What is a Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen?

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If you're in search of a convenient and easy way to dab, you've found the right place. Today, we will be exploring the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen and its alternatives. We will first describe the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen series and then compare it with other available options like the Freeze Pipe Vape Pen and Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector. So, get your dabs ready as we find the best concentrate experience for you!

Key Takeaways

  • We will first look into the different features of the Lookah Seahorse and Lookah Seahorse Pro.

  • Then we will explore the most popular alternatives such as the Freeze Pipe Vape Pen and Nectar Collector.

  • Finally, we will end off with a comparison of these products to find the best one to suit your needs!

Discovering the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen Range

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The Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen collection is comprised of two main products, the Lookah Seahorse, Seahorse Pro, and Seahorse Pro Plus. Equipped with features such as a quartz tip, adjustable voltage settings, compatibility with 510 cartridges, and the added perk of water filtration for smoother hits.

In addition to these devices, the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen Range also offers a variety of accessories, including:

  • Carrying case

  • Dab tool

  • Cleaning brush

  • Seahorse coil

Lookah Seahorse Pro

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The Lookah Seahorse Pro is a portable, electric nectar collector that is compatible with 510 cartridges. Its design focuses on ease of use and simple maintenance, featuring a quartz coil and compatibility with all glass bongs and dab rigs. The device is great for those who want a quick and efficient way to enjoy their concentrates. 

The Lookah Seahorse Pro kit includes a variety of accessories:

  • Tip adapter

  • Connect hose

  • User manual

  • Cleaning brush

  • 14/18mm adapter

  • Rechargeable battery with a USB cable

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

For those seeking an even more upgraded dabbing experience, the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus offers enhanced features compared to the Pro version. The Pro Plus model includes:

  • Adjustable voltage

  • Water pipe compatibility

  • 650mAh battery

  • Fast heating

  • New coil compatibility

Alternatives to the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen

gbt and vape pen combo

Although the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen range offers a range of intriguing features, there are alternative options worth considering. Two standout alternatives in this category are the Freeze Pipe Vape Pen and the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector, both of which offer distinctive features to enhance your dabbing experience.

Freeze Pipe Vape Pen

freeze pipe vape pen

The Freeze Pipe Vape Pen is a versatile attachment designed to be compatible with all 510 thread cartridges. It can accommodate almost any cartridge and comes in a kit with our pipe adapter to fit any 14mm to 18mm pipe or bong. The device features a durable stainless steel body, temperature control system, and an automatic shutoff system, ensuring a high-quality vaping experience.

Using the Freeze Pipe Vape Pen is extremely simple. Simply attach it to your preferred cartridge, click it 5 times to turn on, and 3 times to switch between temperatures. This functionality makes the device ideal for those who wish to enjoy their dabs on the move.

The Freeze Pipe Vape Pen offers:

  • Portability and Discretion

  • Easy-to-use controls

  • Advanced USB-C charging

  • High quality design built for heavy usage

Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector

freeze pipe nectar collector

Another alternative to the traditional dab pen is the Nectar Collector, specifically the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector, designed for the easiest dabbing experience possible. This device combines a high quality quartz tip with a water chamber and frozen coil for the smoothest dabs you can possibly take, making vaporizing concentrates a breeze.

What sets the Nectar Collector apart is its unique feature—the glycerin coil that can be frozen to cool your hits down by hundreds of degrees. It's no wonder this device has become a popular choice among customers seeking an upgraded dabbing experience.

Overall, the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector offers a versatile, efficient, and impressive alternative to traditional dab pens. Its unique features include:

  • Glycerin coil, which cools the smoke down immensely

  • Water chamber, to smooth out those big hits

  • Ease of use, with a simple and intuitive design, just heat it and dab!

  • Durability, ensuring long-lasting performance

Many users find these features preferable to all other options on the market.

Freeze Pipe vs. Lookah

freeze pipe frozen blunt tip and vape pen

Comparing the Freeze Pipe and Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen product lines, we can see that both brands offer a range of smoking accessories tailored to concentrate enthusiasts. While the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen range focuses on portable electronic nectar collectors, the Freeze Pipe offers versatile attachments for dab rigs and bongs son you can truly upgrade your dabbing experience.

The Freeze Pipe Advantage

Freeze Pipe products are renowned for their commitment to delivering exceptionally smooth and cool hits. These devices incorporate percolators and glycerin chambers to effectively cool and filter the smoke, providing consistently enjoyable dabbing experiences. This focus on smooth taste sets Freeze Pipe apart from competitors, including the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen.

Additionally, Freeze Pipe devices are user-friendly and efficient, featuring a simple single-button mechanism and illuminated LED display. With long-lasting batteries and rapid heat-up times, they ensure a consistently enjoyable dabbing experience. In summary, Freeze Pipe is a reliable and appealing choice for those seeking hassle-free and satisfying dabbing, all at a great value.


As you embark on your journey to find the perfect dabbing experience, remember that it’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, efficiency, and overall user enjoyment when choosing a device. Whether you decide on a Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen or a Freeze Pipe product, we wish you the best of luck and many enjoyable dabbing sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the seahorse dab pen?

The seahorse dab pen is available in select colors and ranges from $40-$160 depending on the model you are looking for.

How much is the Freeze Pipe Vape Pen?

The Freeze Pipe Vape pen comes in at a cool $45 and can be ordered in a combo with our Frozen Blunt Tip.

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