Are Bongs Healthier To Smoke

woman holding glass bong and jar of weed
Are bongs healthier to smoke? It’s a question that health-conscious cannabis consumers have been asking for decades. You don’t have to be a medical professional to see the well-documented link between inhaling smoke and compromised lung function.

With that said, it’s obvious that not all types of smoke are the same. While we aren’t doctors, when it comes to marijuana, we’ve done quite a bit of personal research.

There are many perks to smoking with a bong. The rips are bigger, and the smoke is cooler. But when it comes to your health, is smoking a bong better than joints?

To find out, let’s explore what’s bubbling inside your piece. From cooler smoke temperatures to water filtration, we’ll examine whether these are enough to make bongs healthier to smoke.

What Is a Bong?

In the simplest terms, bongs are water pipes with several key components. The cannabis smoke is pulled from the bowl into a water tank and then reaches the smoker through a long pipe that connects to a mouthpiece.

The smoke’s journey through the bubbling water at the bottom of the bong serves to cool and filter the smoke. The blend of functionality and sleek design makes bongs one of the most popular ways to consume weed. It’s also why many cannabis connoisseurs think smoking a bong is better than joints.

With a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, there’s a bong for every style of smoker. Many popular bongs feature hand-blown glass designs, which are beautiful but fragile. We are partial to our durable, long-lasting, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass bongs

Aesthetics and bigger hits aside, the question remains: Are bongs the right option to stay healthier when you smoke?

Water Filtration in Focus

bong percolating with smoke

The water filtration in a bong provides two significant benefits. First, when you light the flower in your bowl and inhale, you force the smoke through the water before it reaches your lungs. As the smoke travels through the water, its surface area increases, cooling its temperature.

This alone is a huge benefit. Smoking a bong is better than smoking joints because it makes smoking easier on your lungs. With lower smoke temperatures, you can avoid throat irritation and afterburn that plague cannabis users. Adding The Freeze Pipe’s glycerin coils to water filtration cools the smoke by 300 degrees!

The water’s bubbles are even more crucial to proving bongs are healthier to smoke. When the smoke moves through your bong water, the bubbles act like tiny scrubbers that help remove larger particles. These bits of ash, butane, and other irritants would otherwise enter your lungs.

Just look at old bong water to witness the evidence firsthand. 

That dirty water is full of irritating plant matter and ash. Smokers call them “Scooby Snacks” or “Happy Meals,” but they’re anything but fun. Filtering this out makes the smoke smoother, more flavorful, and easier on your respiratory system.

So, Bongs Are Healthier to Smoke, Right?

Calling any type of smoke healthy is a misnomer. Regardless of what you’re smoking, it hurts the cells in your lungs. The real question is, what are the healthiest options for someone who wants to enjoy smoking weed?

Viewing marijuana through this lens, it’s clear that filtration is better than a non-filtered alternative. All forms of combustion come with health risks you’ll have to weigh for yourself. However, smoking a bong is better than joints or pipes because it’s easier on your lungs.

Of course, there are smoke-free ways to enjoy THC, like oils, tinctures, and edibles. But part of the enjoyment of cannabis for many people is the different flavors of smoke. Every strain has a unique taste that true cannabis connoisseurs relish. 

Studies About the Benefits of Bongs

Man sitting on a bench smoking a glass bong

The University of Texas and Harvard’s School of Public Health conducted a study on the toxicity of cannabis smoke. They discovered that water-filtered smoke eliminated acetaldehyde and acrolein toxins. These toxins are responsible for breaking down cells in the lungs.

Additionally, a 1970 study by the University of Athens Medical School tested filtered and unfiltered cannabis smoke. The study concluded that water filtration captured impurities and toxins from the smoke to a much higher degree.

In short, studies consistently find that water filtration reduces marijuana’s harmful impact on the respiratory system. So, while any smoke entering the lungs is unhealthy, bongs are proven healthier to smoke.

All it takes is one hit of Strawberry Cough to see how amazing flower can taste. If you appreciate the flavor of flower, some scientific studies support the theory that bongs are healthier to smoke.

A Smoking Conversation in Context

All you need to do is conduct a quick online search to see how much anti-cannabis propaganda still dominates our culture—even though humans have been hitting bongs for thousands of years. Ironically, socially accepted behaviors like drinking alcohol can be much more dangerous than smoking weed.

Because cannabis is still illegal federally, it isn’t well-researched or understood. However, the long-term effects of consuming marijuana may be less severe than alcohol. And while both affect your cognitive abilities, you cannot overdose on cannabis like you can on alcohol.

When asking if bongs are healthier to smoke, the conversation often turns to abstaining from smoking. While this is the healthiest option, that isn’t to say all smoke is the same.

While there is no “healthy” amount of smoke, it’s a conversation that requires more nuance. The evidence suggests that smoking a bong is better than joints

The Last Word on Healthy Smoke

Our expertise is marijuana. Consult a medical professional for healthcare advice. However, when it comes to reducing ash and debris from entering your lungs, bongs are healthier to smoke than other options.

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