Best Self Heating Dab Rigs For 2023

Best Self Heating Dab Rigs For 2023
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Mini dab rig


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Recycler Bong


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Klein Recycler


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When it comes to self heating dab rigs you have a few options. By definition, a dab rig is essentially a water bong but usually smaller in size with less percolators and instead of a bowl uses a quartz banger or E-nail. Users heat the banger with a blowtorch, let cool and then inhale. Sounds simple enough, but what about a device that would remove the need for a torch and combine all the aspects of traditional dabbing into one easy-to-use device. Those are know as self heating dab rigs and below is a breakdown of your best options. 

Puffco Peak

We couldn't talk best self heating dab rigs without mentioning the Puffco Peak. Retailing for $299 the Puffco Peak has 4 pre-determined temperature settings users can select from and uses a basic tap or double tap method to cycle through settings tell the device what to do. A handy LED bar that wraps around the Puffco utilizes different colors in combination with vibrations to communicate commands with the user.  This is the exact definition of a self heating dab rig. Included is a removable glass top that functions as a dab rig. The top has 2 holes which create percolation / water filtration and the atomizer + ceramic bowl act as your quartz banger where the wax is loaded into. While pricey, it's a great piece that includes everything you need. 

Dr Dabber Boost Evo

More expensive than the Puffco, the Dr Dabber Boost Evo starts at $330 with various bundles tipping the scales at over $500. With 6 pre-set heating temperatures the Dr Dabber version offers a little more heating variation compared to the Puffco Peak. The battery life is similar between the Boost Evo and Puffco Peak with a slight advantage going to the Puffco. Filtration wise it's close, the Boost Evo has 2 more holes which in theory creates more filtration, but as whole any self heating dab rig will leave a lot of be desired when judged on performance as a dab rig. Unless you're smoking on the cheapest possible dab rig, the glass rig you're currently using will function better than the Puffco or Boost. The advantage these have is the technology, minimal effort required,  ease-of-use and better concentrate taste when compared to the torch and banger method. 


Freeze Pipe E-Nail

This Enail by Freeze Pipe may not technically be a self heating dab rig, but it does self heat and attached to your dab rig and comes at a more affordable price of $110.  By far the best device for temperature selection out of everything presented here, this E-nail lets users pick any temperature they want between 200 - 750 degrees. The easy-to-use LED screen displays the exact temperature, countdown timer and other handy info. It works similar to the other devices via the vibration system that communicants command acceptance back to the user. Also prevalent on this device, and the other self heating dab rigs described above, is an auto-off built in safety feature. The advantage Freeze Pipe's E-nail has over the E-rigs above is you can attach it to literally any dab rig. And said dab rig will perform better than the built in dab rig aspect that comes with the Puffco or Dr Dabber. The downside is, well, you need a dab rig in the first place to use this device. 


Exseed Dabcool

A cheaper version of the Puffco Peak, the Exseed Dabcool offers 4 heat settings and comes in a variety of colors. The reviews on the Exseed get a little sketchy and any amount of research will show a wide array of consumer experience. It retails for $200 which is considerably less than the other self heating dab rigs on the list, but there is a calculated risk involved. Anytime you mix extreme temperatures and an insanely sticky substances such as wax and oil you are pushing an electronic device to the max. So quality is imperative and in this scenario shelling out the extra bucks could be worth it in the long run. Feature and accessory wise it's onpar with the Puffco and Dr Dabber but know the chance of getting a dud is higher with this model. 

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