How To Use A Bong (Step by Step)

How To Use A Bong (Step by Step)
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Smoking a bong is like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it, you can ride or smoke any bong anywhere. Make sure you know how a bong works before you begin. Smoking a bong for the first time can be confusing, but with this step-by-step guide, you will be catching the coldest hits and smoothest rips in no time.

What is a bong?

A bong is a marijuana pipe that is primarily used to mix the drug with water, which cools and filters the smoke before it reaches the user. This process results in a smoother, cleaner, and healthier smoking experience. The bong is fairly straightforward: smoke is pulled through a chamber filled with water, and as the smoke bubbles up through the liquid, simultaneously the water cools down the temperature of the smoke and extracts out fine particulates such as ash and tar.

Here is what you need to hit a bong

Grab these items to smoke a bong:

  1. our favorite strain of marijuana

  2. A bong. Be sure your bong has a downstem and bowl.

  3. A lighter or hemp wick

  4. Water

  5. A grinder

  6. For cleaning your bong you will need zipper-top plastic bags, plugs that fit the holes in your bong, and a cleaning solution (either one designed specifically for bongs or a combination of rubbing alcohol and coarse salt).

Steps To Smoke a Bong Correctly

  1. Fill With Water

    Start by using cold or room temperature water to fill the base of your bong with water.

    • How much water do you put in a bong? The goal is to slightly submerge the tops of any percolator located inside your piece.

    On your percolator, you'll notice slits or holes cut into the glass. Fill your piece to the highest percolator so that it is slightly submerged. You can always test if you did it correctly, first inhale slowly with water in the piece, like you are taking a hit.

    If there are bubbles being created and it doesn't feel like you're trying to suck through a straw, then you did it correctly.

    If this test run does feel too cumbersome, remove some water and repeat the test. If no bubbles are being created, add water. After a few times, you should be able to get it right on the first try and you'll know what your bong normally feels and sounds like when it is filled enough to function correctly.

  2. Fill Any Middle Percs With Water

    Some bongs have a percolator that is between the base and the mouthpiece. The same logic and routine to fill and test the base applies here. We recommend testing the middle perc and base together. You should be able to see/hear/tell which part, if any, is the root of your problem.

  3. REMINDER: Freeze Any Glycerin Coils

    If you do own a Freeze Pipe bong or piece with a glycerin coil on it, make sure that you put this part in the freezer for at least 1-hour before your smoke sesh. It's okay to leave the glycerin coil in the freezer for 1-hour or in between sessions.

  4. Use Grinded Herb To Pack The Bowl

    For a myriad of reasons, always grind your weed. It tastes and smells better, it burns better, and it's easier to smoke. Ground weed won't clog your bowl or get stuck in percolators which ruin the bong's function. Grinding herb also releases the full flavor and aroma to show off the delicacy of whatever strand you're smoking on. You want to pack the bowl tightly, but not too tight. It's important that air can still flow through the bowl and into the piece.

  5. Light The Herb and Inhale

    Once you see the flower ignite, stop using the lighter! Your green will burn naturally and you can use your lung power to create bigger and longer hits. A good functioning bong will take minimal lung power to achieve this. Using your lighter the entire time you're inhaling means you're unnecessarily inhaling nasty butane chemicals from the lighter.  Additionally, you can actually over burn your weed which lessens the THC levels and taste you consumer from herb.

    It's recommend you use hemp wick to ignite your herb. Hemp wick, or hemp rope is a all natural remedy that's been used by cigar aficionados for decades. Simply use the lighter to lite the hemp wick, touch the flaming hemp wick to your herb and away you go. This method is a healthier and smoother experience than lighters. You consume WAY less butane and hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than lighters so you burn away less THC levels. Not to mention a drastic improvement in taste and aroma from your herb.

  6. Clearing The Piece and Bowl Removal

    We're not gonna be a bunch of hardasses and say that you have to clear all the bong smoke. If you feel you've had enough simply stop smoking. Time is on your side and you can always smoke more later. In the previous step and your herb ignites and you inhale you'll notice the base of the bong fill up with smoke. When you're ready, remove the bowl from the bong and continue to inhale. Said smoke inside the bong will rush towards your mouth and into your lungs.

  7. Change Your Bong Water

    It's a great habit to get into. Changing your bong water after every use is vital for your health and a pleasant smoking experience. Plus it'll prevent you from having to clean your glass frequently to save you some extra free time.

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