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Every bong we make has a different story, but all combine elite percolators and freezable glycerin coils for the smoothest smoking experience. If you're ready for bigger clouds without the throat burn, chest pain, or coughing attacks, then you've come to the right place.

Who are we? Freeze Pipe is a small American-owned glass brand and online smoke shop dedicated to high-quality bongs and water pipes. Our unique line of glass spoon pipes, bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs all use freezable glycerin coils that cool smoke by over 300 degrees.

Proven To Outperform Traditional Bongs & Water Pipes

Our background is a combo of engineering and glass-blowing. Whether you've seen our pieces in the hands of your favorite podcast, cannabis YouTuber, or neighbor, the word is out on Freeze Pipe's market-leading glycerin technology.

Inhale And Relax As Powerful Glycerin Cooling Does All The Heavy Lifting

You may have tried putting ice in your bong before, but once you experience every centimeter of smoke being chilled through an icy chamber, there's no going back.

💨 Reduced Coughing With Hyper-Efficient Water Filtration

State-of-the-art percolators remove irritants for a refined and refreshing experience that's easy on the body.

💪 Glass Game Strong

We only use the most durable and highest quality borosilicate glass in every piece.

Freezable glycerin chambers that go inside glass bongs

What Is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that's commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. Glycerin is the key ingredient that cools the smoke by over 300 degrees. It also doesn't expand and contract like water does, so there's no added pressure on the glass. Pop this baby in the freezer for 1 hour and it'll stay cold for you and your friends to get where you wanna go.

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Why Buy Your Next Bong From Freeze Pipe?

✅ Free & discreet shipping

✅ Performance and quality: Click any image to learn about that style. Each product page is loaded with customer testimonials, specs, function videos, and more.

✅ Huge selection of bongs for sale: We make beaker bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, big bongs, small bongs, no matter your style there's a Freeze Pipe water bong to match your vibe.

✅ Smoked by the best: Our Bongs have been endorsed by celebrities like Joey Diaz, Andrew Schulz, Dope as Yola, and Koala Puffs. Not to mention the over 100,000 happy customers that make up the #FreezePipeFam!

Flagship Bongs

Bong $169.95

The definition of tried-and-true. Always delivers impressive results - enjoy an elegant 2-part perc system and powerful smoke cooling.

💦 Percolator: Inline + Sprinkler

💨 Glycerin Coil: Spiral

🧊 Chamber: Standard

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 18mm

📊 Height: 16"

Bong XL $209.95

The most popular option — the last bong you'll ever own. Features our exclusive Revolver glycerin coil + a better percolator and larger glycerin chamber.

💦 Percolator: Showerhead

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🧊 Chamber: XL size

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 18mm

📊 Height: 24"

Bong Dual $259.95

The king of cold and apex predator of the bong jungle. It's our Bong XL with an added UFO middle perc. Doesn't get bigger, badder or colder than this right here.

💦 Percolator: Showerhead

👽 UFO Middle Perc: Extra level of filtration increases smoothness while decreasing coughing & harshness

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🧊 Chamber: XL size

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 18mm

📊 Height: 24"

Recycler Bong $224.95

The most versatile piece, great for flower and concentrates. Endless water circulation creates hurricane-level airflow; the longer you pull, the more filtration occurs.

💦 Percolator: Inline

♻ Recycling Water Function: Constant water circulation for outstanding filtration and smoothness

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🧊 Chamber: Standard

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 17"

Small Bongs

Mini Bong $154.95

The Mighty Mouse of bongs. Enjoy awesome filtration & cooling from a compact and easy-to-use model.

💦 Percolator: Inline + Honeycomb

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 11.5"

Tornado Bong $164.95

Creates a cyclone of smoke inside. This sleek bong features a built-in handle, unique function, strong cooling, and is extremely simple to use & clean.

💦 Percolator: Two Turbine percs spin water in opposite directions

💨 Glycerin Coil: Upgraded Revolver glycerin coil for better airflow and cleaning

🍁 Bowl: Honeycomb bowl keeps glass cleaner for longer

📏 Joint: 14mm

📊 Height: 15"

Bong Accessories

Ash catchers create an even smoother hit and help bongs stay cleaner for longer, while E-nails will transform any bong into a dab machine with the press of a button!

