Will This Ash Catcher Fit My Bong?

Will This Ash Catcher Fit My Bong?

Freeze Pipe's Ash Catcher will work on almost any bong, regardless of brand. Here's Quick guide to make sure it fits your bong at home or your Freeze Pipe made piece. 

Freeze Pipe's Ash Catcher fits:

  • ONLY 90 degree joints

  • BOTH 14mm and 18mm bowl sizes are available. Use the drop down menu on the ash catcher landing page.

  • Freeze Pipe's ash catcher will work on Freeze Pipe's: Bong, Bong XL, Bong Dual, Recycler, Klein Recycler

Joint Angles

The first thing you need to know is the degree of the joint. Joints come in 90 degree or 45-degree angles. This is the first transporter of how smoke enters your bong.

The Freeze Pipe Ash Catcher fits 90-degree joints. 

90 degree joints

Have no "downstem". You'll notice smoke leaves the bowl, travels straight down then takes a sharp 90 degree turn and enters the piece. 

45 degree joints

Have a Downstem. Notice the tilted angle of the black Downstem that the bowl is connect too. When smoke is ignited in the bowl in travels through the Downstem (at a 45 degree angle) and enters the bong. 

Bowl Sizes

Bowl sizes refer to the size of the connecting piece of glass that connects the bowl to the joint. Bowl sizes come in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. Although there are many different types of ash catchers, rarely do any of them use a 10mm joint. Almost all use a 14mm or 18mm.

Our ash catcher fits both 14mm and 18mm bowl sizes. Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate option. 

14mm Bowls

Very popular bowl sizes. Yes, Freeze Pipe makes an ash catcher that fits 14mm bowls. 

Freeze Pipe products that use 14mm bowl:


Klein Recycler

18mm Bowls

Arguably the most common bowl size for bongs. Yes, Freeze Pipe makes an ash catcher that fits 18mm bowls. 

Freeze Pipe products that use 18mm bowl:


Bong XL

Bong Dual

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