How to use a Nectar Collector

How to use a Nectar Collector
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If you're a fan of concentrates and looking for a device that can help you take your dabbing experience to the next level, a glass nectar collector may be just what you need. But before you get started, it's important to know how to use it properly to ensure the best results and protect your health. In this blog post, we'll take you through the step-by-step process of using a glass nectar collector, and how to clean it as well.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: is to always use a glass nectar collector. This is your health we're talking about and heating silicone is never a good idea long term. Begin by filling the main chamber with just enough water so the holes in the percolator are submerged

Step 2Insert the metal tip and connect the glycerin coil via the provided clip.

Step 3: Heat up the metal tip with a torch until the tip slightly starts to turn red. Then wait 3 - 5 seconds to cool.

Step 4: Hold the nectar collector vertically (like drinking from a straw) and lightly touch the metal tip to the concentrate and inhale.

How to get reclaim out of a glass nectar collector

Nectar Collectors fill the gap between a traditional dab rig setup and a portable electronic vape pen. This device is essentially designed like a straw. The bottom component vaporizes concentrates with a heated titanium tip connected to a compact central percolation chamber where smoke is filtered through water, finally exiting through the chilled glycerin mouthpiece at the top. 



Water fill level?

Fill the percolation chamber with about an inch of water, just enough to cover the holes of the perc.

Glycerin freeze time?

It takes about an hour in the freezer for the glycerin to be fully chilled, and it can be left in the freezer indefinitely

How do you heat the titanium tip?

Heat the tip of the titanium nail with a butane torch, making sure to roll the piece back and forth to heat the titanium evenly. When it starts to glow faintly, stop heating and let it cool for 3-5 seconds. You’re now ready to touch the tip to your concentrate and take a dab.

Can you smoke herb with it?

No! Nectar Collectors are specially designed for smoking concentrates.

Does it come with a bowl?

No! It comes with a titanium nail that can be heated and used to smoke concentrates.

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