Flower Kits

🌼 Rips Are Smoother With A Flower Kit

A flower kit

Each Flower Kit Includes:

  • Recycler Ash Catcher: Clean your bong less and enjoy even smoother rips with an extra level of filtration.
  • Glycerin Koozie: Colder hits, for longer.
  • Keychain Grinder Card: A cheese grater, for weed.
  • Hemp Rope: Use this to ignite herb instead of a lighter.
  • Over $65 of Built-in Savings! 😍

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The hype is real! So smooth you can’t feel the hit. Even when the glycerin chamber isn’t frozen, it still provides a great hit and paired with the ash catcher, it is unbelievable. Better than I thought it would be."

- Cody L, Bong Flower Kit Customer

Shop Our Flower Kits:

Recycler Bong Flower Kit - $259.95

Dab Kits

🍯 Turn Our Bongs Into Finely Tuned Rigs

A dab kit

Each Dab Kit Includes:

  • E-nail ($100 MSRP): Succulent dabs with the press of a button. Precise temp control, LED display, & more.
  • Hollow Tube ($40 MSRP): A non-glycerin mouthpiece.
  • Over $70 Of Built-in Savings! 😍

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "One and only E-nail. I wish I would have bought one earlier, super easy to use, Loving the fact that I can ditch my torch and lighter now and I don’t have to waste my time burning off any residuals like before. I’m really really really happy with my purchase and I’m showing it off to all my friends! What a safe way to dab! Thank you!"

- Edgar G, E-nail Customer

Shop Our Dab Kits:

Why Freeze Pipe Is The Best Place To Buy A Bong

Freeze Pipe isn't just another online smoke shop. We're the brand and maker of everything you see here. Unlike other bong brands, we don't middleman deals or have an extra hand in the cookie jar so to speak. We're a small, American-owned business that offers high-quality borosilicate glass pieces at consumer-friendly prices. We personally designed and rigorously tested countless shapes, styles, percolators, and glycerin coils to create all our bongs. All the while our north star being efficient percolation, strong cooling power, and still being easy to clean.

Powerful Glycerin Coil Cooling

The biggest difference-making feature bongs can have is a glycerin coil. No amount of percolators or ice cubes comes close to the smoothness and cooling glycerin coils create. And it's why there's one on every piece. But not all glycerin coils are created equal and it's taken us years to perfect the best glycerin coil technology. Whether it's our Revolver coil or traditional spiral coil, no bong is smoother than a glycerin coil bong. And no one does glycerin coils better than Freeze Pipe.

Best Price and Value

As an ecommerce company, we keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to our customers. No, we're never going to make cheap bongs. But the smoothness, value, and performance our pieces achieve are only matched by luxury water pipes that sell for two and three times as much. And in many cases, even the best bong brands with outrageous prices don't match our performance. So for the smoothest smoking experience at everyday great prices check out a Freeze Pipe and see why this small business has doubled in growth every year since we opened our doors in 2018.

Online Bong Shopping Is Confusing

Shopping for bongs online stinks. There's an overwhelming amount of options, confusing jargon, and consumers are steered towards what has the best margins, not the best piece for them. We don't have any rebates or incentives persuading you into buying a bong that benefits a supplier. We want you to buy the piece that best fits your specific smoking needs. Even if that means the best bong for you isn't a Freeze Pipe. That's why we're available via text, email, IG DM, and so forth. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is standing by and here to help however we can.

Free, Fast And Discreet Shipping + Shipping Coverage

Domestic shipping is always free and all orders are inspected, packed, and shipped by Freeze Pipe employees at our 4000+ sq ft warehouse in Orlando, Florida. At checkout, you will have the option to add shipping coverage. Shipping coverage will fully replace any unit that is broken, damaged, lost, or stolen while in transit.

What Are "Freeze Pipe" Bongs Made From?

They are made from Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass was designed and is still used for testing elements in laboratories. Yes, it's still glass, but borosilicate glass is impressively durable and will last for years. Almost every high-end water pipe is made from this type of glass. When shopping for the best bong, what's right for someone else might not be best for you. You should consider the following questions before buying your next bong or water pipe.

How Much Do Bongs Cost?

Bongs can cost anywhere from $30 to $1000+, but there's no need to spend a downpayment on a new car for one. Inherently when smoking weed through a bong you're putting a lot of trust in that piece so going for the cheapest bong is not advisable. Typically $100 - $500 is considered a good investment. Bongs in that price range are made out of good material, usually borosilicate glass, and will offer quality percolators and function.

