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Electric dab rigs, commonly reffered to as E-Rigs, are self heating devices that vaporize wax and concentrates. Electric dab rigs save time, remove the need for dab nails, butane toches and provide a succlent smoking experience.

We've built or curated the best E-rig selection to choose from. Scroll below to shop and learn everything you need to make the best E-rig buying decision.

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Types Of Electric Dab Rigs

electric dab rig with app

Electric Dab Rigs With An App

As Erigs have advanced so has the technology. The first Erigs had to be plugged into an eletrcial outlet and sent heat to metal wiring that wrapped around a quartz banger. Most units today are self-heating Erigs that have predeteremined temperature settings to select from.

But the most advanced electric dab rigs (like the Puffco Peak Pro) use Bluetooth apps to control the device. In the app common features include; heat settings, asthetic lighting changes and power on / off.

Dab Nail Kit

Dab Nail Kits, Desktop and Electric Plug-In Dab Rigs

These ancient machines require a power source and lack portability. The function by heating a metal wire that wraps around your dab nail. The process is similar to traditional wax vaporizing minus the butane torch. Some dab kits come with their own rig and banger, others you'll need your own. Between how long it takes to heat the nail, lack of portability and space they consume we do not recommed buying this style of electric dab rig.

electric dab rig with water function - Puffco

Electric Dab Rigs With Water Function

Electric dab rigs are turn key solution. Meaning you don't need a traditional glass oil rig. Water function is critical in delivering a smooth dabbing experience. Water not only helps to cool smoke down, but also acts as a purfying agent helping to make a smoother and cleaner experience. While most E-rigs come with water filtration and have a basic percolator, some do not. We always recommend going with a electric dab rig that has water function.


Color us biased, but the best electronic dab rig is actually an E-nail. We'll get into Freeze Pipe's E-nail later, but think of E-nails as self heating dab rigs withouth the dab rig. Our E-nail provides the best heat settings and control compared to any E-rig, adjusts to fit almost any dab rig and is a 1/4 of the price. 

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electronic Dab Rig Or E-rig Online:

Choose A Reputable E-Rig Brand

Electronic dab rigs are expensive. And while they provide a host of advantages there's an inherit risk when mixing sticky wax concentrates and electronics together. Consistently taking care of your electronic dab rig is a must. And if you want your Erig to last for years then cleaning it after every use is recommended. E-rigs are complicated devices with strong batteries that get insanely hot. The biggest compliant we see with electronic dab rigs across the inudstry is relability and manufactuerer defects. Make sure to buy from one of the best electronic dab rig brands and always read the warranty and return policy before purchasing.  

E-rigs With Water Funcntion Is A Must

While most do, make sure your E-rig has water function. It'll help cool smoke and make for a smoother experience.

Is Having An App For Your E-rig Important To You?

Electronic dab rigs with connected apps offer more customization and control than standard Erigs. Apps allow for precise temperature settings, user settings, how long the Erig is on for, athethic LED light changes and more. The downside is cost. App connected devices cost $100 + more and many need internet connection to work.

How Much Temperature Control

Are you a low-temp dabbing fanatic? Most Electronic dab rigs have 3 pre-set heat settings. And the lowest setting is suitable for low-temp dabs. With that said, you are severly limited and true low temperature dab truthers will want more control. If you fall into that category then an E-nail or E-rig with an app is recommended for you.

Check The Erig Materials

All the best E-rigs should use borosciliocate glass for the water function / dab rig asepct of the device. The cup portion is usually made from ceramic or titatinum and the shape of the E-rig should be ergonomic.

Return and Defective Policy

Does the warranry cover the first 30 days, 90 days? What about shipping protection? E-rigs must be consistently cleaned to last the long term. With that said, there's a small chance of a manifactuerer defect. Make sure you understand what is covered and how to contact the customer service team.

What's Your Budget?

The cheapest E-rigs start at $200 but brands like Dr. Dabber, Puffco Pulsar Rok all have self heating devices that tip the scales at over $500. You can find off-brands for cheaper and if you go this route we can't stress enough to check the defective and reutnr policy. Cheaper E-rigs will have the same features the entry level Puffco and Dr. Dabber units but won't match the battery power. An example cheaper E-rig is the Exseed Dabcool that comes in a varietry of colors. It's a decent product. The $400-$500 range is where the connected app devices come in to play. For many, going with Freeze Pipe's $100 E-nail is the best of both worlds; Great function and relaibility that won't break the bank.

