High Tech Bongs

High Tech Bongs
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High tech bongs is quite literally what we do. And who better to buy your high tech water bong from than a company who started 10 years ago making Bluetooth speakers. If there's one thing Freeze Pipe understands at our core is innovation, technology and manufacturing. Don't worry, we're still an American owned and operated company, we just understand how to scale processes and make amazing products. 

Freeze Pipe was a passion project created 4 years ago that is now all we do all day everyday.  Our bongs are unusually sophisticated yet simple to use and affordable. For the best high tech bongs, look no further than a Freeze Pipe. 

What Makes Our Bongs High Tech?

Advanced Designs

Pushing the limits is something we've always done. And the mold of our water pipes takes no exception. Our unique bong designs and percolator styles create hyper-efficient percolation and cooling power. We also make some of the biggest recyclers on the market. And even gear them towards smoking flower. Recyclers are unique because they have to be built with specific angles so the water truly circulates around the piece. In case you were wondering, yes, this is how recyclers got their name. The scientific reasoning for how and why recyclers work is based off Bernoulli's Principle, which is one of the key principles for involved in designing airplanes and the act of flight. Build a recycler a few millimeters off and the whole thing doesn't work. The design and thought behind every Freeze Pipe bong is rooted in science and combined with nuances only known to  experienced smokers.  

Glycerin Chambers

Another high tech feature on our bongs is the use of glycerin chambers on every piece. Glycerin chambers are difficult to produce, both the act of blowing the glass and securely filling the chamber with glycerin takes expertise. But when done correctly, there's not a percolator or bong design that will have a greater positive impact on your smoking experience than an icy glycerin chamber. If you're unfamiliar, a glycerin chamber has a coil that runs down the middle of it. The chamber itself is filled with glycerin. Once frozen, smoke passes through the coil and becomes chilled by hundreds of degrees for an outrageously smooth and large hit. 

State Of The Art Percolators

We're a scientific glass company. And that means going beyond basic percolators and downstems. All of our percs create awesome filtration without ruining airflow. Airflow and filtration (to some degree) are on opposite ends of the scale. Designing the best style and combinations of percs gives you the best of both worlds. And this is one of our strongest areas of expertise. Or so we'd like to think. 

Tech Background

Technology is literally in our DNA. Freeze Pipe has been around for 4 years. But the mothership to Freeze Pipe is company called FRESHeTECH. FRESHeTECH for the last decade designed, manufactured and produced a unique line of Bluetooth gadgets. Mostly audio related products such as shower speakers, earbuds and outdoor speakers. But our lineup did not stop there with ventures into the kitchen gadget space and solar powered patio furniture (which was also a big ass speaker.)

We say all this because if there's one thing we can relate to, it's tech. And that same tech entrepreneurial spirit this company was founded on has deep roots in everything we do as Freeze Pipe. Our team has spent countless hours designing, testing and learning how to make the best possible bongs and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Freeze Pipe - The Coldest Hits & The Smoothest Rips

We are a small American-owned online smoke shop that makes a unique line of freezable bongs, bubblers, pipes and more. These thick glass pieces all feature various combinations of glycerin coils, which work to cool smoke down by over 300 degrees.

Glycerin is a non-toxic gel-like liquid commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker and stays frozen longer than water, not to mention it's 100% organic!

🥶 Glycerin tech cools smoke by hundreds of degrees for bigger, smoother tokes

🚫 Eliminates throat burn, chest pain and reduces coughing

⌛ 1-hour freeze is all you need. But it's okay to leave the chambers in there for longer. Days, weeks, doesn't matter