A Better Alternative To Mav Glass?

A Better Alternative To Mav Glass?
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Mini dab rig


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$ 99.95

Mav glass, or Maverick Glass to be formal, was founded in Los Angeles, California. Per Mav Glass' own website, their products are a mix of made in America and imported. Giving credit where credit is due, they make quality bongs and some dope accessories. 

But what we will hang our hat on, no one does glycerin coil bongs and pieces better than Freeze Pipe. We're engineers by trade and have spent years learning and improving bong functionality and the nuances of glycerin coils. 

Instead of being cute and beating around the bush, our pieces are more affordable than theirs. This doesn't mean our quality is any lesser, in fact we'd argue the opposite, rather we've streamlined our business over decades of experience and know how to keep the lights on while making a bong the everyday American can afford. 


Mav Glass' Glycerin Bongs vs Freeze Pipe's

$395 is the going rate for the lowest mav glass glycerin bong. It features a showerhead base and the same size glycerin coil that comes in Freeze Pipe's entry level beaker bong, which sells for $140. Showerhead percolator bases are incredible, which is why we use it in our Bong Dual.

For $250 you can get our Bong Dual which features the same showerhead base design, a UFO perc ($70 standalone value) and a 50% larger glycerin coil for $145 less. Additionally, we built a 90 degree downstem on our showerhead base which is preferable over the 45 degree downstem that Mav Glass uses. Accessories like Enails and Ash Catchers are more readily available for 90 degree downstems and you'll have an easier time using them.  

I know what you're thinking.....

Mav glass must be nicer quality. Negative. We both use the same high quality borosilicate glass and show off different types of percolators. Glycerin coils is ALL Freeze Pipe does. We specialize in and make the main thing the main thing. Mav glass makes great products, but they're spread out over many different styles which require different glass blowing techniques. Making glycerin coil bongs is quite literally the only thing we do all day. 

Mav Glass is made in America and Freeze Pipe isn't. False. If you look closely on Mav Glass's site they use words like "packed and shipped from LA" and "born California" in addition to saying they do import glass. Which isn't a bad thing, they make quality products. The truth is, a ton of production and glass construction happens in America for both Freeze Pipe and Mav Glass. Freeze Pipe is heavily experienced is managing overhead, living off smaller margins and dedicated to maximizing the value delivered to our customers.  Freeze Pipe is headquartered in Orlando, FL and employs over 25 Americans with diverse backgrounds that handle production, marketing, sales and customer service. 

I still don't get why your bongs are so much less?! Our founders have been making consumer products for over a decade. Freeze Pipe blends a rich history of entrepreneurship, corporate America and trade skills that add up to decades of experience. We know how to run a lean business and bringing the most value to the #FreezePipeFam is at the core of everything we do.  

Another reason why Mav Glass is higher priced than Freeze Pipe is you're paying for the aesthetic. While we commonly hear about how beautiful our pieces are, we don't use as many colors in our pieces as they do. Blending multiple colors into glass production heavily drives the cost up. But the function of the piece remains the same. The above Mav Glass piece for example is a decorated beaker bong with minimal percolation, for $239. For $20 less than that you can get our Bong XL Flower Kit, which has much better base, a glycerin coil AND includes an ash catcher. 

We're a scientific bong company and believe the look our our glass speak for itself. What Freeze Pipe is focused on is percolation and cooling power. We want the smoothest, cleanest, healthiest experience that won't break the bank. If you want the meat and potatoes without paying out the ass for window dressing, we're the bong for you. 

Mav Glass Dab Rigs vs Freeze Pipe

The dab rig category brings a little different attitude for Mav Glass as they do offer pieces starting at $90, with many at $130. These pieces however are mini rigs, comparable to MJ Arsenal's line that retails for $50. These lower priced Mav Glass pieces have no glycerin coils, are so small it's impossible to take adult sized rips from, and feature an unfortunate 10mm joint. So you can forget using an Enail on it and dab rig accessories for 10mm joints are harder to come by. 

Freeze Pipe's line of dab rigs all feature glycerin cooling, which is criminally underrated and crucial in the dab game. You'll see below we have two different dab rigs, the dopest nectar collector you'll ever smoke and you can turn any of our bongs into a Dab Kit which includes an Enail at bundled cost savings. 

Mav Glass Klein Recycler

Klein recyclers a hybrid between traditional recycers and incyclers. Below is Mav Glass's most popular dab rig, The Big Bear which retails for $299. It's a nice piece made from quality glass. 

Below that, for the same price, is Freeze Pipe's Klein Recycler. The Big Bear features a honeycomb perc (which we don't love for dab rigs because they negatively impact airflow too much) and stands almost 10" tall. Freeze Pipe's Klein Recycler features a perc cut with a laser which generates the perfect amount of water filtration for dab rigs. It's similar to the honeycomb style but not as obtrusive when it comes to airflow. Height wise our Klein Recycler stands 12" which the glycerin coil on and 7" without it. 

These two pieces are the same price, feature a similar perc and roughly the same size. And here is where Freeze Pipe's Klein Recycler really starts to pull away. 

- Freeze Pipe's has a glycerin coil. Glycerin cooling is vital for dab rigs as it creates a smoother, bigger hit while not diluting potency and flavor that can occur from too much water filtration. 

- Ours includes accessories no other bong company is doing. With every purchase of the FP Klein Recycler you'll receive: 2 glycerin coils, quartz banger, carb cap and a honeycomb bowl. Purchasing these items individually can easily cost over $100. 


How Freeze Pipe Compares To Mav Glass

Mav Glass is an awesome bong maker. And the glass is quality. The big difference, to us, is the price you pay for aesthetic. Freeze Pipe doesn't blend colors the way Mav Glass does that drives up the cost of the piece. We focus on scientific glass company and put function over everything. In other blogs, and this one as well, we've spoken a lot about company philosophy and culture.  Before making bongs we made Bluetooth speakers and competed (rather successfully) against the biggest brands on earth. You don't go battle against Bose, Sony, JBL and Amazon and not learn how to live off small margins. Everything we do, and have done for over a decade revolves around building quality products everyday Americans can afford. 

So come give us a try! We have tens-of-thousands of happy customers and if there is an issue, we'll do everything in our power to fix it. Freeze Pipe has grown tremendously, but we're still very much a small company and do things on a human level that bigger brands simply will not. We're unique individuals building unique bongs here to serve our unique community. 

If you need help deciding what bong is right for you or would like to learn more about Freeze Pipe, please email us at customerservice@thefreezepipe.com, we would love to hear from you! 

Freeze Pipe - The Coldest Hits & The Smoothest Rips

We are a small American-owned online smoke shop that makes a unique line of freezable bongs, bubblers, pipes and more. These thick glass pieces all feature various combinations of glycerin coils, which work to cool smoke down by over 300 degrees.

Glycerin is a non-toxic gel-like liquid commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker and stays frozen longer than water, not to mention it's 100% organic!

🥶 Glycerin tech cools smoke by hundreds of degrees for bigger, smoother tokes

🚫 Eliminates throat burn, chest pain and reduces coughing

⌛ 1-hour freeze is all you need. But it's okay to leave the chambers in there for longer. Days, weeks, doesn't matter