Consider Buying This E-Nail Kit Over An E-rig

Every Freeze Pipe Dab Rig can be turned into a Dab Kit. Dab Kits include our E-nail, the dab rig, other dab accessories while saving over $70.

🥶 Ice Cold Vapor:

💰 Our E-nail alone sells for $100.


Why Buy An Electric Dab Rig From Freeze Pipe

Free Shipping, Discreet Packaging, Shipping Protection

Domestic shipping is always free and plain shipping packaging means your neighbors will never know what it is. At checkout you can add shipping protection that will fully replace any unit that is damaged / lost / stolen in transit. International shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

Best Electric Dab Rig Price

Make sure to subscribe to our VIP email and text list. There you will be sent exclusive sales, many of which contain aggressive deals on erigs for a cheaper price than anywhere else.

Warranty And Returns

Freeze Pipe offers 30 day manufactuerer warranty on the Puffco and our E-nail. This covers any manufactuerer defect and we will replace the unit or broken part free of charge.

World Class Customer Support

Email with any questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. We're also available via text or through social media.

Best Electric Dab Rigs Under $100

The best electric dab rig for under $100 is this E-nail from Freeze Pipe. 

Enail From Freeze Pipe


  • Precise temperature control and LED display
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and rechargeable
  • Works on most dab rigs (14mm & 18mm bowls)
  • Quartz dish for flavor
  • Affordable

Pros For Our Choice Of Best Electric Dab Rig Under $100

The LED display and functionality is a game changer. The ability to precisely set temperatures between 250-700 degrees gives consumers all the temperature control of expensive and bulky electric nail kits without the hassle or price tag. Versatility is a bonus as Freeze Pipe's Enail fits both 14mm and 18mm joints. Rest assured this piece (with few exceptions) will work on your favorite dab rig. Simple press and play function makes this Enail great for beginners and seasoned vets, plus the countdown timer on the display lets users know how long they have left for each session. Detachable joint makes cleaning this Enail super easy as well.


  • Battery life
  • Won't fit 10mm bowl sizes
  • Will tip over some mini rigs

Cons For Our Choice Of Best Electric Dab Rig Under $100

Battery life lasts for a couple hours, depending on how long and how hot each session goes for. While adjustable, Freeze Pipe's Enail does not fit 10mm joints and due to gravity Freeze Pipe's Enail will tip over extremely small mini rigs if left unattended. Just about any dab rig that uses a 14mm and 18mm joint will not have tipping issues.

Best Cheaper Electric Dab Rig Conclusion: 

The quality, price and control Freeze Pipe's Enail feature makes this a great choice. Users still get to use their favorite dab rig and maintain great portability. It's easy to use and robust LED display offers unmatched control and insight. If you're a die hard mini rig with a 10mm joint, traditional blowtorches and bangers are probably your best bet, but for any other dab rig this is an excellent choice.

Popular Electric Dab Rig Brands


Puffco has 3 flagship products, the: Proxy, Peak and Peak Pro. The proxy looks like a sherlock holmes pipe but lacks water filtration. The Puffco Peak is what most people know and is your quentiesstial E-rig, complete with water percolation. While the Pro takes the Peak up a notch and features an app that provides a more preciscion and control. Puffco has done an excellent job of leaning into customization and upgradbale parts that can signigfantly enhance the smoking experience. These after-market upgrades are made by both Puffco and third parties.

Dr. Dabber:

dr dabber erig

The Dr. Dabber Switch and Evo are the Erig models they make. The Switch starts at $374.95 and has bundles that sell for over $750. The swtich uses a nice tree-arm percolator and has 25 heat settings. The Dr. Dabber Evo ($299.95) and Boost Evo ($337.95). The Evo has 6 heat settings but uses patented technology that adapts to your heating preferences. Similar to Puffco, Dr. Dabber offers a multitide of water chambers and accessocies to upgrade your Dr. Dabber E-rig.

Pulsar Rok:

pulsar rok

Pulsar Rok electronic dab rigs start at $200. Pulsar has a wider vairety of other products than Puffco and Dr. Dabber but their E-rigs are a very solid product. They have a different form factor compared to other devices but function the same. While only having 3 heat settings the Pulsar Rok may not have as much precision as a Puffco or Dr. Dabber but Pulsar's are considerably more affordable while still being a quality product.The Pulsar Rok uses a quartz atomizer and ceramic atomizer cup which match the high-end industry standard and will deliver tasty oil vapor.

