How to make an Apple Bong?

How to make an Apple Bong?

How to Make an Apple Bong: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever wanted to add a unique twist to your smoking experience with something you probably have in your kitchen right now? Enter the apple bong - a fun, creative, and environmentally friendly way to enjoy your herb. In this guide, we'll explore the appeal of apple bongs, from their convenience and components to their best tips for usage. We'll also walk you through crafting your very own apple bong using a step-by-step approach. Apple bongs are perfect for those impromptu smoke sessions when you don't have a traditional pipe or bong handy.

Short Summary

    • Discover the appeal of Apple Bongs and their origins

    • Follow our step-by-step guide to make your own Apple Bong

    • Learn the best tips and tricks for effectively using your Apple Bong

The Appeal of Apple Bongs

apple bong

Apple bongs have become quite popular among cannabis consumers, and for good reason. They offer a convenient and safe way to smoke bud without having to take a trip to the local headshop. Also, it's pretty dang fun to smoke weed out of fruit and is definitely an upgrade from a soda can pipe!


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One of the main reasons people love apple bongs is the convenience. With just a few simple tools and an apple, you can create a functional smoking device with the quickness! All you need is a knife, a lighter, and a straw or pen. Whether you're kickin it at a friend's house, a party, or just out and about, an apple bong is an easy way to enjoy your cannabis without any hassle.


Another aspect that attracts people to apple bongs is the flavor they can add to your smoking experience. If you've got a fresh apple, the smoke can take on a subtle fruity taste, enhancing the overall flavor of your herb. Allowing you to take a hit and enjoy the combo of cannabis and a crisp apple. It's like apple pie for the cannabis connoisseur! 


In addition to their convenience and flavor, apple bongs are an eco-friendly option for cannabis consumers. Unlike DIY smoking devices made from tin foil or soda cans, apple bongs are made from a natural, biodegradable material. That means you can have a clear conscience when you chuck away your apple bong after the sesh!

Necessary Materials

materials to make an apple bong

Now that you get the appeal of apple bongs, let's gather the necessary materials to create one. To make an apple bong, you'll need a fresh apple, a knife, some kush, and a lighter. Once you have these materials on hand, you're ready to start crafting your apple bong.

Choosing the Perfect Apple

The first step in making an apple bong is selecting the right apple. A crisp, fresh, and clean apple is ideal, as it will be easier to work with and provide a better smoking experience.  When choosing your apple, keep an eye out for any signs of damage or decay, as this can affect the structural integrity of your apple. No one wants to smoke a moldy apple!

Step-by-Step Apple Bong Creation

making a bong from an apple

Now, finally, it's time to start crafting your apple bong. In this section, we'll walk you through the simple process of creating your own apple bong. The steps include preparing the apple, crafting the bowl, creating the mouthpiece and carb, and connecting the components.

1. Preparing the Apple

The first step in creating your apple bong is preparing the apple itself. Start by twisting and pulling the stem off the top of the apple. Make sure you remove the entire stem down to its base. This will create a natural bowl in where you can pack your weed.

2. Crafting the Bowl

Once your apple is prepared, it's time to carve out the bowl. Using your sharp tool, carefully create a hole right through the middle of the apple. This hole will serve as the main channel for the smoke to travel through.

3. Creating the Mouthpiece and Carb

Next, you'll need to create the mouthpiece and carb for your apple bong. Use a toothpick or similar tool to make a few holes in the top of the apple (where the stem was). The holes should be deep enough so that they intersect with the hole you created through the center of the apple. The bowl has small holes that let air move through but ensures the flower doesn't fall into the apple.

The carb is an essential component of your apple, as it helps control the airflow and allows you to clear the smoke from the apple. To create the carb, simply poke another hole on the side of the apple, making sure it intersects with the central hole and the holes for the mouthpiece.

Your apple bong should now have a bowl, a mouthpiece, and a carb.

4. Adding the Percolator

With the bowl, mouthpiece, and carb in place, it's time to make your apple pipe into an apple bong. To do this, use your sharp tool to dig a small reservoir in the middle of the central tunnel made through the apple. This will ensure proper airflow and allow smoke to travel from the bowl directly into the water chamber and create a percolator. These small holes will ensure that everything is connected, the air circulates properly, and that the weed doesn't fall through into the apple.

Tips for Using Your Apple Bong

smoking an apple bong

Now that you've created your apple bong, it's time to put your fruit to use! In this section, we'll provide some helpful tips for using your apple bong effectively.

Packing the Bowl

To pack the bowl of your apple bong, simply stuff some weed into the bowl at the top of the apple. Be sure not to overpack the bowl, as this can restrict airflow and it is a very tiny smoking piece. If you're concerned about small crumbs falling into the apple, you can place a makeshift screen (such as a small piece of aluminum foil or glass for the best experience). 

Lighting and Inhaling

To use your apple bong, simply place the mouthpiece hole to your lips and cover the carb hole with your finger. Light the weed in the bowl while inhaling through the mouthpiece. As you inhale, make sure to tilt the apple about 45 degrees to ensure the smoke is getting filtered (similar to a beaker bong). The smoke will travel through the central hole in the apple, pass through the small holes connecting the bowl to the mouthpiece, and then hit you with a blast of fruity terps.

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Alternative Fruits and Vegetables for Bongs

smoking weed out of fruit bong

While apple bongs are the most popular and convenient option for most, they're not the only fruit or vegetable that can be used to create a bong! In this section, we'll explore some alternative fruits and vegetables that can be used to make bongs, along with their pros and cons. Fruits such as mangos, bananas, and watermelon can be used to make bongs.

Popular Choices

Some other popular fruits and vegetables used for making bongs include pears, carrots, avocados, squash, pineapples, and even potatoes. Each of these options has its unique appeal, such as the sweet taste of a pineapple bong or the sturdy structure of a potato bong.


In this guide, we explored the appeal of apple bongs, learned how to choose the right materials, and figured out how to make our very own Apple Bong! They offer a unique, convenient, flavorful, and eco-friendly experience making them an excellent option for seasoned smokers or even newbies looking to try out a different smoking experience. Remember to always use clean tools and materials, and maintain your makeshift smoking devices for the best possible experience. Most importantly, have a good time and stay lifted!

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