Do I Want To Smoke Dry Flower, Concentrates, Or Both?

What makes a great flower bong doesn't make for a great dab rig. When smoking dry herb, the bigger the water pipe and more percolation the better. Juxtaposed to dab rigs, where yes, water filtration is important but too much filtration reduces the flavor and overall high. Additionally, you don't want your dab rig to be too big in size as stale air inside the piece lessens the oil's taste.

Best Bong Size For Me?

Think of how you normally smoke, or better yet, where you normally smoke. Some people like to have a "car bong", while others bring their water pipe home and it never leaves the house. Our pieces come in beautiful gift box packaging which makes traveling a breeze. With that said, smoking the Bong Dual on your hike probably isn't ideal. When smoking herb, bigger is usually smoother. For concentrates, size isn't as important. We know buying a bong online can be tricky so please feel free to email any questions to

What Are The Best Bong Brands?

There's a lot of companies making great glass bongs. What separates Freeze Pipe is our combination of glycerin cooling + function + price. We're never going to be the cheapest, but compared to pricey competitors such as Illadelph or Mav Glass our pieces perform better at a lower cost. Sounds too good to be true, we get it. But with no middle-men, customer empathy, and a deep background in operations we feel confident Freeze Pipe makes the best bongs on the market. With a 4.4 star rating on over 1,100+ reviews (across all products)! Most importantly, our customers have backed Freeze Pipe as their favorite bong brand.

Types of Bongs and Water Pipes

Beaker Bongs

A glass beaker bong

Shop Beaker Bong

Probably what most people picture when you say the word bong. Beaker bongs almost exclusively feature a downstream percolator which is the rod connecting the joint to the water. Smoke travels through this rod and the diffusion begins. Beaker bongs are easy to use and typically cheaper than other bongs. Due to the downstem, they are limited in function and filtration but make up for it with ease of use and low maintenance. For those looking to choose a beginner bong the beaker style is a great place to start.

Silicone Bongs

Made of rubber, silicone bongs are different than glass bongs with one advantage, they hardly break. The downside is they offer little in the way of function, filtration, and cooling power. Silicone bongs are typically cheap with little to no percolators aside from a standard downstem. While the rubber is heat resistant the idea of putting fire and smoke through rubber and then inhaling is terrifying. You get what you pay for and this is your health we're talking about. Do yourself a favor and stay away from buying a silicone bong.

Percolator Bongs aka Scientific Glass

A glass percolator bong

Shop Our Percolator Bongs

This is what Freeze Pipe's bongs fall under. Technically you could label us as glycerin bongs, but we're so much more than that. Percolator bongs put an emphasis on utilizing different styles of percs to cleanse smoke. Ever smoked your friend's bong and felt out of breath afterward? That's because not all percs are created equal. The more perc-heavy a bong becomes the less airflow it will have, in addition to being a royal pain to clean. The key is to find the right style and amount of percolators to use. Freeze Pipe puts a ton of resources and energy behind designing and testing our percolators and feel confident our pieces maximize filtration without sacrificing airflow or being overly difficult to clean.

Girly Bongs

A popular term, girly bongs doesn't have to mean it's pink! Our pieces are universal and evenly purchased by women and men.

Themed Bongs, Ex. Rick and Morty

You'd be amazed how many people search for Rick and Morty bongs, even on Freeze Pipe's site. Themed bongs feature a character or artsy design and the appeal is almost exclusively aesthetic purposes. Themed bongs are usually small and don't have much going in the way of percolators. If you're a die-hard fan of Rick or Morty or Super Mario, sure it could look cool in your collection. But if you're looking for a nice water bong to use every day and not hate the experience we suggest looking elsewhere.

Acrylic Bongs

An acrylic bong

This type of bong puts out some of the harshest smoke that you can get from any method of smoking. Acrylic bongs are almost indestructible and usually the cheapest. But that does not make them highly recommended. Some may release chemicals into your smoke because they respond poorly to the heat.

Straight Tube Bongs

A straight tube bong

Extremely popular in shape and size, straight tube bongs feature a vertical tube that runs from the base and ends with a mouthpiece. Straight tube bongs typically have a downstem and not much else in the way of percolators. Simple in design and easy to use.

