Erig Buyers Guide

Erig Buyers Guide
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Buyers Guide; Electric Dab Kits, Erigs and Portable E-nails Explained

Buying an Erig can be difficult. There are 3 distinct differences that commonly get referred to as an E-nail. As for which one is best for you, let's dive into each category, and based on your budget and preference hopefully, this article will help you make an informed buying decision.

Electric Dab Nail Kits



Commonly referred to as a "Dab Kit" or "Electronic Nail Kit" this old-school method of dabbing includes a temperature box, heating coil, power cord, and quartz banger. Start by plugging in the temperature box and waiting for it to heat up. A cord runs from the box and attaches to the wiring which wraps around the quartz banger. This wire physically heats the banger. Users set the temperature and proceed to use the quartz banger as they normally would. 


  • Accurate temperature control 

  • Longevity 


  • Time-consuming

  • Complicated smoking process

  • Large and zero portability

  • Only works with a few quartz bangers

Pros: The precise temperature control stands out as the biggest advantage. They provide consistent heat and deep-cut connoisseurs can be a viable option. It's a nice concentrated smoking experience and removes consuming chemicals from butane blowtorches.  Unfortunately, electronic nail kits come with significant downsides. 

Cons: Extremely time-consuming and overcomplicated process. You'll spend more time setting up and connecting wires to your dab rig than the time you will actually smoke. Many e-nail kits are referred to as desktop units due to their large size. In addition, they require a power source so usage is limited to your own home. The heating wire is a unique form factor that only works on a small number of bangers. Lastly, the price. Electronic nail kits typically start at $200, not including the cost of the actual dab rig. Complete E-nail kits with dab rigs easily run over $500. 

Conclusion: While a good eclectic dab nail can provide a great, consistent and accurate burn, the space, time and money required usually steers consumers in a different direction. Aside from niche instances, you're better off served buying a different option. 




Erigs are your Lookah Unicorn, Puffco, Dr. Dabber and Kandypens of the world. Erigs are essentially the dab rig and portable e-nail combined. Simple to use, using an Erig consists of; Turn it on, load your wax and away you go.


  • All-in-solution

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Portable

  • Rechargeable 

  • Quartz dish for flavor


  • Little-to-zero temperature control

  • Doesn't function great as a dab rig

  • High breakage rate

  • Expensive

Pros: Erigs are easy to use, plus they're portable and take up zero countertop space. They're relatively simple to maintain and clean up quick. While not an elite dab rig, e-rigs do the job and offer a nice experience. 

Cons: The number one complaint against E-rigs is their lack of temperature control. Dabbing temperature is vital for both the high feeling, flavor and harshness. E-rigs use pre-set temperature choices where consumers are left with 3 options; low, medium, high.  What exactly those temperatures are is anyone's guess. If we're judging E-rigs as a dab rig, they pale in comparison to the glass dab rig you already own or can purchase separately. Few e-rigs offer water filtration as their base option and even less feature the coveted recycling water function. While after market E-rig tops are available to purchase these carry a hefty price tag and still remain limited as a dab rig. 

Conclusion: The name brand Erigs start at $250 while many "pro" options sell for $350. The cheaper options carry heavy risk and frequently run into longevity issues. Erigs aren't a bad option if you can afford it and can be viable for people who love to travel and dab. The limited dab rig function and price tag holds e-rigs back as being the best value for your money. 



Portable E-Nails

Portable Enails are lightweight, rechargeable devices that attach to your dab rig. Easy to use, portable E-nails such as the one Freeze Pipe offers work simply by setting your temperature, loading wax in, and enjoying the ride. 


  • Precise temperature control and LED display

  • Easy to use

  • Portable and rechargeable

  • Works on most dab rigs (14mm & 18mm bowls)

  • Quartz dish for flavor

  • Affordable


  • Battery life

  • Won't fit 10mm bowl sizes

  • Will tip over some mini rigs

Pros: The LED display and functionality is a game changer. The ability to precisely set temperatures between 250-700 degrees gives consumers all the temperature control of expensive and bulky electric nail kits without the hassle or price tag. Versatility is a bonus as Freeze Pipe's Enail fits both 14mm and 18mm joints. Rest assured this piece (with few exceptions) will work on your favorite dab rig. The simple press-and-play function makes this Enail great for beginners and seasoned vets, plus the countdown timer on the display lets users know how long they have left for each session. The detachable joint makes cleaning this Enail super easy as well. 

Cons: Battery life lasts for a couple of hours, depending on how long and how hot each session is. While adjustable, Freeze Pipe's Enail does not fit 10mm joints, and due to gravity Freeze Pipe's Enail will tip over extremely small mini rigs if left unattended. Just about any dab rig that uses a 14mm and 18mm joint will not have tipping issues. 

Conclusion: The quality, price, and control Freeze Pipe's Enail feature makes this a great choice. Users still get to use their favorite dab rig and maintain great portability. It's easy to use and robust LED display offers unmatched control and insight. If you're a die hard mini rig with a 10mm joint, traditional blowtorches and bangers are probably your best bet, but for any other dab rig this is an excellent choice.

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