How To Clean A Weed Grinder

How To Clean A Weed Grinder
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Cleaning a weed grinder quite frankly doesn't happen as often as it should. Many people waste money replacing broken grinders, or possibly even worse, waste countless hours trying to grind weed when it feels like you're trying to grind cement. 

While weed grinders come in many shapes and sizes, one thing remains constant, cleaning your weed grinder will make for a better smoking experience. Furthermore, having a clean grinder means you'll actually grind your weed, which is uber important for the best bong rips possible.  So for step by step instructions on how to clean metal grinders or acrylic grinders, read on!  

A grinder is a tool used to turn larger pieces of herb into smaller pieces that can be rolled or packed more easily. They typically consist of 2 halves with teeth inside organized in such a way that when the halves are rotated, the substance inside will be shredded. When your herb is more finely ground it is much easier to consume. Grinding your weed is proven for a smoother, more even hit that increases aroma and decreases the amount of butane you consume. Some grinders contain kief catchers with a screen that catches the more finely ground and potent dust that falls through the holes. Kief can be used much like ground herb but is typically much more powerful, so it is often sprinkled on top of already packed bowls among many other uses.

Instructions For Cleaning A Weed Grinder

As much as no one wants to clean their grinder, it is much simpler and easier than you would think. You still don’t need to clean it too frequently, normally every few months will suffice.

Metal Weed Grinders can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. You should soak the entire grinder for 20-30 minutes in a plastic bag and use a toothbrush to scrub any buildup out of the inside.

Acrylic Grinders can be cleaned with soap and water. Hot water is best but soaking and scrubbing residue off with a toothbrush should be enough to clean it thoroughly. A sharp instrument can be used as well to really work at sticky buildups that won’t come off from just brushing.

A very important step of cleaning a weed grinder is to thoroughly dry the entirety of both pieces before you plan on using it again. If water stays in contact with any metal pieces, there is a potential for the grinder to rust. Any moisture that comes in contact with flower can also cause issues, so it is definitely very important to ensure it is dry.

These simple cleaning steps can extend your grinders lifetime and give you a much better grinding experience.

Benefits of Cleaning A Weed Grinder

There is no worse feeling than getting ready to pack a bowl and your grinder clogs up before you can even grind anything up. This is an issue that can be easily avoided by cleaning your grinder occasionally.

There are many benefits that can come with cleaning your grinder more regularly. Some of these include:

  • Saves money and increases the longevity of your grinder. When grinders become too sticky the needed force to move the grinder can damage the teeth or even break the unit itself.

  • Eliminates the ironman contest needed to grind weed when the sticky  residue makes it feel like your grinding super glue

  • Avoid bacteria buildup that can cause moldy growths on your flower

  • Avoids flower from going stale and dry from being left in the grinder. Most of the buildup can be consumed and is very potent much like kief

The only negative for cleaning your grinder is the time, but cleaning is actually very simple. Regular cleaning will make for a much easier and smoother grinding experience.

Why You Should Grind Your Weed

  • Creates an even, solid burn

  • Consistent hit each light and you'll consume less butane

  • Easier loading and rolling

  • Fully releases the weed's aroma

  • Removes stems

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