Best Bong Names - Common Bong Names

Best Bong Names - Common Bong Names
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Bongs are a popular choice for many people who enjoy smoking dry herbs or tobacco. They are a type of water pipe that uses water or a glycerin coil - Glycerin coils are freezable bong parts that provide an alternative to the classic method of adding ice to the neck of your water bong. Check out our frozen glycerin bongs here. Bongs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, making them a versatile and stylish choice for any smoker.

One of the fun aspects of owning a bong is giving it a unique name. Whether you want to name your bong after a favorite movie character, a funny joke, or a meaningful personal experience, there are endless options to choose from. In this blog, we will explore some of the slang terms, best, and most common unique names for your bong and at the same time inspire your own creative naming process. The name of your bong can be used to describe what you're doing as well, enough of that though let's hop into the slang names shall we?

Slang Terms for a Bong

  1. Dankster
  2. Bong ripper
  3. Piece
  4. Pipe
  5. Doob tube
  6. J
  7. Sherlock
  8. Gravity bong
  9. Hurricane
  10. Blunt tube

Best Bong Names

Here is a list of some of the best names for your bong. If you are part of this industry, you probably have heard these names before but if not, this list is for you.

  1. The Green Dragon: This is a classic bong name that refers to the color of the smoke and the mythical creature that is associated with fire and smoke.

  2. The Smoke Monster: This bong name is inspired by the popular TV show "Lost," where the Smoke Monster is a mysterious, cloud-like entity that roams the island.

  3. The Happy Dragon: This is a fun and playful bong name that references the feeling of happiness and relaxation that many people experience after smoking.

  4. The Bong of Doom: This bong name is perfect for those who have a love of all things dark and mysterious. It also references the feeling of power and control that many people feel while using a bong.

  5. The Cloud Maker: This bong name is a nod to the thick, white clouds of smoke that are often produced when using a bong. It is a fun and creative name that references the smoke-making abilities of the bong.

  6. Billy Bong Thornton/Wesley Pipes: This is a bong name from the movie half baked, this name is an easy and fun name for your chimney of smoke.

Common Names Used to Refer to A Bong

Here are some of the common bong names that are used, now remember you don't have to use these but here are some to maybe help spark that idea.

  1. The Beaker: This is a common bong name that refers to the shape of the bong, which is similar to a beaker used in a laboratory.

  2. The Bubbler: This bong name refers to the bubbling sound that is often made when using a bong, as the smoke passes through the water.

  3. The Gravity Bong: This bong name refers to a specific type of bong that uses gravity to pull the smoke into the chamber.

  4. The Hammer: This bong name refers to the shape of the bong, which is similar to a hammer.

  5. The Percolator: This bong name refers to a specific type of bong that has a percolator, which is a small chamber that helps to filter and cool the smoke.

  6. The Sherlock Pipe: This bong name refers to the shape of the bong, which is similar to a Sherlock Holmes pipe.

  7. The Straight Tube: This bong name refers to the shape of the bong, which is a straight tube with a bowl at the end.

  8. The Waterfall: This bong name refers to a specific type of bong that has a valve at the bottom that allows the user to release the water and clear the smoke from the chamber.

  9. The Silent: This bong refers to the quietness of the bubbling. It's a simple name but it has a cool ring to it.

Cool Ideas for Bong Names

A simple way to find a name is simply by finding something that'll grow funnier the higher you go. I've got some good name bongs that inspire me. This is a fun, genius, and sometimes a hilarious process that allows you to express your personality and interests it can also display your sense of humor. Whether you choose a classic bong name like The Green Dragon or a more unique option like The Smoke Monster, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for a funny, serious, or meaningful name, there is a bong name out there for everyone. It's all about being creative and finding a name that fits your bong and that fits your ideal for it.


Well, we are at the end now of this creation journey, at least we hope it was. It's insane the number of names there are for your bongs, I guess you will never run out of names. We saw that you can even create your own name if you wanted, I mean it is your bong.

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