Innovative Ways to Smoke Weed in 2023

Innovative Ways to Smoke Weed in 2023

In the constantly evolving space of cannabis consumption, there's no shortage of  ways to smoke weed. From the O.G. methods like rolling joints and blunts to modern devices like vaporizers and dab rigs, there's a method to suit everyone's preferences and needs. In this guide, we'll explore the various ways to smoke weed, what benefits and drawbacks they have, and provide helpful tips so you can have the best sesh possible!

Short Summary

  • We start off by discussing blunts and joints and the reasons for their popularity

  • After this we dive into the world of pipes, bongs, and dab rigs to discover which method works best for you

  • Finally, we discuss alternative smoking methods and the differences between smoking and edibles

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The Art of Rolling: Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

joint in frozen tip

Rolling and smoking kush has always been a staple of cannabis culture. There are three primary methods: joints, blunts, and spliffs. Each method offers a similar but unique experience, depending on the type of paper used and the amount of tobacco.

Mastering the Joint

Joints are the most popular method for smoking weed. They are east to share, easily to bring along with you, and require virtually no cleanup (especially if you're outside). To roll a joint, you'll need a few simple supplies: a grinder to break up the cannabis flower (or you can hand grind), a rolling tray, and rolling papers to wrap it all up. The use of a filter is optional but can help improve airflow and prevent accidental inhalation of scooby snacks.

The Blunt Experience

Blunts are similar to joints  but they use tobacco leaves instead of rolling papers, giving them a slightly larger size and a unique flavor profile. To roll a blunt, you'll need a blunt wrap (made from tobacco leaves) and hand ground cannabis. Make sure the blunt wrap is slightly wet so that you can successfully seal it. You can use a filter for a blunt, but you do not need it.

Spliff Smoking

Spliffs offer a unique smoking experience, combining cannabis flower with tobacco in a single roll. This method may be appealing to those transitioning from tobacco to cannabis, as it offers a combination of the two. Spliffs usually use rolling papers wrapped around a mixture of cannabis and cigarette tobacco.

Classic Pipes: Glass, Wooden, and Metal

guy packing pipe bowl


If rolling isn't your strong suit, pipes offer a convenient and low-maintenance alternative for smoking cannabis. Pipes come in various types and materials, including glass, wooden, and metal varieties, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Glass Pipes

Glass is the most popular choice for pipes due to its customization abilities and the fact that they don't alter the flavor of the weed. These pipes are simple to clean and maintain, making them a great option for those who prioritize hygiene and taste. However, glass pipes can be fragile and expensive, so you must be willing to take care of your pipe.

Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes offer an affordable and durable alternative to glass pipes. They can last for years, and are the most classical looking pipes. They are customizable, but do often take on the flavor of old resin after extended usage.

Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are known for their durability which makes them a reliable choice for on-the-go smokers. They are easy to clean and maintain, but do come with some drawbacks. They can get quite hot when handled so you must be careful not to burn yourself. Additionally, they are known to leave a metallic flavor in the smoke which is not the safest for your health.

Bongs, Bubblers, and Dab Rigs: Water Filtration for Smoother Hits

milky bong smoke

For those seeking a smoother and larger hit, bongs and bubblers are the way to go. While these devices offer many benefits, they also come with their own set of drawbacks, such as being more susceptible to breakage and not being as portable as other smoking methods.

Bong Basics

Bongs are a popular choice for those looking to get a big hit without wasting excess bud. To use a bong, fill the base with water, pack the bowl with ground cannabis, and inhale while lighting the bowl to ignite the weed. While bongs can deliver a powerful and satisfying high, they are not recommended for inexperienced consumers due to their potency and the large volume of smoke they produce.

Bubbler Breakdown

Bubblers are a hybrid of bongs and pipes, combining the best features of both to create a unique smoking experience. Similar to bongs, bubblers utilize water to cool down the smoke and filter out impurities. However, they are smaller and more portable, making them more similar to pipes in terms of functionality.

Vaporizers/Dab Rigs

rip off a dab rig

Dabbing is a potent and increasingly popular method for smoking concentrates, such as wax, shatter, and oil. To dab, you'll need a dab rig, which is a special bong designed for dabbing. While dabbing offers a powerful and efficient way to consume cannabis, it requires caution due to the heated nail used to vaporize the concentrate. However, you can use electronic rigs to avoid this issue. If you're looking for a potent and intense high, dabbing might be the way to go.

Hookahs: A Social Smoking Experience

hookah smoke inside

Hookahs offer a social and enjoyable way to smoke weed. Originating from India, these multi-stemmed devices provide water filtration, much like bongs and bubblers. However, they have large hoses so they can be easily smoked without the user moving the whole piece. They also use hot coils to heat up the cannabis instead of a lighter. They are also often mixed with tobacco.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Comparing Consumption Methods

pot edibles gummy bears

When it comes to getting baked, the debate between edibles and smoking continues to rage on. Each method offers its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Smoking cannabis provides a more intense and immediate experience, allowing users to control the intensity of their high more easily. Additionally, the effects of smoking tend to dissipate within a few hours, making it a more manageable option for some.

However, edibles offer a different experience altogether. When ingesting cannabis, the liver creates 11-hydroxy-THC, which can affect users differently than smoking. As a result, some people may experience paranoia or a more intense high when consuming edibles. Dosing edibles can also be challenging, as THC is absorbed throughout the entire digestive process. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and individual needs.

Creative DIY Smoking Methods

ricky smoking fruit bong

For those looking to get extra creative with their high, a variety of creative DIY smoking methods are available. In this section, we'll explore some of the most popular DIY smoking methods, including gravity bongs, apple pipes, and foil pipes.

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are a fun and simple way to smoke weed that utilizes gravitational force to draw smoke into a chamber. Constructing a gravity bong is relatively easy and requires only a few household items, such as a plastic bottle and a bowl for the cannabis. Once assembled, gravity bongs deliver a potent and satisfying high, making them an exciting option for those looking to try something new. However, they are known to be very harsh.

Apple Pipe

Looking to sweeten up your smoking experience? An apple pipe is an uncomplicated and inconspicuous method of consuming cannabis, requiring only an apple, a pen, and your cannabis of choice. This biodegradable and eco-friendly option offers a smooth and fruity flavor, but is just about as harsh as a pipe.

Hot Knife Technique

hot knife technique

The hot knife technique is a potent and extremely unconventional way to smoke bud. To employ this technique, heat two knives until they are glowing red, place a small amount of cannabis concentrate on one knife, and press the other knife on top of it and inhale the smoke for a powerful high. While this method offers a potent experience, it is the harshest and hottest method of smoking.


In conclusion, there are numerous innovative ways to smoke weed, ranging from classic methods like rolling blunts and joints to modern devices like bongs and dab rigs. Whether you're a O.G. smoker or a newbie, finding the right method for your preferences and needs is essential to maximizing your enjoyment and experience. So get baked and create!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to smoke joint?

To smoke a joint, start by placing the filter end in your mouth. Light the other end with a lighter or match and lightly suck air through the joint like drinking through a straw to light it.

Next, take one or two drags, pass it along, and enjoy responsibly!

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