Ice Bongs

Ice bongs are a huge reason why we do what we do. Because while the idea is great, the smoothness and cooling power is immeasurably better when using a glycerin bong over an ice bong. Ice bongs have what's called an ice pinch in a straight tube. This pinch is indented glass that holds a few ice cubes to cool smoke as it passes around the ice cubes.

Features of A Bong


Downstems are found in beaker bongs and transport smoke from the joint to the base. Downstems have slits at the bottom which creates percolation and water filtration. Typically found on smaller water pipes, downstems usually connect to a 14mm joint size.

A Freeze Pipe glass bong


Percolators are anything that creates water filtration. There are dozens of types of percolators to choose from and each offers pros and cons. The balance is to find percs that create powerful functions while not impeding airflow. Popular percolators like honeycomb percs are great examples of top-tier performance but cause annoyingly high amounts of drag.

Splash Guards

Splash guards are similar to an ice pinch because it's a form of indented glass located in a straight tube. The purpose of a splash guard is to prevent water from being inhaled as you're taking a bong rip. Freeze Pipe pieces don't use splash guards as the glycerin coils act as a natural barrier between your mouth and percolating water.


Bong and Water Pipe FAQs

How Do Bongs Work?

Bongs work by forcing smoke and water to interact. Weed is placed in a bowl and upon ignition travels through a downstem and into the bong's base. Once in the base, percolators are used to create bubbles. When smoke particles attach to water molecules many harmful particles are removed, in addition to the smoke becoming naturally cooler. The best bongs find a balance between creating percolation without sacrificing airflow so the user can still inhale with relative ease.

Bubbler vs Bong

The main difference between bubblers vs bongs is size. Bubblers are smaller and more portable but sacrifice smoothness and function. The cost of bongs is usually higher than bubblers, and yes while a $100 bubbler will out-smoke a cheap bong, all things being equal bongs usually outperform bubblers. Bubblers will be easier to clean but won't be smooth due to their lesser percolators.

Silicone Bongs vs Glass Bongs

Silicone bongs are made from BPA-free rubber and are damn near indestructible. You can even clean the silicone in your dishwasher. The biggest advantage of a silicone bong is for travel due to how durable they are. But for performance, smoothness, and taste a glass water bong will outperform a silicone one 10 out of 10 times. Glass bongs are made from high-quality borosilicate glass and are individually hand-blown. With proper cleaning, a glass bong will last for many years while silicone bongs should be replaced after 1 year.

How Much Water Do You Put In A Bong?

Add just enough water to your bong so the percolators are slightly fully submerged. You can always test the function by removing the bowl and inhaling. If you see bubbles and the airflow feels good then proceed to smoke. If you are feeling too much drag reduce the amount of water, if no bubbles are created, try adding water.

Why Use a Bong?

Once you understand the components of a bong, using a water pipe is like riding a bike, you can ride or smoke anywhere. Using glass bongs provides the most tasteful, smoothest, and healthiest way to smoke herb. Glass bongs deliver more water filtration than bubblers or dab rigs and certainly more than pipes or blunts. Silicone bongs leave a plastic aftertaste and use minimal percolators and water filtration. Borosilicate glass (which is what Freeze Pipe's bongs are made from) was designed and is used for testing elements in laboratories. Yes, it's still glass, but it's impressively durable and will last for years.

The versatility of bongs is a massive advantage. They're great whether you're smoking solo or with a group, and depending on the size can be easy to travel with. The Freeze Pipe bong is detachable and comes with custom gift box packaging to protect the glass even in the most rugged of environments.

Bongs such as Freeze Pipe's can be used for more than just smoking flower. With elite percolators and glycerin coils, our bongs moonlight as competitive dab rigs for those wanting to smoke concentrates. Any other type of piece or method of smoking will have more downsides than a bong, so get the piece that can do it all and buy a Freeze Pipe bong!

Difference Between A Water Pipe and Bong

There is no difference between the two terms. To some, water pipe can mean a broader sense of products such as a Hookah whereas Bongs are exclusively associated with smoking weed. The first water pipe was discovered over 2400 years ago in what's modern-day Russia and has been used to smoke a variety of substances throughout many different civilizations.

How To Clean A Glass Bong?

