Best Weed Strains of 2024

Best Weed Strains of 2024
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The best weed strains of 2024 are exactly what you need to christen your brand new Freeze Pipe! If you are looking to stick with the trend, then we have the perfect bong for what you are looking for. This will be the game changer you have been wanting while you enjoy these top strains as you take the coldest hits and the smoothest rips.

These top strains have a variety of different flavors that will have you tasting anything from gelato, to that sweet icing on top of the cake, all the way to a nice crispy cookie crunch feel. So what are you waiting for? Get out and buy these best weed strains for your Freeze Pipe now!

Weed strain #1; Pink Rozay

If you want to be feeling as sweet as Rick Ross then Pink Rozay is what you need. This strain will have you feeling loosened up and happy just like the Rosé bottle sitting on your kitchen counter. Pink Rozay is mixed with London Pound Cake 75 and Lemonchello 10 as its THC falls into the mid 20% range. Get ready to turn on a Kenny G playlist, sit back, and enjoy the flavory hits of this Collins Ave classic strain.

Weed strain #2; Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake is the perfect strain to get the good times rolling and the party started as this strain is crossed between White Fire 43 and Wedding Cake. With its THC content falling in the 30% range, this has people feeling both relaxed or excited as it sets the mood for whichever type of night you are looking for. This hybrid strain looks like the perfect wedding cake that you have always dreamt of having as it is covered with that white icing look that will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.


Weed strain #3; Apples and Bananas

Apples and Bananas will get you feeling bananas like Gwen Stefani singing “Aint No Hollaback Girl” as this strain is crossed with Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple which is then crossed with Gelatti. If you want to be feeling three different ways while there are three different strains in this bad boy then don’t you worry. This is going to leave you feeling happy, excited and creative when you hit it. The THC range can reach as high as 30%. Go out and treat yourself with a nice banana smoothie or replace that with this Apples and Bananas strain if you prefer a chill time.

Weed strain #4; Gushers

We’re all thinking it, but I am going to say it. Yes, just like the fruit snacks, this flavor will burst in your mouth leaving it watering with that fruity smell to it. Although this strain isn’t new to the game, Gushers continues to rise and be at the top of the game. Gushers is mixed with Gelato 41 and Triangle Kush. The THC content tends to average at about 15%, however can reach up to 25% setting you up for a nice chill time but not leaving you tired so that you are able to keep the good times going.

Weed strain #5; Garanimals

Do you want to feel sugar, spice, and everything nice? If so, then this is the strain for you. This hybrid strain is mixed with Grape Pie and Animal Cookies that is set to have that candy flavor with a hint of spice to it. As the THC content falls in the high 20% range, this will give you the perfect night relaxation vibe that you are looking for as the high will flow throughout your entire body.

Weed strain #6; GMO Cookies

Get ready to have some of your grandmas favorite cookies with a dash of garlic. This strain is crossed with Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. Customers may also know this strain as “Garlic Cookies”. The THC content for this garlic flavored monster can range from 24% and reach as high as 33%. This strain will make you feel higher than Neil Armstrong on the moon while also making you more relaxed than sitting on the beach with a nice cold drink in your hand.

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