How to Pack a Bowl - 5 Simple Steps

How to Pack a Bowl - 5 Simple Steps
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Packing a bowl is an important part of smoking your bong. Doing it correctly is an important part of your smoking experience, this blog will give you a step-by-step guide on the proper way to pack a bowl.

Different Types of Bowls

It's rare for a bong to come with a bowl attached, it is usually a separate piece. They come in 3 different sizes.

  • 10 mm- can't fit a US penny in

  • 14mm - can fit a US penny halfway

  • 18 mmm-can fit a US penny completely

Knowing these sizes will help you pack them correctly, and you will know the amount needed.

Items you will need

Here are a few items you will need before we start. Some of these are essential for this process.

  • Bong or Pipe Bowl

  • Weed/Cannabis

  • Weed grinder

  • Lighter or hemp wick

  • Tamping tool (optional)

These items will make the following guide easier.

Steps to Pack a Bong Bowl

Now we know what different bowls there are and their sizes, we also saw the items we need. Let's now get into the step-by-step guide to packing your perfect bowl.

Step 1: Remove Bowl

First, you're going to want to remove the bong bowl if possible. This will help you so that you don't accidentally knock over the bong, possibly breaking it.

Step 2: Get your weed/cannabis ready

Next, you're going to want to get your weed and remove all seeds and stems. Now you don't have to worry too much about grinding it super fine, if you were rolling a blunt it would be a different story. Remember with a bong you don't want to block airflow so keeping your bud looser is better.

Tips: Having a clean grinder is a big part of having the right consistency, therefore to keep your packing the best, keep it clean. Check here for a guide on how to clean a grinder.

Step 3: Start Packing

Now let's start packing our bowl. Start by loading it up with your ground weed, make sure to not overload it. Now begin packing it evenly using a softer touch, not too tight though you don't want to mess with the flow of air. This will determine if you have even smoke.

Step 4: Light it

Now with your bong properly packed you can now light it. Use your finger and place it over the choke/carb before you light it. Put the flame next to the side of the bowl, hit it, and inhale. Slowly release the choke and inhale it again.

Step 5: Rid the Ash

Alright, so we have successfully packed our bong and smoked it, now you will notice an ashy taste it's time to dump it. Remove the bowl and gently start tapping it into an ashtray.

Note: If you need help cleaning your bong click here to get a detailed but simple guide to cleaning your bong.

Although packing a bowl may seem difficult you are probably overthinking it. It just takes a couple of times, and you will get the hang of it.

Having a consistently packed bowl makes your bong smoking smooth and easy, it will also leave nothing behind. Here is a little recap of important things to take away from this.

  • First, try to go for a fine and consistent grind.

  • Second, instead of firmly pressing it, use a gentle touch. Making sure not to block airflow.

These are the 2 most important things to take away from this.


Packing may seem complicated but it's actually not that hard as we saw. The biggest two factors are Grinding and Gently packing, remembering this will help you get a consistent smoke.

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