How to Smoke Weed from A Hookah

How to Smoke Weed from A Hookah
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Smoking weed from a hookah is possible. While smoking from a water bong will provide a better result and cleaner high, sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Today, we're gonna dive into how to setup your hookah to smoke weed from.

To correctly smoke your tobacco and cannabis, you must first set up your hookah. Make certain you own the following:

  • Hookah

  • Shisha

  • Cannabis

  • Windscreen or Aluminum Foil

  • Coals (opt for natural when possible)

  • Heat Resistant Tongs

  1. Clean Thoroughly

    It's crucial to have a clean hookah. Even if your hookah is fresh new, rinse it to get rid of any dust or other contaminants. A used hookah needs to be cleaned very well because any residual residue will affect how your smoke will taste.

  2. Fill the Water Reservoir

    Remove the hookah's stem and add water until the base is about one-third full. Pulling on your hose will be challenging if there is too much water there. For a colder twist, some people opt for ice and water. Make sure the stem is properly attached before replacing it.

  3. Check the Hoses

    Check the connection by inserting the hoses into the appropriate holes. Your enjoyment can be ruined by a leaky hose. Bring the mouthpiece to your lips and take a deep breath before lighting. Remove part of the water from the basin if the draw is challenging.

  4. Fill the Bowl

    Many people will tell you to layer weed with shisha but this is in fact incorrect. The first step is to GRIND your weed. Grinding weed is vital no matter how you're smoking and is equally as important when trying to smoke weed from a hookah.

    First, pack shisha in the bowl as you normally would. Make sure the shisha isn't overly wet, and if it is, dry it off some. Then place the weed ON TOP of the shisha. Make sure the holes in your bowl are open enough to allow proper airflow. 

    Most hookah users don't put all of their cannabis in the bowl. The plant material heats up more slowly and eventually becomes wasted when shisha is made with molasses or glycerin. Add your preferred quantity of cannabis after a thin coating of your preferred shisha has been added to the bowl. More loosely packed shisha should be added to the bowl's remaining space. Avoid applying excessive pressure, which may obstruct airflow.

  5. Cover the Bowl

    Simply place a constructed windscreen on top if using one. Wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the bowl's opening if you're making your own windscreen. To create tiny ventilation holes in the foil's top, use a pen or another pointed item. Over the plate on the hookah, place the covered bowl.

  6. Light the Coals

    Heat your coals outside. This takes time to do and you should start this early in the process. 

    Light the coals on a heat-resistant surface using a dab torch or other high flame. The coals are prepared for use when they stop sparking and start to glow red-orange. Put them on top of the foil or windshield using your metal tongs. Put as many coals in the basin as will cover the top without obstructing airflow.

  7. Heat Properly - Allow the Coals to Heat the Bowl

    Do NOT take the coil and put it directly on the weed and shisha. Instead, measure a piece of tin foil so it covers the entire bowl. Then take a toothpick or something of similar size and poke a bunch of holes in the tin foil. The holes should cover the entire bowl. The hot coals will go on the tin foil, which will sit between the coals and the weed. The hole is there to help regulate temperately and allow air to pass from the colas and into the hookah. 

    Allow the cannabis and hookah to warm up for 3 to 4 minutes on the hot coals. Take a pull from the mouthpiece following this. Wait a little longer if the smoke is flavorless and lacking in intensity. Remove a few embers to let the hookah bowl cool down if the smoke tastes burnt.

  8. Smoking The Hookah

    If you're a single-hose smoker, take a paper towel and shove it in the vacant hose hole. The one big advantage hookahs have over water bongs is the multiple hoses. This allows for groups of friends to all smoke at the same time without passing anything or sharing mouthpieces.

    Now is the time to place the hot coals on the tin foil. Typically 2-3 coals are fine to use. 

    Take long, slow drags from your hookah until the flavor starts to fade. Use your own mouthpiece while sharing with friends to prevent the spread of germs.

    It should be a little harsh in the beginning but then after that should feel similar to a normal shisha hookah smoking session. 

What Is a Hookah?

A hookah is a type of water pipe typically used for cannabis or tobacco smoking (usually flavored tobacco known as shisha). Hookahs function by heating coals and placing them above a bowl filled with the plant material, as compared to directly burning the plant material like you would with a bong. The heat from the coals is drawn over the bowl and inhaled through the hose's mouthpiece. This results in the plant resins vaporizing, creating smoke that the user inhales.

There are several theories as to how the famous smoking custom of "hookah," which has Hindustani origins, came to be. Some say that the hookah was created by a Persian physician in India under the Mughal Empire, while others assert that the Safavid dynasty in Persia is where it all began.

Why Should You Try Smoking Cannabis from A Hookah?

While enjoying a cannabis-filled hookah with friends is a great way to unwind, you can also smoke one by yourself. Similar to other ways of smoking marijuana, using a hookah offers advantages and disadvantages. To smoke your hookah completely stress-free, it is best to keep these things in mind.

One of the main advantages of using a hookah to smoke cannabis is the taste. Combining cannabis with flavored tobacco can significantly improve the experience of smoking. Sharing such a high-end experience with friends makes it even more enjoyable, which is why using a large hookah is so advantageous. You just need to use multiple hoses so that you can smoke together.

