5 Bong Water Alternatives to Give Your Smoke Better Flavor

Man smoking a bong outside

Water is a fantastic cooling and filtering liquid for your bong, but it isn’t the only thing you can bubble in your beaker. Bong water alternatives offer an innovative way to smoke weed. They can catch debris, cool smoke, and unleash a refreshing new world of unique flavors.

Think outside the box (and bong) when exploring how to make bong rips taste better. Filtering your smoking sessions with your favorite beverages has the potential to add a culinary flare to your cannabis clouds.

Every strain features unique flavor profiles you can complement with bong water alternatives. Ditch the tap water and explore these delicious options for smoke you’ll want to savor.

1. Ice Tea

High tea, anyone? Give tea time a new meaning by using ice tea as a bong water alternative. Indulge in the wide world of herbal teas to add light fruit notes to the terpenes in your weed. 

The variety of tea flavors means there’s no limit to how to make your bong smoke taste better. Try hibiscus for a berry touch or peppermint for cool clouds. Even a lighter flavor like chamomile will produce soothing aromatics.

We recommend avoiding warm tea because it may cause hot smoke that can irritate your throat. Stick with unsweetened ice teas as a bong water alternative to avoid harmful chemicals or sugars building up in your glass bongs.

2. Gatorade

Gatorade was developed by researchers at the University of Florida to replenish athletes. It also happens to be delicious. Treat your smoke sessions like an all-star athlete by using a fruity sports drink as a bong water alternative.

Filtering your smoke with electrolytes won’t make you run faster, but it’s how pros smoke to make bong hits taste better. With its sweet flavors, the smoke remains understated. Choose bold varieties like fruit punch, grape, and green apple to add an underlying flavor similar to a flavored blunt wrap.

The stunning colors of Gatorade will also create a dazzling visual element. Neon greens, oranges, and purples add a splash of color to your smoking session that will get people talking.

3. Infused Water

A young woman holding a glass bong

Feeling weary about bong water alternatives? You can always start small by using a variation of water itself. Take a cue from fancy restaurants that use citrus wedges and add some sunshine to your rips with infused water!

With this upscale H2O hack, you have complete control over flavor. From fruits like oranges and lemons to roots like ginger, the only limit is your imagination. Just let whatever you put in your water sit long enough to infuse it.

Pro tip: Once you’ve figured out how to make bong hits taste better with your choice of infused water, brew extra to help fight dry mouth!

4. Fruit Juice

For big, juicy hits with a twist, raid your refrigerator for fruit juice! Trust us, it does a lot more than quench your thirst. As a bong water alternative, juice can take your smoking sessions to unexpected places.

Try pineapple to add a tropical lift to a strain like Pineapple Express. Or experiment with cranberry juice for a subtle injection of tart berry notes in your bubbler. And no wake-and-bake would be complete without a little OJ!

Keep in mind that fruit juice contains a lot of natural sugar. It’s essential to clean your bong after using it as a water substitute.

5. Sparkling Water

Man in beanie lighting bong

The tongue-tickling carbonation of sparkling water is a classic bong water alternative that every stoner should try. It produces a clean hit with subtle new textures to the smoke. Users generally describe the hits as slightly fizzy.

Sparkling water is often naturally flavored, too. You can experiment with the texture and flavor of your hits with this two-in-one tweak. Coconut, mojito, or limoncello varieties will put a fun new spin on whatever strain you load into your bowl.

It makes bong maintenance easy, too. Since most flavored sparkling waters are sugar-free, clean-up is a breeze.

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