How to Clean a Dab Rig

How to Clean a Dab Rig
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Curious about how to clean your dab rig, well this post is just for you. Let's look 3 different methods that are commonly used for cleaning dab rigs.

Items Before You Start

  • A stove and a kettle, or microwave.

  • Access to water, or ISO (isopropyl alcohol)

  • Rock Salt

  • Microwaveable container

Cleaning your Dab Rig

  1. Preparation: Using the stove, kettle, or microwave, heat up about 2 cups of water. You can boil it, but let it cool down before working on it! You can also use the steam to help loosen up the gunk. The advanced method involves using a microwave-safe container to carefully heat up ISO.

  2. Adding Liquid: Add some warm water to the piece, or if you're using the intermediate or advanced method then add the ISO and rock salt.

  3. Shake it up: Covering the open spaces, shake it around vigorously! If really dirty, keep at it for a while.

  4. Discard & Rinse: Pour out the dirty solution, and rinse with cool water. Repeat steps if needed and enjoy!


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What Are Other Methods to Clean a Dab Rig?

The first and easiest way method to clean your dab rig is:

  1. The first method is simply to use hot water. A tip: use the steam when the water is boiling to loosen the gunk on the piece. Hold the piece over the pot or the neck of a kettle and use the steam to loosen the reclaim. We recommend bringing the water to a boil, remove it from the heat, and let it sit for about one minute. Be careful when handling glass when it's hot! When dumping the water out try to do it in one smooth motion.

  2. The second method is a little more complicated, this cleaning option uses boiling water than letting it sit for about a minute. While cooling, add some cold Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or also known as (ISO) to your dab rig piece. ISO should work efficiently.

    Note: To make this method as effective as possible add some rock salt. Shake it, after add the hot water to the piece.

  3. The third method is an advanced way to clean your rig, this method is lightly heating ISO. This is considered an advanced method because overheating the ISO can cause the ISO to mildly explode which can be dangerous. Its recommended you don't heat the ISO higher 4 fluid oz. for 15 seconds. Add the mildly hot ISO to your piece and move it around in the dab rig. If your rig is super dirty, use the rock salt mentioned above. This will make your cleaning a bit more effective. The warm ISO does work great, but it needs to be done carefully.


There are a few methods that we discussed that should help get you rig the cleanest it can be. We do suggest if you're not comfortable with the intermediate or advanced method then stick with the simple one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do You Clean a Dab Rig with Hot Water?

    1. Run the dab rig under hot water to loosen up the gunk.

    2. Turn off the water and add in a good amount of salt

    3. Shake it while covering the openings and let the salt touch as many areas as it can.

    4. Add alcohol and let it soak for about 15 min than rinse out.

  2. How do you get wax out of a dab rig?

    Do you still have wax or reclaim in your nail? If you soak it then grab an old toothbrush and get the small pieces. The tiny bristles are great for scraping. Freeze your dab rig; it will make what is remaining residue harder. Then grab a toothpick and scrap.

  3. How to Clean a Dab Rig without Alcohol

    1. Run the dab rig under hot water to loosen up the gunk.

    2. Turn off the water and add in a good amount of salt.

    3. Shake it while covering the openings and let the salt touch as many areas as it can.

    4. Rinse with warm water and repeat until its clean to your liking.

  4. How Often Should I Be Cleaning My Dab Rig?

    A rule of thumb is to clean your rig every 3-6 months this does vary depending on how much you use it. If your dabs start to not taste good, it’s probably a good time to clean it, even if you cleaned it recently. If you see start to see buildup and you're not getting great inhales, it’s time for a clean.

  5. How To Collect Reclaim From Dab Rig

    Dab rigs have drop-down attachments that trap reclaim and make it so you can collect it. You can place this part upside down over parchment or wax paper and liquify the reclaim with a source of heat until liquefies onto the paper.

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