However, keep in mind that using a hookah to smoke weed does have some restrictions. Particularly for a non-smoker, perfecting the process of tending the hookah itself takes some practice. The coals must be properly lit, and the ideal temperature must be maintained for cannabis consumption. It may take you several sessions to get the hang of setting it up, but failing to do so runs the danger of wasting some of your fine cannabis.

The use of tobacco products raises concerns of its own. The dangers associated with cigarette use are not eliminated while smoking cannabis. Simply said, tobacco will serve as the foundation for your marijuana, but you'll still get the carcinogens and nicotine that come with it. Therefore, it is best to refrain from using a hookah or, at the least, get one of those tobacco-free herbal shisha hookah setups if you wish to avoid tobacco. Although it is not smoke-free, it might be the most effective technique for hookah users to avoid negative health impacts.

Can You Smoke Weed from A Hookah?

Yes! Initially, dry tobacco was meant to be used with a hookah. However, because the texture of dried and crushed cannabis is practically the same, you can evaporate it in the same way and consume premium marijuana with a quality hookah in the same way that you would with a bong, blunt, or e-cigarette vaporizer.

The main difference is that some hookahs may have bowls that are appropriate for smoking tobacco. Therefore, you might need to conduct some experimentation to determine the ideal cannabis dosage for a session. Many of them also come with multiple mouthpieces, allowing multiple individuals to smoke comfortably at once.

Reasons to Try Cannabis Hookah and Sociable Smoking

Smoking cannabis from a hookah may surely improve the experience, especially if fruit flavoring is added to the bowl. Compared to smoking from a regular pipe or a rolled joint of marijuana, it makes the process smoother. Here are some good reasons why using a hookah to smoke marijuana can be worthwhile:

  1. You Can Use CBD Oil Instead For Safer Smoking

    -You can switch to CBD oil if you'd like to avoid the strong high you experienced when the drug reaches your lungs. The hookah's CBD oil is easier on the lungs. To get it properly, you simply need to manage your hookah setting carefully. Your smoking experience will be improved by managing your inhalation and inhaling little by little.

    Typically, hookahs are contrasted with vaporizing equipment that uses both water and oil. The effects of dried tobacco leaves or marijuana flowers are greater than those of vaping devices. By simply adding cold water or even ice to the water in the basin, hookahs let you control the amount of heat that enters your lungs.

    Want a better experience than putting ice in your bong? Check out Freeze Pipe!

  2. The Flavours

    -It's difficult to resist tasting fruity flavors like apple, lemon, and grape as well as coffee. You don't have to combine your CBD oil with marijuana extract. The high that comes from smoking marijuana is improved by the fruity flavors.

    Additionally, because CBD oil is available in different concentrations, you may regulate your amount of high. You can select potency levels ranging from 200 mg to 3000 mg. The absence of nicotine in CBD oils is a significant positive.

  3. No Stains on Your Teeth

    -Yellow teeth are not at all attractive, but they are a side effect of regular marijuana use. Switching to a hookah is the solution if you want to keep smoking weed but don't want the awful stains on your teeth. Hookahs are water-based. Yes, you can use marijuana leaves in your hookah, however, the smoke that comes out of this device differs from the smoke that comes from a joint or conventional pipe.

    When using a hookah, you will also have cleaner, fresher breath, especially if you add flavoring oils. Even if you've been smoking pot, your breath will still smell like oranges or roses to people who aren't users.

  4. No Nasty Smells on Your Clothing

    -After using a hookah to smoke, you'll leave with pleasant scents on you. Your breath may have an aroma similar to that of fruits or flowers, and your clothes will eventually smell just like that. You don't have to be concerned about smelling like pot or tobacco after your session.

  5. Small Doses For a Relaxed Experience

    - During hookah smoking sessions, you inhale little amounts of weed's active ingredients. Users advise making quick, soft exhalations for the best results. This isn't like the unexpected surge you experience after getting hit. It's similar to gliding into a high. This is why enjoying a hookah session with your pals while using cannabis products is a terrific way to unwind.

Why do people smoke cannabis on hookahs?

Sharing a hookah with cannabis is an excellent way to spend time with friends. As with other methods of smuggling weed, smoking on hookahs has its benefits as well as its disadvantages. It would be good to have these as a guide for smoking the hookah in complete comfort. Tastes are the main advantages of hookah-smoked cannabis. Combining cannabis with tobacco flavors can really improve smoking. The high experience increases with friends, which is why it is very beneficial for smoking with big hookahs - using several pipes to smoke together.

Difference Between Hookahs and Bongs

While similar neither of them is better for what the other does well. Hookahs are big, stationery pieces that are made for smoking shisha. They won't be anywhere near as smooth as bongs are for smoking cannabis and won't have the better-performing percolators a nice water bong will have. Hookahs can be a pain to set up and heating coals adds another level of commitment, danger, and experience to the mix. Whereas with a bong you can simply pack a bowl and you're ready to blaze.

Smoking weed from a hookah, while possible, is best suited for a large group of friends looking to "shake things up" every once in a while. Otherwise, you and your friends are better off smoking from a bong designed for smoking weed. The hits will be much smoother and the time commitment a fraction of what's required to get a hookah ready. 


You should try using a hookah to smoke cannabis if you haven't before! This is especially true if you prefer to smoke in groups rather than alone because there is probably nothing better than gathering in a circle with your buddies and enjoying a hookah together.

Even while the device appears more difficult than your typical blunt, setting up a hookah is rather simple, and the procedure of lighting the cannabis and getting things going is only just a few minutes in total.

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