Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe

Ice-cold, smooth, refreshing.

Freeze Pipe is a glass bowl featuring a freezable Glycerin Coil. When smoke passes through the frozen chamber it's instantly cooled (by over 300 degrees) to a chilly temperature resulting in a dramatically smooth and clean toke.


This isn't your ordinary hand pipe. The cooling effect is real. Very real so be careful. You're going to be taking bong sized rips from a hand pipe without the throat and chest burning associated with traditional bongs and pipes. Putting ice in your bong is one thing, having the smoke passed through a frozen Glycerin chamber is a whole different animal.

Freeze Pipe Bubbler


Simply put, this is the coldest and smoothest bubbler you will ever hit.

Freeze Pipe Bubbler includes a freezable and glycerin filled hand pipe (I.e our original Freeze Pipe) that securely snaps on to the bubbler. Located inside the bubbler is a 6-arm tree percolator for maximum filtration.


The smoke travels inside a percolator and gets filtered and cooled through the water in the bubbler. It then passes through a frozen Glycerin chamber where the smoke is exponentially chilled even more and becomes filtered again as it passes around the coils.

Freeze Pipe Car Grinder

Our Freeze Pipe Card Grinder makes it easy to carry on a keychain with you wherever you go. Think a cheese grater but for your Freeze Pipe!

Hemp Rope

Great hemp wick for the Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe Spare Glass Bowl

An extra bowl (or 2 or 4) for your Freeze Pipe!