Why Self Heating Dab Rigs Are Here To Stay

Self heating dab rigs remove much of the danger, headache and time consumpution compared to traditional quartz bangers and torches. They're compact, travel-friendly and once you figure out the system (usually the entire device is controlled by one button) they are easy to use. Typically 5 clicks to turn on, 2 clicks to change heat settings, similar to a vape pen. Self heating dab rigs remove the need for a glass dab rig and create a repetable dabbing experience that users can fall in love with.

Are Electric Dab Rigs Worth It?

If you got the cash and disipline to propelty maintain it, yes electric dab rigs are worth it. They typically cost from $200 to well over $500 and offer tons of customization options. The big drawback is you must commit to cleaning them after every use. Wiping the ceramic bowl clean after every use is mandatory. Concentrates are insanely sticky and mixing a substance like that with high-powered batteries and intricate electronics can go awry if not maintained. Electric dab rigs remove the need for a dab rig, are quick and easy to use, have nice heat settings and offer a create flavor profile.


Benefits Of Using An E-Rig

E-rigs take much of the guesswork out of dabbing. Through advanced technology and quality of life improvements they've quickly become a dabbing favorite for many reasons.


E-rigs when fully assembled stand around 8" tall can easily fit in a backpack, carrying case or even fanny pack. Most have a detachable water chamber so the unit breaksdown into two smaller pieces. Before E-rigs were invented you needed to bring a dab nail, carb cap, dab torch AND the actual dab rig with you to smoke at a buddy's house. Now all you need is one Erig and something to smoke.


One of the biggest E-rig benefits is it's all you need. It's the dab rig + nail + torch combined. But easier to use. If you're not sold on the function that comes with the included water chamber almost every E-rig offers upgrabdale water chambers (some even with recyling water function!) to further cool and smoothen the experience.

Best Heating & Temperature Settings

Low temperature dabs are all the rage. And nothing does a low temp dab better than an electronic dab rig. Whether choosing from the predetermined settings or using an E-rig with an app, taking low tempaerature dabs from an E-rig is signigfantly easier than traditional oil rigs and torches. What's nice about smoking from an E-rig is it's the same hit every time. It's hard to tell what temperature the banger is with a torch, and unless you're a robot the heating and wait times will differ from toke to toke.

Erig FAQ

How To Clean An E-rig?

Cleaning an eletrcic dab rig is easy if you follow these simple steps: Always start by removing the glass first and adding it back to the unit last.


  1. First clean the glass top and carb cap with isopropyl alcohol or store bought solution. Let soak for up to 30 minutes depending on usage. Leave longer for better results. Make sure to swish solution around the glass top periodically.
  2. Then, clean gold threads and connector in the base with a cotton swab.
  3. Unscrew the atomizer from the base (the thing that holds the ceramic bowl) and drop atomizer and bowl into solution for 30 minutes.

* Parts like the atomizer will be hot immediately after use, allow parts to cool down before touching them.

** Allow all parts time to THOROUGHLY dry before use. Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. Do NOT get the base wet. It is electric and will break. Do NOT attempt to disassemble the atomizer before submerging fully assembled into isopropyl alcohol.

How Much Do E-rigs Cost?

Electric dab rigs typically cost between $200 to $600. Various bundles can sell for over $700 and will include upgraded water chambers, better battery chargers, cleaning supplies and other various dab accessories. While E-rigs can be expensive it behooves customers to spend more on a quality brand than hunt the best bargin deals.

What is the Difference Between Smoking An E-rig And Glass Dab Rig?

Smoking E-rig Pros:

  • Heat control
  • Portability
  • Ease of Use

Smoking Dab Rig Pros:

  • Function / performance
  • Price
  • Bigger dabs
  • Less chance the rig breaks

The tradeoff is more control over heat settings vs better function. A quality glass dab rig will have better function than eletric dab rigs. Yes you buy better tops for your E-rig, but even the best won't match the performance of a good dab rig. And boy can those upgradable tops get pricey quick. Where Erigs thrive is heat control. You know exactly how hot your toke is each time and it's gonna be the same experience time after time. There's also portability and an ease-of-use advantage in the E-rig's favor. Traditinal glass rigs are more affordable, can support taking bigger dabs and as long as you don't knock it over, there's less of a chance of it breaking.

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