E-Rigs for Dabs as Cool as Ice

Treat yourself to the convenience and control of electric dab rigs! These self-heating devices vaporize wax and concentrate, sending the vapor swirling through coils with frozen glycerin gel. The result is a smoking innovation that will take your dab session to the next level.

While rigs are generally bulky and involve dangerous open flames, our electric bongs are precise, portable, and safe. With our electric dab bongs, you have control over temperature, and your hits will cool by 300 degrees by the time they reach your lungs!

The future of dabbing is now. Explore our selection of e-rigs for dabs that won’t irritate or burn your throat and get lost in the buzz of ice-cold clouds.

Transform Your Smoke Sessions with The Freeze Pipe

The Freeze Pipe is a highly regarded online smoke shop with a reputation in the cannabis industry for innovation. From electric dab rigs to glass bongs, we combine our engineering background and love of cannabis into every design. Our goal since day one has been to make your smoking sessions more enjoyable.

Contrary to popular belief, coughing doesn’t get you higher—but bigger hits will. With our smooth smoke, you’ll be able to puff like never before. Whether you smoke, dab, or rip, it should feel as relaxing as the effects of THC. We strive to provide our community with a satisfying smoking experience.

Our laboratory-grade materials can withstand extreme temperatures while allowing you to float away on blissfully cool clouds of smoke. Shop our selection of electric dab bongs today and enjoy free US shipping!