Glass bongs are easy to clean. We recommend using store-bought cleaning solution, but the popular DIY choice is to mix Isopropyl Alcohol and coarse sea salt. For a complete bong cleaning guide, we got you covered. Quick instructions below:

  • Remove any smaller parts like bowls, downstems, joints, middle percs, etc.
  • Fill the base with the solution. If a bong component can fit in a ziplock bag, place it in the bag with the solution. For larger pieces like a base, fill the base about 25% with the solution.
  • Cover any openings (we make plugs for that) and shake around. Make sure to focus on the visibly dirtier areas of the water pipe.
  • For any pieces in zip lock bags let them marinate for 30 minutes, shake around then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For the larger parts, if the shake and rinse process doesn't work, repeat the process but let the solution marinate for 20-30 mins. A common process is to shake-let sit for 20 mins-shake and then rinse thoroughly.

More Reasons To Buy Your Bong Online From Freeze Pipe

Based in Orlando, FL, Freeze Pipe is dedicated to generating the coolest and smoothest smoking experience possible. We've been blessed to serve thousands of customers and hope the quality of our products speaks for itself. After all, we've partnered with Mike Tyson, Andrew Schulz, Koala Puffs, Dope as Yola, and Joey Diaz to name a few.

All of whom have no shortage of business opportunities and wouldn't agree to represent our brand if we weren't making awesome products.

Free Domestic Shipping

Discrete packaging ensures this shipment looks like everything else. Shipping is always free for domestic orders. International shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

Shipping Coverage Available

Freeze Pipe offers shipping coverage on every purchase. Said coverage will be available to buy at checkout. Coverage will fully replace any unit(s) that are broken, lost, or stolen in transit.

Best Pricing

As the manufacturer of all the cool and unique bongs you see here, we can keep our pricing better than most bong brands. Glass is an old-school industry where Brick & Mortar, Distributors, 3rd party logistics, and other costly practices still rule the industry. There's a reason E-commerce only companies like Esurance, SoFi, and Ally Bank carved serious market share in hyper-competitive industries. By reducing overhead, streamlining operations, and putting customer empathy first, Freeze Pipe bongs are underpriced, and we're okay with that.

Return Policy

Due to legal reasons, we cannot accept used returns. In the rare instance you're not happy with our products please contact the Freeze Pipe customer service team and we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation.

World-Class Customer Support

Buying a bong online can be confusing. With so many styles, materials, and jargon many consumers get frustrated shopping for the best piece. Freeze Pipe's water pipes follow a good-better-best model with few anomalies. With that said, everyone has their own style and some nuanced bong shopping decisions need to be considered. We invite you to email with any questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. We're also available via text or social media.

Thank you again for your interest in our small business and we can't wait to welcome you to the #FreezePipeFam.

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Electric Dab Rigs

Freezable Weed Bongs for Ice-Cold Hits

The Freeze Pipe offers an exquisite selection of glass bongs and water pipes online, each crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass known for its durability against heat and damage. Among the standout offerings is the Flagship Bong line, featuring glycerin coil cooling technology that ensures smooth, cool smoke.

For those who want something more substantial, the Bong XL introduces an advanced revolver glycerin coil paired with a showerhead perc for superior filtration. Meanwhile, our Mini Bong provides an ideal solution for enthusiasts seeking portability without compromising on cooling power or filtration.

Go beyond a weed bong and explore our dab rigs and e-nails, catering to concentrate aficionados, alongside glycerin coils and accessories designed to further enhance your smoking experience. With a stellar reputation bolstered by positive customer feedback, you can be sure our products will deliver as promised!

Shop Premium Glass Bongs and Water Pipes Online

When you need an enhanced smoking experience with innovative and high-quality products, the search ends at our online smoke shop. Our selection of bongs online delivers smoother and cooler hits that competitors fail to provide.

We only use premium, high-grade borosilicate glass for our products. Whether shopping for a weed bong or pipe, every piece in our collection is durable and meant to last for years, making our products a prized possession in your collection. Our unique glycerin cooling system sets us apart, offering an unmatched smoking experience.

Shopping with The Freeze Pipe goes beyond purchasing a product. It’s about joining a community of enthusiasts who value quality and innovation. We’re here when you need us and ready to help you find the perfect accessories to eliminate unwanted hacks and coughs. Say goodbye to harsh smoke with our freezable glass bongs and water pipes!