anything but chill. Try one our mini bongs today because once you freeze there's no going back.

Less Coughing

No bong can guarantee a cough-free experience. And the reason people cough while smoking weed is due to several factors. Mostly, from the temperature and irritants (such as tar, ash and plant matter) found inside cannabis smoke. The glycerin chamber and percolators both help to solve these issues, with the percs / water filtration focusing more on removing irritants and the glycerin chamber being the big needle mover when ir comes to reducing temperature.

Types Of Mini Bongs

Mini can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. While the best mini bongs will feature a glycerin chamber, it's not a requirement. Depending on your weed smoking habits, which mini bong is best suited for can vary. But for the best mini bongs for sale, look no further than here at Freeze Pipe. Let's take a look at the different types of mini bongs.

Hammer Bubblers

Glass hammer style bubblers that combine powerful percolators with freezable glycerin chambers.

Tornado Bong

Boasting a sleek and ergonomic design the Tornado is low on maintenance and high on function. Easy to use, clean and hold this piece performs like a "big bong" without being as big..

Beaker Bong

Classic beaker bong with a Freeze Pipe twist that's stood the test of time. The added glycerin coil creates frosty hits that vastly outperform adding a few ice cubes. Not to mention when said ice cubes melt, this increases water levels and makes the bong hard to hit.

Mini Dab Rig

Iconic mini dab rig design that combines function and glycerin cooling power. An improved version of the classic fab-egg dab rig mold, Freeze Pipe's version increases air flow and brings the largest base to the mini rig market.

Why Buy A Bong Online From Freeze Pipe

📦 Free & Discreet Shipping

💰 Best Perc Bong Pricing Because We're The Manufacturer

📈 Only Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass & Percolator Design Used

⭐ 4.5 Perc Bong Rating, Over 500 + Reviews

Bongs with glycerin chambers is all that we do. Buying a bong online has never been easier or more value-driven with Freeze Pipe's simple business model of good-better-best. We're the maker of everything you see here and don't have any middle-men driving up costs. As an ecommerce company we keep overhead low and pass those savings on to our customers. But don't worry, all shipments are done by Freeze Pipe employees at our 4000 + sq ft warehouse in Orlando, Florida. We're never going to make cheap percolator bongs, every glass piece we make exceeds our rigirous testing process and we produce water pipes we would and actually do use.

Our Motivation To Build The Best Bongs

It wasn't that long ago that Freeze Pipe's founders were college roomates who grew sick of pulling their money together to buy a nice house bong. Problem was, these overpriced bongs at local headshops still left us with burnt throats and severe coughing attacks. The goal was alwats to to design the best mini bongs, but to create a truly remarkable herb smoking experience we needed a game changer. And that game changer was glycerin coils. Freeze Pipe's mission is to deliver exceptional glass bongs at everyday great prices. So give us a try and see why we've doubled in growth every year since we opened in 2018.

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Big Hits from Small Bongs

The Freeze Pipe is the premier glycerin mini bong maker. We’ve mastered the art of gel chambers, coils, and percolators to ensure smooth smoke sessions. These glass bongs might be small, but their chill smoke makes for big hits!

Our commitment to quality means every piece utilizes laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. Not only are these small glass bongs easy to stuff into your bag, but they’re built to last. That way, you can enjoy countless smoke sessions without worrying about fragile bubblers. It keeps your mind at ease so you can focus on friends, food, or any other activities you want after you smoke!

You’ll feel great, too! Our small bongs cool smoke by over 300 degrees. When your hit reaches your lips, it’s as cool as the other side of the pillow. Say goodbye to coughing and irritated throats!

Shop Premium Glass Mini Bongs

At The Freeze Pipe, we want you to experience the chill before you even spark up. That’s why we’re committed to quality service from the jump. Our experts will happily answer any questions about products, ordering, or how to use your mini bong.

We know there’s nothing worse than finally picking the right piece, only to overpay for shipping that takes forever to arrive. We don’t make delivery a harsh toke. You don’t have to worry about lost, stolen, or damaged packages because we guarantee deliveries. It doesn’t cost you extra. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything. All US shipping is free!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our online smoke shop for small glass bongs that elevate your smoke sessions. Experience the chill with The Freeze Pipe!