The 3 Bowls You Need To Flex On Instagram

The 3 Bowls You Need To Flex On Instagram
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There are plenty of tutorials out there showing beginners how to pack a basic bowl. It’s one of the first lessons that everyone starts out with, it's essentially smoking 101. So if that’s smoking 101, today you’re in for the full PhD class. If you’ve spent any time on cannabis related instagram accounts, you know that people can come up with some wild and creative methods for consuming their favorite herb, and today we’re gonna show you some of our favorite Instagram-worthy bowls.

#3 Twaxed Bowl

Twaxing is the process of adding wax/concentrates to an already perfectly good bowl.

What you need:  Your favorite bong or bowl, herb, and a little wax.  If you want to find out how to make your own solventless concentrates read our article here.

Step 1: The first step is to pack a regular bowl, that’s easy enough right?

Step 2:  Now that your bowl is packed, you can choose a few ways to put the wax on top.

If your concentrate has a consistency like shatter (hard), you can break little wax pieces off with a dabber and lay the shards on top of your bowl.

If it has a softer consistency, use a dabber to scoop up bits of wax, use a lighter and hold the flame so it is a few inches / centimeters away from the wax and slowly start to melt wax. The goal is not to burn the wax but add heat so it begins to melt. When melted, drop little bits of wax over the flower in your bowl. Once you get comfortable you can start doing little designs with the melted wax onto the flower. 

#2 The Timebomb

Sometimes nothing beats rolling a blunt or a joint. Now if you’ve got a Freeze Pipe Bong or another nice glass piece sitting around, you don’t have to let that cooling and percolation go to waste while you smoke your blunt. The solution is packing a timebomb bowl. 

What You Need: Bong, ground up herb, and a rolled joint or blunt. For brevity sake we will use the the word joint for the rest of the instructions but know it's the same steps for using a blunt. 

Step 1: Position your joint in the bowl with the mouthpiece of the joint facing the bottom of the bowl.  Hold the joint vertically in place.

Step 2: Pack your ground up herb around the joint a little tighter than normal so it keeps the joint in an upright position.  Feel free to get creative. Twax the bowl, twax the joint, throw some kief on the bowl, make this masterpiece your own!

Step 3: Light the blunt and start hitting the bong. As you smoke down the blunt it will burn down like a fuse into the powder keg of a bowl you’ve packed. Eventually when it burns down far enough, the blunt will split open and light the herb packed around it. This one is best suited to packing with friends unless you’re a real heavy hitter.

#1 The Napoleon

Have you ever had a flaky layered Napoleon pastry with layers upon layers of puff pastry and cream? It’s a luxuriously decadent experience and now it’s been brought to the world of cannabis.

What You Need: Bong, wax, weed, kief

Step 1:  Pack a small layer of ground up herb in the bottom of the bowl to create a stable base that won’t pull through. 

Step 2:  Add a layer of kief on top of your herb you just packed.

Step 3: Over the kief layer, add another layer of is ground up herb. You can continue alternative layers of herb and kief until you’ve filled the bowl.

Step 4: Finally top it off with with wax, just like you did for the twax bowl.  

These are just 3 of our favorite Instagram-worthy creations.  Now it’s time to put them to the test, try them out and create your own!

Bonus Bowl - The Moon Rock Bowl

Moonrocks are a storied creation from outer space that are best suited to being smoked from a bong or water pipe. They’re made by coating a nug with oil or concentrate and rolling it in kief, leading to THC concentrations as high as 50%.

What You Need: Bong, Moonrocks (if you don’t have access to a dispensary, you can learn how to make them here), a razor blade, and regular herb. 

Step 1: The biggest tip when using moonrocks is to cut them with a razor. If you try to put one of these in a grinder, you’ll end up with a sticky mess instead of the interplanetary experience you were hoping for. 

Step 2:  Use your razorblade to cut the moonrocks down into more manageable pieces that can fit in a bowl. Set these pieces off to the side.

Step 3: Pack a bowl with your normal herb, pack it most of the way full but leave room in the middle for your lunar artifact. Picture a "crater" in the middle of the bowl where you're about to put an asteroid.

Step 4: Place a piece of moonrock in the center of the bowl, surrounded by your normal herb.

Step 5: Light the bowl starting with the moonrock chunk, but be careful not to touch it or adjust it once you do, it will be a molten sticky mess that's beautiful in your bowl, but terrible on your fingers.


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